The Barrett Report


I have argued here that Independent and  Special Prosecutions are an abomination and should never be utilized again  "The Culture of Strife."

Isn't it ironic?  Just as the man who was Vice President in what was surely the most corrupt Administration in U.S. history, Al Gore, is calling for another special investigation, the last Independent Prosecutor David M. Barrett, reinforces my argument:A truly corrupt Administration can obstruct them easily. And even hide from public view how they did that.

There has never been a clearer statement on that point than the one in the Press Release accompanying the Barrett Report:

Today the United States Court of Appeals for the District for Columbia Circuit, Division for the Purpose of Appointing Independent Counsels, approved the release of the Final Report of the Independent Counsel in re: Henry G. Cisneros. The Report can be found on the Office's website.

This has been a long and difficult investigation. It is my hope that people will read the entire Report and draw their own conclusions. An accurate title for the Report could be, 'WHAT WE WERE PREVENTED FROM INVESTIGATING.' [capitalized in the original]

After a thorough reading of the Report it would not be unreasonable to conclude as I have that there was a coverup at high levels of our government and, it appears to have been substantial and coordinated. The question is why? And that question regrettably will go unanswered. Unlike some other coverups, this one succeeded.

I recommend that people begin by reading the memorandum of Mr. John Filan, Chief of the Internal Revenue Service's Criminal Investigation Division in the South Texas District (Appendix no. 16)

A corrupt Administration will corrupt a special prosecution as easily as it corrupts the law. An honest one, like the present administration,will find such extraordinary prosecutorial efforts obstruct it in carrying out its constitutional duties to no real public purpose.
We just paid $21 million dollars for an investigation, the most damaging revelations of which are blocked from public view upon the motions of those named as obstructing that very  prosecution. And now there are demands for more special investigations for the NSA Suveillance?

The fact that the charge is being led by a key official in an Administration which regularly broke the law and covered it up, special proecution or not, only makes the call for yet another  pure tripe.
Clarice Feldman  1 19 06