Wal-Mart Opening Clinics


This will bring down the cost of healthcare in America. Are the liberals who attack Wal—Mart going to attack it for making medical care more affordable, particularly for lower—income people? Wal—Mart, by dint of its efficiency, has make many goods more affordable for people. Now it is working on the vast service side of the economy.

Beneficiaries: the very poor and low income people the Left proclaims it loves, but whose deprivation it depends upon.

Ed Lasky  12 11 05


Richard Baehr adds:

One of the few practical solutions to soaring health care costs, (including the cost of insurance) is for people or families to buy very high deductible catastrophic coverage policies, which cost less. But then they are responsible for the first few thousand of out of pockets. If Wal—Mart provides that out patient (non catastrophic care),  the combination of coverage and lower priced outpatient care could work. Unions have bankrupted companies by demanding free healthe care for the workers (no deductiblse, no co—pays, no maximums), and no disincentive to use health care services. Clearly the wrong approach.