Neocon as anti-Semitic code


I earlier wrote that many attacks on the neocons are thinly veiled anti—Semitic slanders.
NRO's Jay Nordlinger finds an example from the U.K.:

I also found this in The Spectator, in a review of a book called Santa: A Life. It is worryingly deranged:

"Santa cannot even safely go home to the United States, where liberals would like him banned for breaching the constitutional divide between church and state, while neo—conservatives find he offends their religious beliefs."

What the f...?

But then, we know Brits and their fantasies about (hook—nosed) neocons.

As far as I can tell the neocons——of more than one religious affiliation by the  way——are fierce defenders of Western (i.e. Christian civilization) against those who think that sprigs of holly and ho ho ho are harbingers of the Talibanization of America, which they wouldn't defend against anyway because that would be like so judgmental.

Clarice Feldman   12 20 05