More Balkan – Middle East terror connections


The Clinton Administration's two—faced policies justifying US intervention in the Balkans is the gift that keeps on giving — for Islamic terrorists, that is.

The US Army News Service reports that US forces in Kosovo captured escaped fugitive Ramadan Shiti and two associates, Mehmet Dalipi and Ahmet Shkret, Dec. 16 near the village of Drobnjak.  Ramadan Shiti, who is wanted under both international and Kosovo arrest warrants, was a member of the Kondovo group.  Before he escaped, Shiti was being held in Skopje, Macedonia awaiting trial for the murder of a taxi driver.

However the Army report downplays the nature of Shiti's crimes and other international terrorist activities.  According to the BBC Monitoring Service, the Macedonian Interior Ministry (MVR) has information that Ramadan Shiti is a Saudi national and is connected to Islamic terrorists from the Middle East. The MVR notes that he was expelled from Saudi Arabia under suspicion of 'preparing an attack on a prominent person.'

In Kosovo, Shiti not only murdered a taxi driver, but his terror group was also responsible for planting a plastic explosive bomb in the Bit Pazar police station.  And both the police and US intelligence services judge that Islamic fundamentalists in Kosovo support Shiti and his terror group.

Thanks to US, Polish, and Ukrainian troops, Shiti is back behind bars.  But, the legacy press, which successfully sold Bill Clinton's false case for a Balkan War to the American people, continues its cover—up of our ten—year quagmire in battling terrorists in southeastern Europe.

Douglas Hanson  12 19 05