Speech at the Rome rally against Iran's threat to Israel


My good friend Max Grossman has translated from Italian part of a speech given by Emilia Guarnieri, President of the Association of 'Meeting' for the Friendship Among Peoples, at the rally  of 10—15,000 people in Rome protesting Iran's threat to "wipe Israel off the map." It is good stuff.

Of course, you will read nothing about this in the MSM. They are only interested in anti—American demonstrations.

So what unites us with all Jews in the face of these aggressive rants coming from Iran, which seem to be directed at us as well?  It is the sense of history, that idea that a unique and rare people are the patrimony of the entire world...or as Pope Benedict XVI reminds us: "our common roots and the immensely rich spiritual legacy that Jews and  Christians share."  Furthermore, "the choosing of a people born of Abraham, from which that person [Jesus] was created for the salvation of the world, with a task  that may be compared to that of the people itself."  Since the concept of a "people" is not an abstract one, but concerns man, his destiny, the connection to a land, any defense of the Jews that does not defend Israel is hypocrisy or veiled anti—Semetism.

Indeed, the state of Israel, which gave a homeland to the Jews scattered about the world, is essential for an equilibrium of international peace.

This is good stuff. Viva Italia!

Hat tip: Alex

Thomas Lifson  11 05 05