MSM blackout on the intifada in Denmark


It's not just Paris. Successive nights of riots have rocked parts of �rhus, the second largest city in Denmark. Little to nothing has appeared in the English language press about the second front in the Eurabian intifada. �rhus is home to an excellent Danish university, and is a place where I have spent some time. It is usually spelled "Aarhus" in English. 

Fortunately, Hendrik, The Viking Observer, has translated in his blog a press account from Jyllands—Posten, a Danish newspaper which has been the target of Muslim protests for publishing drawings of the prophet Muhammad..  A few excerpts:

Rosenh�j Mall has several nights in a row been the scene of the worst riots in �rhus for years. "This area belongs to us", the youths proclaim. Sunday evening saw a new arson attack.

Their words sound like a clear declaration of war on the Danish society. Police must stay out. The area belongs to immigrants....

 Four hours after the short meeting, Falck (Danish privat emergency service — Henrik) sent a group of fire engines under police escort to the nursery Kj�rslund on S�ndervangs All�, right across the street from Rosenh�j Mall.

Gasoline through the window

A window had been shattered at the back of the house, and the fire had been blazing, apparently because of gasoline poured onto the floor, then lit.

Falck stopped on Viby Square, a couple kilometers from the site of the arson attack, waiting for the police to turn up so they could be escorted to the nursery. Two nights earlier, other Falck—employees were threatened, when they were covering up broken shop—windows.

Cobblestones had smashed the shop—windows from one end of the mall to the other. The police wrote in their report saturday night, that the youths had their stones with them in bags, when they came to Rosenh�j....

 He calls himself 100 percent Palestinian, born in a refugee camp in Lebanon 19 years ago, and now out of work in Denmark.

"The police has to stay away. This is our area. We decide what goes down here".

The MSM has done everything possible to minimize the Islamicist nature of the violence in Europe, and has blacked—out coverage of the Danish front. Here is another example of how the blogosphere has become essential to an understanding of the realities of the world.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

Thomas Lifson   11 04 05