More on the CIA war against Bush


The American Thinker has connected a number of dots in the ongoing CIA effort to subvert an elected American president.  John Hinderaker now suggests that high officials in the CIA itself  deliberately exposed the Agency's covert flights to transport terrorists to interrogation centers around the world

The New York Times and Washington Post cited CIA sources when they told the world the details — air carriers, flight dates, airports and countries involved. That is all information Osama bin Ladin would love to know. This unbelievably irresponsible publicity could destabilize governments or kill people. But if the Agency had any objection to the blowing of one of its most sensitive operations since the Cold War, apparently it didn't tell NYT or WaPo.

"The twin leaks to the Times and the Post have severely impaired the agency's ability to carry out renditions, transport prisoners, and maintain secret detention facilities. It is striking that top—level CIA officials are evidently willing to do serious damage to their own agency's capabilities and operations for the sake of harming the Bush administration and impeding administration policies with which they disagree."

"The CIA is an agency in crisis. Perhaps, though, there is a ray of hope:
the agency has referred the secret—prison leak to the Post to the Justice Department for investigation and possible criminal prosecution."

Conclusion: Some well—placed CIA officers are serving the media, not the Government of the United States — or the people. They are endangering their own agents at the frontlines, and undoubtedly other sources as well.

It now seems as if the war against Bush has become a war within CIA. Killing the terrorist transport program would certainly undermine Administration policy, the major goal of the new Iron Triangle of power in the country ——— the CIA, the media and the Left. Some sources might be currying favor with the NYT—WaPo axis, perhaps to get their help in covering up their own misconduct in the Plame—Wilson affair. After all, reporters will now be compelled to testify in the Libby trial —— and who knows what they might reveal?

The US Congress has oversight powers over the secret bureaucracy. Nothing is more important than for it to carry out an aggressive investigation of sabotage by newsleak.