A brave man

John Tierney writes a brave New York Times column today on the topic of left wing cronyism, as revealed by journalism school professorships and his own experience in 6 different newspapers. Unless you pay for the "Times Select" access to NYT pundits, you can't read the full article. But here are soime excerpts within fair use copyright limitations: Journalists and legal scholars have been decrying "cronyism" and calling for "mainstream" values when picking a Supreme Court justice. But how do they go about picking the professors to train the next generation of journalists and lawyers? David Horowitz, the conservative who is president of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture, analyzed the political affiliations of the faculty at 18 elite journalism and law schools. By checking all the party registrations he could find, he concluded that Democrats outnumber Republicans by 8 to 1 at the law schools, with the ratio ranging from 3 to 1 at Penn to 28 to 1 at Stanford. A favorable...(Read Full Post)