Why does the Left hate George W. Bush?


Reader Joe G. Hill, Jr., of Lubbock, Texas, wrote to us with his thoughts ont he subject:

George W. Bush is hated primarily because he is such a contrast to personally corrupt, undisciplined Bill Clinton. It just made matters worse when Al Gore's people tried to steal the 2000 election and didn't get away with it. The enablers of the criminal Clinton/Gore administration would rather eat their children than admit that they were defeated at the polls fair and square.

It has been suggested that if we had found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq then more countries would see the virtue of our cause and would be supporting us. This is evidence of the 'triumph of hope over experience'. If the partisan obstructionists on the Judiciary Committee continue to block judicial nominees in spite of their qualifications, there is no likelihood that Saddam's Coalition of the Bribed would suddenly admit to selling him weapons illegally and join us.

Countries are a lot like people: some are good, some are indifferent, and some run in packs like sheep—killing dogs and will do whatever they are allowed to get away with. Those who would do us harm are prevented from doing so by a fear of massive and immediate retaliation, just as a burglar is more afraid of an irate homeowner with a shotgun than of any SWAT team.

Some people would stand by and watch a rape occur in a bar and tell the police later that 'There was nothing I could do' or 'I didn't want to get involved.' Someone who steps in pulls the rapist off or calls 911 might be growled at for spoiling the fun or sticking their nose in somebody else's business. The people who complain are doing so because they don't want to face up to the crime of their own inaction.