Transgender Rights in China

As San Francisco continues to hand out 'marriage licenses' to same—sex couples, its neighbor across the Pacific, China, is developing a newfound respect for the sensitivities of cross—dressing persons. The China Daily  reports the following brief story: A transsexual hairdresser in Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, who was abused by a patron almost took the elderly man to the court, reports Chengdu Commercial News. Last week, Zhou, a retired medical worker, went to the local barber shop and found Zhang Lin — originally a man — dressed in women's clothes; he insulted her and swaggered out. The embarrassed Zhang immediately told her boyfriend about it and the outraged man planned to take the matter to the court. The matter was resolved after Zhou apologized to Zhang and claimed he was unaware that she had undergone transsexual surgery late last year. The American Thinker strongly supports civility, and urges all people of all nationalities, races, and...(Read Full Post)