Germany corroborates Balkan terror network

Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) told the German News Agency, DDP that the terrorists responsible for the Madrid bombings, and some involved with the attacks in London, had contacts in Bosnia, and that Al—Qaeda may have an intact terror network in the Balkan nation.  A BND source added that, The "Balkans, particularly Bosnia and Kosovo" are now "a dangerous breeding—ground, presently under scarcely any observation, for Islamist terrorists," a BND source told DDP. Muslims from Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Britain are reportedly traveling there to be "fanaticized," he said. The BND reinforces earlier reports in AT  and in the Cybercast News Service that terrorist elements had been busy developing a sophisticated terror support network ever since the Clinton administration allowed Muhajadeen fighters and weapons to enter the Balkans during the Bosnian War. In fact, the BND agrees with CNS staff writer Sherrie Gossett's claim that Abu el Maali, a...(Read Full Post)