Joe Biden Will Lose Running on Abortion

The last politician to stare at the sun was President Donald Trump. When he peered at a solar eclipse from the Truman balcony of the White House in 2017, he was mocked. But Trump’s sunward gaze is his signal virtue. He faces head on what voters care about most. President Joe Biden instead tosses on sunglasses and looks somewhere else. That’s why Biden will campaign for reelection exclusively on an issue that matters to Americans the least: abortion.

Abortion is an academic controversy for most Americans. Most women don’t commit abortion, and the women who do are unlike most women. Roughly half of all abortions are committed by women who have had at least one already, and overall, only about one in ten who get pregnant ever go on to commit even one abortion. Most women who get an abortion will remain childless.

Americans need a lot of things. More abortions simply isn’t one of them.

More than abortions, Americans need peace. Never during President Trump’s first term did a third world war seem like just a matter of time. Yet Americans watched Biden stare into his podium speechless while America suffered its most embarrassing defeat abroad since Saigon fell, and now America is under constant assault.

More than abortions, Americans need a border. Never during President Trump’s first term did so many see for themselves an unrelenting river of penniless aliens flowing over their towns and using public subsidies to fill hotels and drive up apartment rents, making more Americans than ever homeless. Even the blue mayors of New York, Denver, and Chicago beg Biden to reverse course.

Americans watched Biden reverse President Trump’s border safeguards in a White House ceremony hours after taking office. “Biden swiftly begins sweeping away Trump’s immigration barriers,” read a Reuters headline the day of Biden’s inauguration. Biden now wants you to forget that he had dreamed of an “unrelenting stream of immigration” racially remaking America. Biden wants you to talk about abortion instead.

More than abortions, Americans need homes. Since President Trump left office, homes are 36% less affordable. Americans need savings accounts and rides to work, too; but since Biden took office, credit-card balances are 39% higher and used cars are 25% more expensive.

Americans watched Biden take office and get to work causing the fastest inflation ever recorded. First, he cranked up energy costs by stunting sorely needed oil and gas drilling -- even flouting federal law to do it. Then he floored the gas pedal on an overheated economy. Over five trillion racked up on the nation’s credit card in just three years made everything more expensive. That spending forced the Federal Reserve to push borrowing costs higher to brake the economy harder in order to pull against galloping inflation. Even the lion of Democrat economists, Larry Summers, warned Biden that his trillions in extra spending were unneeded and would race inflation to generational highs. Biden listened to avant-garde leftist economists instead.

Biden’s borrowing revs up even as he pushes the cost of borrowing to multi-decade highs. The deficit last year topped two trillion, double the year before -- and way up from less than a trillion before the pandemic under President Trump. Half the current deficit will go just to the national debt’s trillion in annualized interest. Since Biden took office, interest on the national debt has spiked 60% as a percentage of GDP -- faster than ever recorded -- to its highest level in a quarter century.

Are we building back better yet?

Biden cannot do what President Trump did with America’s enemies. He will not do what President Trump did for America’s energy and economy. And, he already did the opposite of what President Trump did for America’s border. So Biden runs on abortion.

Every day until election day, Americans will be cajoled, harangued, and lied to about abortion by Democrats, Hollywood, and the legacy news media. The rhetorical beatings will continue until morale improves and you admit that what you really want is not more wealth, more peace, and more security but more abortion.

That’s more abortion. Abortion is already legal and will remain so for a long time in the country’s largest states. Abortion is already legal in every state and always will be when necessary to save a mother from death or serious bodily harm. Joe is running on more abortion: abortion in more places for more reasons for more women. And that’s not even a promise he can keep. States make abortion law, and nobody expects a federal abortion law to clear a Senate filibuster anytime this decade. So by running on abortion, Joe ultimately runs on nothing.

Joe Biden cares about what leftists think. He always has. He cannot do what America needs and what leftists want at the same time because leftists want the opposite of what America needs. So Biden chooses to do what leftists want -- and tries to distract everyone else with abortion.

President Trump needs no distractions. Whether about staring at a solar eclipse or about America’s racial composition, Trump has never cared what leftists think. That’s why he can do what Americans want.

American greatness is threatened with eclipse. America is fading from what President Reagan called “the shining city on a hill” into a world on fire. But don’t stare into that waning sun. Look at the weeds. Look at the tree. Look anywhere but toward the light, Biden pleads, and he will tell you what to see: abortion, abortion, abortion.

Abortion is Biden’s big diversion. Americans see right through it.

Image: James McNellis

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