Can Unhappy Americans Unite against Their Tormentors?

In a rare campaign appearance that looked more like a “proof of life” hostage video, Dementia Joe Biden awkwardly shuffled across the stage and attempted to tie a few mumbled syllables together into cogent sentences — “attempted” being the key word here.  Paul Joseph Watson at Modernity News chronicled Bumbling Joe’s addled “eloquence” for posterity: “‘We’ll teach Donald Trump un...err...arr valuable lesson,’ said Biden, ‘Don’t mess with uhhiminauhwemerica unless you wanna get a...(the last word is totally undecipherable).’”  Watson added a personal observation: “Despite the embarrassment, Biden’s supporters cheered mindlessly anyway.”

That last part struck me as the Democrats’ ideal 2024 campaign slogan: “Biden and Harris: Embarrassing Candidates for Mindless Voters!”  It has a bit of a “Trikki Nikki!” ring to it, don’t you think?  Usually political parties put together campaign tickets with candidates who balance out each other’s negative qualities.  Instead of finding someone smart enough to mitigate Joe’s low I.Q., however, Democrats just doubled down on stupid.  Now we’re suffering through the costliest two-for-one special of all time: two (special) idiots and one broken America.

We’ve got war, social decay, rising crime, and runaway inflation.  What kind of “mindless voter” could live through this “house on fire” madness and think, “Wow, things in our country have really gotten so much better ever since the Deep State put Dementia Joe into office”?  You’ve got to be “Morning Joe and Mika” mindless or “Meathead Rob Reiner” mindless to believe that everything’s just grand, even as America burns to the ground.  The Marxists in the White House are collapsing the United States with a Molotov cocktail of open borders, “green energy”–induced poverty, regulatory oppression, political harassment, astroturfed racial divisiveness, warrantless mass surveillance, and an “expert” class that does nothing but invent new things for people to fear.  The nation’s executioners have put America in “concrete shoes” and tossed her overboard to sleep with the fishes.  Meanwhile, meatheads Joe, Mika, and Rob mindlessly applaud as she sinks.

Most of the country disagrees, and as many as 90% of Americans believe that the U.S. is “on the wrong track.”  You can’t get 90% of Americans to agree on anything, but Biden’s America is so awful that the most diverse collection of disgruntled citizens have all desperately concluded that the country must imminently change course.  Of course, there are still the “true believers,” the ones who have been so indoctrinated to pull the lever for a Democrat that a Republican could extend an outstretched hand to save them from drowning and they’d peevishly shoo it away.

The truth is that most elected Democrats and Republicans all belong to the same Uniparty that uses manufactured political division as a calculated public distraction, so that a small group of financial oligarchs (who fund both parties) can maintain permanent control over the population.  Right now McConnell and Schumer are pretending to haggle over funding the war in Ukraine and protecting America’s borders — when, in fact, both sides of the Uniparty desire endless war and endless illegal immigration.  Corporate lobbyists pay them to believe the exact same thing.  The difference between Democrat and Republican voters, however, is that Republicans have been “waking up” to the existence of this Machiavellian “Deep State” at least since the rise of the Tea Party Movement.  The election of Donald Trump and his continued support today represent a seismic shift in the way Republicans recognize and oppose D.C.’s entrenched corruption.  On the Democrat side, however, too many voters, rightly distrusting of corporate influence and fed up with bad government, continue to think the answer to existing corruption is even bigger government controlled by even bigger financial interests.  It is an illogical conclusion, but it is difficult to convince Democrats who have spent the last century digesting the false gospel of Big Government that Big Government might just be to blame.  

Ever since Woodrow Wilson constructed an unconstitutional Administrative State filled with unaccountable “experts” and Franklin Roosevelt promised a government-imposed solution for every personal problem, Americans have surrendered their rights and liberties for indentured servitude to a plutocratic kakistocracy (what a mouthful for that thing we appropriately call the swamp!), concerned only with manipulating the public while lining its own pockets.  For Democrats to take the first step toward their own recovery, they must first admit that most of America’s problems have originated with those who control America’s government.  Then they must recognize the folly in trying to solve every problem that the government has created by giving the government more power to create new problems.  

If they can extricate themselves from this self-imposed mental straitjacket, then — as the right track–wrong track polls continue to show — upwards of 90% of the American people could unite to oppose a permanent “ruling class” that prefers them poor, dependent, and silenced.  Given the potential power of the people to reclaim control over their own government from the small cabal of government agents who hoard power in the people’s name, it is no wonder why Uniparty Democrats and Republicans (two private corporations posing as political parties) prefer to turn ordinary Republican and Democrat voters against each other.  If the Uniparty can continue to hypnotize Democrat voters into blaming outsider Donald Trump for all their problems, those voters will continue to give the permanent “ruling class” a pass for the last half-century’s organized American destruction.

For people who are “awake” to what’s going on, it is mystifying to see how effective this divide-and-conquer strategy has been.  Kamala Harris — who once excoriated Biden for being a racial segregationist before Dementia Joe began lying about having founded the civil rights movement — warned Americans last week that they would “lose this democracy” if President Trump is re-elected and given a chance to “go after” his “political enemies.”  Really?!  The administration that has locked up J6 protesters as political hostages, spied on Christian churches, and thrown concerned public school parents onto “domestic terrorism” watch-lists is worried about the weaponization of government?

During the 2020 election, federal government employees conspired to countermand President Trump’s lawful orders, leak to the media, and undermine his campaign for re-election.  The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency “suppressed” and “censored” legitimate concerns over “inherently less secure” mail-in voting.  Continuing to be a staunch advocate for election integrity, The Gateway Pundit has put together a thoroughly researched and corroborated list of eight different ways in which former attorney general Bill Barr and FBI director Chris Wray enabled widespread election fraud.  Right now government watchdog Judicial Watch is pursuing a Freedom of Information Act case over reports of an “alleged CIA plot to ‘get rid’ of President Trump.”  The Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database substantiates “over 1,500 cases of election fraud.”  A declassified intelligence assessment concludes that the Chinese Communist Party “brazenly” interfered in the 2022 midterm elections “because it didn’t fear retaliation from the Biden administration.”  Yet even with all this evidence of election-rigging and vote fraud, the Department of (in)Justice continues to prosecute J6 protesters in D.C. courtrooms (an overwhelmingly Democrat stronghold), where surveys reveal that potential jurors harbor “extreme bias” and roughly half believe that J6 defendants deserve life imprisonment or execution.  On top of everything else, a “well-coordinated, well-funded, and high-powered network of leftist organizations” conspires with Democrat prosecutors and politicians to incarcerate President Trump and remove him from the 2024 ballot.  There has never been a more egregious era of weaponized government!

Democrats who support such government corruption are either incurably obtuse or inherently dangerous.  Yet a small percentage of converts beyond the margin of fraud could change everything.  The Deep State maintains power through division; old adversaries can find strength through unexpected unity against a common foe.

Image: JSMed via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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