We Are in an Abusive Relationship with Our Government

California is now covering the costs of genital-mutilating surgeries for illegal aliens.  Leftism’s slippery slope invariably leads to depraved absurdity.  Consider how Governor (receding) Hairdo and the Pyrite State’s other communist saboteurs have greased the shifting ground under Californians’ feet:

(1) There is no illegal immigration crisis.

(2) There may be a crisis, but California taxpayers won’t be paying for it.

(3) Taxpayers may have to foot the bill for the illegal immigration crisis, but California will do nothing to incentivize illegal immigration.

(4) After further review, these aliens aren’t “illegal,” but rather “undocumented.”

(5) Health care is a human right.

(6) California must provide “undocumented” aliens healthcare.

(7) Mutilating the genitals to make them look like the opposite sex is health care.

(8) California taxpayers must pay for “undocumented” aliens’ genital surgery.

(9) Californians who object to paying for undocumented aliens’ genital surgery may be guilty of “hate” crimes and will be prosecuted. 

Quod erat demonstrandum.

Why punish the people who illegally enter the United States when you can punish the people who do not want to subsidize immigration crimes while canceling their votes with the votes of those here illegally?  Why should “health care” stop with free genital mutilation for the whole planet?  Why not label spacious split-level homes with at least one electric vehicle in each garage “health care” as well?  Why shouldn’t California taxpayers be on the hook for each new illegal alien’s  “green energy” lifestyle?  The absurdity will never end.

As Sundance frequently reminds readers over at The Conservative Treehouse, “We are in an abusive relationship with our government.”  And in California, where the Marxist globalists rule with absolute power, the government never gets tired of slapping American citizens around and telling them it’s for their own good.

California’s decision to become a Mecca for foreign men who want to chop off their willies and hang out in women’s restrooms is just the latest example of government insanity promoted as “progress.”  While foreign nationals are invading the United States in unprecedented numbers, Department of Homeland (in)Security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas continues to claim that (1) there is no crisis of any kind, and (2) if there is a crisis, Congress should just allocate more money for DHS to quickly bus the invaders into small towns throughout the country.  Hear that, American citizens?  The problem isn’t that tens of millions of foreigners are illegally entering the country; the problem is that people are noticing the problem — which would quickly disappear if DHS had the funds to hide the invaders more effectively and seed them into the counties where illegal votes from illegal aliens will do Democrats the most good.  Canceling American votes one invader at a time — yet none dare call it election-rigging on a massive scale!

Mayorkas’s admission that his plan to tackle illegal immigration consists of (1) making it worse but (2) hiding it more effectively is another infuriating example of why governments (of any kind!) can never, ever be trusted.  The best that any civilized society can do is shackle government power so severely that its agents feel as if they are rotting away in a dark dungeon without any prospect of public glory.  That’s why our Founders worked so hard to write a Constitution that limits the powers of all the miscreants who inevitably end up running things.  After all, at its core, government is nothing more than a collection of unethical people given legal immunity for performing otherwise criminal acts.  

In exchange for a little law and order, prosperity, and peace, the people look the other way while government bureaucrats steal their property (taxes), intimidate them with threats of force (FBI-Gestapo), and occasionally sacrifice their children for the greater good (war).  As soon as government is celebrated as something wonderful (instead of something that should always be dreaded and despised), those same bureaucrats break free from their dungeons, anoint themselves as unaccountable kings, and devise the most elaborate schemes to pillage, plunder, and endanger the citizenry without remorse.  No tax is too high!  No government mandate or regulatory fiat is too grotesque!  No life is too precious for the spoils of endless, needless war!  In Mayorkas’s world, bureaucrats bark orders, citizens comply, the government tells you what you may own, and armed IRS agents confiscate the rest!

How has the freest nation on Earth been reduced to a population of citizen-slaves begging for government scraps?  America’s tyrants use the same two-pronged approach that all totalitarian regimes do: the U.S. government (1) lies about everything, while (2) intentionally inflicting emotional harm on its citizens.  Everything that unscrupulous government agents such as Mayorkas shove down Americans’ throats is part of a psychological war meant to enfeeble, confuse, dispirit, and infantilize the adult population while indoctrinating younger generations to accept absurdities, surrender to “woke” ideology, and refrain from ever questioning authoritarian “elites.”

That’s why popular actors, musicians, and athletes must all believe the same thing — lest they be summarily “canceled.”  It is absolutely essential that young minds see intellectual conformity as something to celebrate and dissent as something to abhor.  It is why presidential puppet Joe Biden likes to say, “We’re all in this together,” while simultaneously stigmatizing half the electorate as “domestic terrorists” who “threaten democracy.”  Critical thinking, artistic individualism, philosophical disagreement, and public debate are not tolerated in totalitarian regimes.

In an essay for the Brownstone Institute, Jeffrey Tucker describes his experience at a train station where prominent warning signs still command travelers to obey COVID’s strict social distancing requirements.  For the most part, people just ignored the government’s orders and went about their lives.  After pondering the “enormous disjunction ... between what we are told to do and what we actually do,” Tucker concludes that the “edicts to which no one complies serve a certain purpose.  They are a visual reminder of who is in charge, what those people believe, and the presence of a Sword of Damocles hanging above the whole population: at any point, anyone can be snatched away from normal life, made a criminal, and be forced to pay a price.”  In a psychological war meant to obtain total control over citizen behavior, “the nuttier the edicts, the more effective the message.”

Writer Kit Knightly aptly describes these nutty edicts as part of the government’s broader propaganda campaign to “cultivate” a “perfidious unreality,” where our “authoritarian ruling elite” promulgate “insane narratives” that “serve as both loyalty test and humiliation ritual.”  When government agents say something that is “impossible to believe” and people accept it as true nonetheless, then citizens demonstrate “greater loyalty” to the government’s absurd fabrications than to reality.  “Humiliation is the ultimate demonstration of control” because under a system “where nothing is true, anything could be.”  Knightly concludes that the government engages in psychopathic behavior meant to do one thing: break every citizen’s spirit and mind.

What this means is that fighting for human liberty against the government’s encroaching totalitarianism requires more than civil disobedience; it requires an acceptance that everything our government says is a lie and everything our government does is destructive.  The U.S. government — along with most Western governments that have been captured by central banks, spy agencies, and an international cabal of Marxist “elites” — is dedicated to destroying any notion of “objective truth.”  That is why we are told that biological sex is a social construct, that private property causes “climate change,” and that popular political movements are “undemocratic.”  To free our bodies, we must free our minds.  And to free our countries, we must work to free the minds of as many of our fellow citizens as we can.

When the battlefield is the human brain, revolutionary ideas are more important than bullets.

Image: Don Hankins via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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