Uncomfortable Truths about 10/7

Good grief — it’s been over three months, and writers are still expressing shock, surprise, and outrage that Muslims murdered, mutilated, raped, and tortured Jews on 10/7.  They even preface the acts with words such as “brutal,” “degenerate,” “horrific,” “monstrous,” and “savage.”  Because it will happen again, I suggest the following to prevent future shock, surprise, and outrage.

First, recognize the cause of 10/7.  Although it is comforting to believe that Hamas, a specific group in a relatively small area, was the cause of 10/7, this is incorrect.  The snarky among you will quickly respond that Hezb’allah and Iran were also responsible.  This is also incorrect.  The correct answer is that Islam was the cause of 10/7.

Second, to understand why Islam was the cause of 10/7, study its history.  Briefly, Muhammad spent the first part of his career as a prophet in Mecca, where he attracted few followers.  Even revealing the verses in the Koran on the virgins in paradise failed as a recruiting scheme.  As a failed prophet, Muhammad moved to Medina, where the verses in the Koran changed from patience and tolerance to legalization of the murder, rape, and robbery of non-Muslims.  With the new revised Islamic moral code, the number of Muhammad’s followers rapidly increased, and they started attacking caravans and raiding villages.

One of Muhammad’s first “successes” was the capture of a caravan going to Mecca, after which he ordered some of the captives beheaded.  Later, he set siege to the three Jewish tribes in Medina.  Two tribes were forced out of Medina, leaving their homes, land, and most of their possessions.  With the third tribe, Muhammad had 600–900 Jewish boys and men beheaded; the Jewish children and women became slaves, from which Muhammad selected a beautiful young recent Jewish widow for his harem.  A few years later, he attacked and set siege to a Jewish farming community.  After it surrendered, Muhammad had a man tortured by having a fire built on his chest.  Before the man died, Muhammad ordered him beheaded.  Muhammad then took the man’s beautiful young Jewish widow as a wife.

After he conquered another tribe, Muhammad’s followers became worried that the female captives they raped might become pregnant, thus lowering their ransom value.  Therefore, they asked Muhammad if, during the rape, they should practice coitus interruptus.  Muhammad told them it didn’t matter, since who would be born was predetermined.  Note that Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was addressing his followers not on the immorality of rape, but on the sexual techniques they were allowed to use during the rape.

During his ten years in Medina, Muhammad ordered more than 100 attacks, expeditions, raids, and sieges.  In addition to beheadings and rapes, there are also examples reminiscent of 10/7.  In one, a woman had ropes tied to each leg.  The ropes were then attached to camels driven in opposite directions.  Similar atrocities continued after Muhammad’s death.  Sir William Muir, in his 1891 book The Caliphate: Its Rise, Decline, and Fall from Original Sources, summarized them in polite Victorian English by writing that as Islam spread, those opposing it suffered “cruelty and with bloodshed that went far beyond the bounds of need.”  The 10/7 attack in Israel was simply Muslims acting how Muslims have acted for 1,400 years, essentially engaging in acts of pre-civilized butchery, depravity, and savagery.

Third, to further understand why Islam was the cause of 10/7, read the Koran and the hadith reports.  According to the Noble Quran, Muslims believe that non-Muslims are cursed, diseased, dumb, evil, enemies, fools, ignorant, liars, losers, wicked, and the worst of all creatures.  They are also impure physically and spiritually.  Therefore, they should be avoided, beheaded, crucified, destroyed, fought, humiliated, killed, made war on, mocked, punished, plotted against, slaughtered, and terrorized.  Additionally, a hand and foot, from opposite sides, should be cut off.

The hadith reports document the behavior and sayings of Muhammad.  Thus, they provide Muhammad’s biography.  It is essential to be familiar with Muhammad’s biography because Muslims are commanded to follow his behavior, since he is seen as the perfect role model to follow to be admitted to paradise.  Muhammad’s biography shows that he was an assassin, bandit, murderer, pedophile, rapist, robber, slave-owner, thief, thug, and warlord.  Muhammad called for and engaged in the mass slaughter of those who refused to convert or submit to Islam.  Muhammad was also incestuous, a wife-beater, and a liar.  He also engaged in animal sacrifice.  October 7 was Muslims acting like Muhammad.

Reading the Koran and hadith reports will also provide an understanding of the mentality of the Muslims who participated in 10/7.  They believed that their behavior was a requirement for them to enter paradise, where, for eternity, they would have daily sex with 70–100 virgins.  Frequent sex would be possible because they would have perpetual erections and no fatigue, and the virgins would have the sex drive of camels in heat.  When they were not having sex, they would be seated on jeweled chairs arranged in rows or circles, where boys with perpetual youth would serve them wine from gold cups.  While seated and drinking, they would brag about what they did on 10/7.  After all, it never gets old, even for eternity, to retell the story about being ninth in line in the gang rape of a helpless young Jewish woman.  It is especially entertaining to retell the part where, after the rape, her breasts were cut off, and she was beheaded with a shovel.  The storyteller usually leaves out the rest of the story, where an Israel tank with an all-female Jewish crew ran over him.

Fourth, it is comforting to believe that the issue is about a small area of land where a solution can be achieved.  Even the status quo, with occasional periods of violence, is acceptable.  However, the truth is that it is about Islam.  Shortly before he died in 632, Muhammad told his followers, “Allah has ordered me to fight against the people till they testify that none has the right to be worshiped but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”  Muhammad started to fulfill this command with the expulsion and annihilation of the Jewish tribes in Medina.  Muhammad’s successors quickly turned much of the Judeo-Christian world into an Islamic colony.

Fifth, the last truth of 10/7 is that what happened in Israel is not going to stay in Israel.  It can be seen in Muslim uprisings around the world.  It can be seen in the U.S., with Muslim protestors blocking traffic, terrorizing students and teachers, and threatening and forcing the cancelation of public events such as Christmas celebrations.  Muslims even caused the cancelation of a session of a state Legislature and created the need for extra security at the White House.  And they are coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Image: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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