Patriots Who Are Doing Something; What are You Doing?

America First Patriots must be involved and active if we are going to save our country from a loud minority that seeks to move the United States toward Marxism. “Active” means more than posting comments on Facebook, X, or Truth Social. It’s picking a course of action, getting off your tuchas, and doing something. Anything!

There are numerous ways Patriots can help to keep the United States a constitutional republic. Here are four examples of people who saw a problem and decided to do something:

MORALE BOOSTERS: Overall, many Democrats do not hold law enforcement officers (LEOs) in high regard. Whenever there’s an incident and often without knowing all the facts, they blame the police. Whether it’s in a city overwhelmed by rampant crime or a border state smothered by the endless invasion of illegal aliens, the Al Sharptons and AOCs of the world ignorantly assume the person with the badge is the bad guy.

In 2015, as Barack Obama was closing out his second disastrous term, Tom Langan and his wife Diane decided they would do something to offset the immense hate being directed at LEOs by leftist extremists. They founded Morale Boosters, which does exactly what its name implies.

For the next three years, Tom and Diane visited police officers and sheriff deputies to let them know there are many Americans who support them and their efforts. The simple gesture of delivering snacks, light pens, handwritten thank-you cards, and other encouraging items (like banners signed by Americans who wanted to express their appreciation) means a lot to those who risk their lives every day to serve and protect.

Working on a shoestring budget, the Langans sent and sometimes visited LEOs throughout California (particularly Los Angeles) and other demoralizing locations for LEOs such as Portland, Oregon, Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago.

In 2018, as illegal caravans began swarming the southern border, Morale Boosters watched as leftists worked overtime to portray border patrol agents as the bad guys. So, Morale Boosters expanded their efforts to boost agents’ morale, too. From San Diego, California, to Brownsville, Texas, the two-person nonprofit, along with volunteers, ensured Agents know there are many Americans who value and appreciate them, and the work they were hired and want to do.

What drives Tom and Diane is their belief that the greatest Morale Booster is Jesus, and they bring that message to all their visits. Along with the encouraging items listed above are Peacemaker Bibles, though their outreach is to anyone of any religion who wears a badge.

To date, Morale Boosters has ‘boosted the morale,’ directly and indirectly, of over 10,000 police officers, sheriff deputies, and border patrol agents. Their work continues apace.

How easy it would have been for them to sit home and write a few charitable checks and let someone else get involved. But Tom and Diane Langan saw something and did something! In serving, their morale is boosted as much as those they serve.

The Langans did something. Visit Morale Boosters to learn more.

DR. REBECCA EDGEWORTH: Some people have “doctor” in front of their name simply because they wrote a few long articles. Rebecca Edgeworth, who was born into a military family, earned that degree studying medicine and then burnished it as a hands-on medical director with Volunteers in Medicine in Southern Nevada. Currently, she teaches the next generation of doctors as an Assistant Professor at Touro University Nevada while also volunteering to help those with minimal to no access to healthcare services, a situation many Americans find hard to imagine.

Unlike those who read about perplexing healthcare issues, the lifelong Republican Edgeworth sees them up close. This is why, throughout the years, she has been frequently recognized by various Nevada organizations and publications.

She has seen too many critical issues ignored in the Silver State’s 35th assembly district, everything from the need to protect parental rights to giving children more access to quality education to reducing regulation to supporting law enforcement. It would have been so much easier for this dedicated doctor, wife, and mother to write some checks and support someone else. Instead, Dr. Edgeworth’s name will be on the February 6 primary ballot as candidate for Nevada’s 35th assembly district.

Dr. Rebecca Edgeworth did something! Visit her website to learn more.

SHARIFAH HARDIE: Born in Washington, D.C., and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Hardie became a successful entrepreneur through hard work and a strong belief that her varied work experiences (including several periods of unemployment) were preparing her to help others achieve their goals. Today, she has a successful and diverse career that continues to support the Long Beach community. This includes editor-in-chief at Long Beach Black News and co-founder of the Black Business CoOp.

Democrat-controlled Long Beach, which is part of Los Angeles County, suffers from many of the same ills that make headlines across the country in other Democrat-run cities, primarily a growing homeless population and rampant crime. For many Democrats, the frequent answer to these societal ills is to toss more money into another government program. Hardie knows that is not the way to solve problems.

A recent Republican convert, she realized that the Democrat “government is the answer” mindset was not helping solve problems affecting all the district’s citizenry. From the poorest inner-city neighborhoods to the plush estates overlooking golf courses, her entrepreneurial knowledge, coupled with an understanding of both parties, could help improve the district. She could have easily discussed her views on her videocast, podcast or talk show, or maybe authored another book. Instead, Hardie is running for California State Senate District 33 in the March 5 primary.

Sharifah Hardie is doing something. Visit her website to learn more.

ROBIN ITZLER: In the autumn of 2020, this author was tired of constantly being tossed off a local social media site for comments made in both public and private political chats that were pro-America, pro-faith, or pro-Trump. She also believed that elected officials and corporate CEOs needed to be contacted directly. Yet contact information (email, address, and phone) was rarely included in print, television, or website news reports.

In November 2020, she started a free weekly newsletter for about 100 people—free to readers and free of ads. Today, Patriot Neighbors has thousands of readers across the country and continues to feature contact information so America First Patriots can share their thoughts and concerns with elected officials and corporate CEOs.

These are just four examples. American Thinker readers could add instances where they or someone they know saw something that needed to be changed and decided to get actively involved and do something.

If we want to take back our glorious nation from its current Marxist trajectory, more America First Patriots who see something that’s wrong must do something that’s right.

What do you see?

What are you doing?

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