IF.  President Obama, while he was still president, worked in collusion with the Deep State to set up President Trump with the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax.  Obama and the CIA/FBI spied on and wiretapped President-Elect Trump’s transition team.  FBI lied to and set up national security adviser Mike Flynn so that he was forced to resign because he knew too much about Obama/Biden dirt.  FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page used their “insurance policy” to feloniously take down and stall President Trump’s administration.  Vice President Mike Pence really was a RINO traitor and mole inside the Trump administration.  Pence really was one of the Cabinet officials ready to use the 25th Amendment to kick duly elected President Trump out of the White House.  FBI director Christopher Wray committed election interference by deep-sixing the Hunter Biden laptop so that the public would not see it until after 2020 election.

IF.  The Deep State really did use the “Five Eyes” intelligence from allied countries so that the CIA/FBI could spy on innocent Americans and President Trump without ever getting a legal search warrant.  The CDC and Anthony Fauci knowingly lied about the origins of COVID and knew that it was from China all along.  Fauci, the CDC, and Washington’s health administration lied to the American people all along about “gain of function” research.  Fauci and the CDC lied from the very start about the efficacy of the vaccine.  Fauci and CDC knew of the significant health risks of taking the vaccine.

IF.  General Mark Milley refused a direct and constitutional order from his commander-in-chief to fortify and strengthen America’s southern border.  General Milley committed treason against the Constitution in working behind Trump’s back in concert with the Chinese.  Milley knew all along that the balloon flying over America was a Chinese spy balloon stealing America’s national security secrets.  The top brass of the Pentagon really did work behind the scenes to diminish and destroy the Trump administration’s capabilities.  Biden, Milley, the Pentagon, and national security officers know that cartels are trafficking children through our open southern border and then refuse to do anything about it, which they most assuredly could stop.

IF.  The 2020 election really was outright stolen.  Mr. Biden really is illegitimate.  In the seven purple states, tactics were used to disenfranchise legal votes.  At about 11:30 P.M., it was the well thought out and orchestrated strategy all along to stop the counting of votes so that criminal voting measures could be used hours later while law-abiding Americans slept.  Major Democrats and Republicans knew of the stolen election and did nothing about it.  The Deep State in D.C. is fine and feels morally superior to the “rubes” outside the Beltway, and thus they feel confident that the election had to be stolen.  The Deep State feels morally justified in helping to steal the 2020 election.

IF.  January 6 really was a fed-surrection.  On January 6, the mostly peaceful Trump-supporters were waved inside by a duplicitous Capitol Police force.  Nancy Pelosi really did refuse to get more security, more officers, and more soldiers to protect the Capitol because she wanted an insurrection.  The pipe bombs put outside both the Republican and Democrat headquarters were actually placed there by the FBI agents to entrap Trump-supporters.  The January 6 fed-surrection was one giant setup and entrapment of all things Trump/MAGA/America First.  The Department of Justice and the attorney general are violating their own laws by arresting and imprisoning their political opposition.  Biden, Milley, and Merrick Garland are using Stalinist despotic tactics against the political opposition of MAGA.  Their globalist game plan is eventually to ignore the First and Second Amendments for Trump/MAGA/America First American citizens.

IF.  Christopher Wray’s FBI is putting spies, moles, and informants inside Catholic and Evangelical churches.  Wray’s FBI does have moms from school board meetings put on the domestic terrorist list.  Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are purposely allowing America’s enemies and the “fifth column” unfettered access across our southern border (tantamount to treason).  Biden, the secretary of state, and the secretary of defense really do care more about Ukraine’s border than America’s border (again treasonous).  Biden and the Deep State really do care more about Palestinians in the Middle East than they care about the people of East Palestine, Ohio.  Milley and the Department of Defense really do not want white Christian Southern straight men in the military.  Wray’s FBI really did rifle through Melania Trump’s lingerie drawer.

IF.  Members of the Supreme Court are compromised, or cowards, or corrupt.  The purpose of the new “shut off switch” in cars made after 2025 is to limit free speech, deny mobility, limit the right of associations,  and deny mostly peaceful protests in Washington, D.C.  There really is a pedophile ring that is blackmailing politicians, wealthy elites, and judges in D.C.  The cartels are beginning to have the same influence over national policies and laws that the Mafia once had over the policies and laws in N.Y. City.  Because of our open southern border, cartels are operating child-trafficking and fentanyl distribution in all 50 states.  Kari Lake really was bribed with millions of dollars by “the men back east” to drop out (and thus MAGA withdrawal) from the U.S. senate race for Arizona.  Tucker Carlson was fired from FOX because he refused to be a part of the “controlled opposition.”  FBI agents really did kill Jeffrey Epstein in his prison cell.  The bureaucracy and leadership inside Washington, D.C. really do believe more in Marx, Mao, and Che than they do in Washington, Jefferson, and Reagan.

THEN.  One must wonder if our nation’s capital is hopelessly lost.  One must wonder if the Deep State unelected bureaucracy is actually controlling America.  One must wonder if the social contract between the government and the governed is dangerously close to breaking.  One must wonder if there is anyone or anything that can rein in our CIA/FBI/NSA.  One must worry about President Trump’s safety and health between Election Day and Inauguration Day.  One must wonder how long until normal moms and dads and regular grandmas and grandpas will “no longer comply.”  One must wonder how many pastors, priests, and preachers will become Dietrich Bonhoeffers.  One must wonder if the Supreme Court and the other courts and judges (thus the law) are no longer blind.  One must wonder how far the Catholic and Evangelical communities will go to protect their freedom of religion and their First Amendment rights.  One must wonder how long two distinct and diametrically opposed cultures can remain one country.  One must wonder if time is running out, and the sun is setting,  on the American Empire.  (Just as it did with the British, the Romans, and the Greeks.)  One must wonder: if, in fact Joe Biden really is not capable of making the presidential-type decisions, then just what “junta” is making those decisions?

THEN.  The year 2024 is the most significant year in our lifetime.  The 2024 election is the most significant election of our lifetime.  And 2024 will possibly determine the future existence of the American democratic republic.  Period.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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