Can America Survive This Perversion of Our Justice System?

Here we are at the beginning of 2024.  Election Day (should there actually be an Election Day) is a little over ten months away, and every day is a new outrage, a new WTF? moment, a new rule or norm shredded by the lunatics of the progressive left.  This is happening to such a degree that the only conclusion to be drawn is that, on the one hand, we have no government anymore — just an amalgam of cowardliness on the part of our elected and appointed officials (especially those of the Republican stripe) — and on the other hand, propagandized lawless provocateurs throwing temper tantrums and committing atrocities against the body politic and its legal system on a daily basis.

Every day, as something else comes to light, I find myself saying, “No.  That can’t be true.”  Yet it is certainly happening. 

Today’s spectacle out of Georgia: Fani Willis hired her lover, who has no experience trying felony cases, to be the chief prosecutor in the election case against Donald Trump.  While she was making self-righteous and remarkably stupid pronouncements of her virtue and legal acumen, she was sleeping with Mr. Ward, allegedly her lover, and allowing him to bill the State of Georgia over $650,000.  Among his bills, which she approved, are notations like a claim that he spent 24 hours on one day in November working on the case, requiring him to be paid for every minute of that day by the State.  Seriously?

But as outrageous as this lunacy, this breach of public trust, and this likely felonious behavior are, it all pales in comparison to the clown show of the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals hearing of today in the Trump immunity case.

Another spectacle out of our justice system, which has been perhaps mortally wounded by the left in their Inspector Javert pursuit of Donald Trump No Matter What, is the three-judge panel of the D.C. Circuit, none of whom asked a single intelligent question of either of the parties in the appeal of the Trump immunity case, but which reached the ultimate in tone-deaf idiocy with a question from the circuit judge on the appeals court, who asked, “If Donald Trump has immunity, couldn’t he order SEAL Team 6 to murder his political rivals?”

It is one thing for a wild-eyed bottom-feeder and zealot like Jack Smith, who has lost so many times in the Supreme Court, to advocate such an unsupported and dastardly “legal” argument like this.  It is quite another for a partisan hack like the woman pretending to be a jurist to unthinkingly buy into it and ask such a stupid and reckless question. 

I suppose we can be thankful that, at the moment, the only thing Mr. Biden is doing is trying to throw his chief political rival in jail for the rest of his life.  He’s certainly doing every nasty trick in the book to politically murder his chief rival.  Not a great question, considering that misuse of the justice system is itself a political crime for which Mr. Biden will cry for immunity at some point.  You know it, and so do I.

She might have also considered that a certain former president of the United States, Barack Obama, thought it was his right to order the execution of Americans overseas during the War on Terror without trial, without formal charge, and without anything resembling due process because it was less embarrassing than capturing them and keeping them in Gitmo.  And if you don’t believe that, read the New York Times, who broke that story.

If I were that judge, I don’t think I would use that particular hypothetical, given the less-than-legal behavior of their Democrat heroes.  Is Obama immune to subsequent prosecution for those official acts of his?  Is Biden?  Execution without due process is murder by an officer of the state.  According to Jack Smith, Obama is immune for extrajudicial killing, but Donald Trump is not for trying to investigate election fraud in 2020.

We can also consider the immunity of the vice president, who admitted on video to strongarming the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor investigating his son’s company.  That was an act committed while he was an official of the United States.  Is there immunity for that?  How about taking bribes to skewer foreign policy while in office from foreign countries?  Immunity for that?  News flash: The only thing preventing Biden’s legal team from trying that argument is that they do not want immunity to be extended to Trump.

Let us also remember that the evidence is compelling that Mr. Obama, in early January of 2017, sat in the Oval Office with the now-current president of the United States and put his imprimatur on the persecution and subversion of the incoming administration of Donald Trump through compromise and corruption of the FBI.  Peaceful transition of power, eh?  Underhanded and dishonest subversion, more like.  That, my friends, if proven in a court, is conspiracy to commit sedition.  Does the president have immunity for that?

The perversion of our judges and our justice system by Jack Smith and the three on the bench today in D.C. is one of the great tragedies of our current American situation.  The legal hairs that would have to be split to find that Trump has no immunity when responding to claims of stolen and fraudulent votes in a presidential election, but Barack Obama has it for the extrajudicial killing of American citizens without due process would be a marvel to behold.  Or that Joe Biden has immunity for perverting and co-opting the DOJ to destroy his political rival or taking bribes and participating in a cover-up to this day to pervert the course of justice and hide his bribery and influence scheme – again, quite a trick. 

This is not to say that the partisan hacks won’t try, but here’s the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen: you won’t get away with it, except temporarily.  And they may not get away with ruling for Jack the Jackal even temporarily.  Stay tuned to see how or if these leftist destroyers of our justice justify extrajudicial killing but not inquiry into election fraud.

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