A Government that Sows Division and Subsidizes Madness

If I believe myself to be a fork, must society be made to agree?  Should I be encouraged to hang out near salad bars with the expectation that diners will trust me with their food?  If I continue to get passed over for other silverware, should I be allowed to sue for discrimination?  Or worse, if someone has the nerve to call me a spoon, will the government step in to punish that “bigot” for mis-utensiling me?

Of course not.  Then why should a man in makeup and a dress be given extra legal rights to sue anyone who sees through his delusions?  Why should rational men be expected to allow mentally unstable men to use public restrooms with their wives and daughters?  Why should parents be expected to entrust their children’s welfare with psychologically troubled men who have sought out jobs at schools, amusement parks, and daycares?  Why would government agents intervene to support the fantasies of people inclined to mutilate their bodies and traumatize others with their deceptions?  How can any government maintain its legitimacy for long when it embraces insanity as reality and condemns reality as imaginary?

For a long time, psychologically balanced people have done their best to ignore the government’s increasingly psychotic behavior.  When pressed, they have even reluctantly played along: You need me to wear this filthy paper mask that does nothing to prevent the transmission of viral particles floating in the air, so that you know that I know that this is somehow all Trump’s fault?  Fine, don’t break down in tears or start screaming or call the cops.  I’ll play along.  

Playing along, however, has gotten psychologically healthy people nowhere.  For every insane concession they make to government authorities, those authorities invent half a dozen new insane demands of society.  Remember when all those Trump voters exercised their First Amendment rights to assemble together and petition the U.S. government to address the rampant mail-in-ballot fraud of the 2020 election?  Yeah, even though all those people were unarmed and expressed no interest in overthrowing anything, that was totally a violent “insurrection” just as bad as 9/11 and the Civil War.  Joe Biden even swears that those darned “insurrectionists” murdered five, or ten, or maybe fifty police officers that day.  (That never happened, but one unarmed Trump-supporter was shot in cold blood, and another was beaten to death.)  The government and its lapdog media need people to believe insane things.  Facts are dangerous and reserved for people who live in reality.

In another cockamamie example proving how “playing along” only invites further government psychopathy, the United Kingdom is now telling government employees that they must actually “believe” in the “transgender” delusions flooding the workplace with cray-cray.  That’s right: it is no longer enough to merely play along with someone’s unhealthy fantasies.  Using an unbalanced person’s “preferred pronouns” does not sufficiently demonstrate one’s submission to the coercive State.  If you want to keep your government job in the U.K., you must commit yourself to “thinking of the person as being the gender that they want you to think of them as.”  That virtue-signaling, shared madness even requires a dogmatic faith in biologically impossible things — such as the government’s assertions that men can go through menopause and have babies!

Back in the days before the mentally unwell were put in charge of the West’s mental health organizations (WHO just added a bunch of “transgender” activists to a policy committee intended to set global rules for children), playing along with someone’s mental delusions was discouraged because doing so harmfully enables dangerous and self-destructive behavior.  Now refusing to play along can get one sacked.  How long before those who should be committed to mental institutions instead commit sane people for not sufficiently pretending to believe in things that are not true?  When the choice is between reality and a paycheck, desperate people will accept insane things to get paid.  (Add this observation to the growing list of reasons why freedom-minded people should not only thwart the introduction of central bank digital currencies, but also embrace forms of money free from government-induced inflation and manipulation.)

It would be some small comfort if this kind of insanity remained isolated in the leftist enclaves that manipulate minds by manipulating language.  Alas, as leftists successfully captured the West’s major institutions, they saw no reason not to capture those institutions that were once staunchly conservative as well.  Churches, family values organizations, and even prestigious medical journals have all thrown reason and science out the window to supplicate before the priests of “political correctness.”  How widespread is the “transgender” delusion today?  When asked bluntly whether a man can say, “Abracadabra” and magically transform into a woman, Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley — hailing from conservative South Carolina — couldn’t decide what to say.  That is the corrosive influence the left’s delusions have on even those who should know better.

The “ruling class” defends all these government-imposed delusions as some kind of “justice.”  Of all the words that the Marxist globalists have misappropriated and subversively redefined, their torture of “justice” has been most heinous.  Whenever a person in a position of power says something about “justice” these days, you can be pretty sure that the government is either orchestrating a crime in plain sight or issuing a new wave of malicious propaganda dressed up in false virtue and empathy-baiting psychobabble.  When you think about it, governments have done to “justice” what delusional men do with castration, boob jobs, and hormone therapy: they have mutilated reality in order to play pretend.

In the name of “social justice,” San Francisco’s Democrat-controlled government has responded to rising violent crime and general lawlessness in the city by attacking police officers as “white supremacists” (even the non-white ones) and reducing the penalties for and enforcement against violent crimes.  (As the economists say, when you want more of something, subsidize it.)  Because citizens and businesses have been left defenseless against organized theft (and, in fact, are even told not to resist the robbers and thieves who assault them), businesses and entrepreneurs have had no choice but to move away.  Now that San Francisco’s remaining residents (the ones who keep voting for poop-covered streets and subsidized crime) are finding it difficult to find (and maybe steal) basic necessities, they are very upset that grocery and convenience stores refuse to be perpetual victims.  Have Democrats learned a lesson?  Of course not.  They demand, “food justice,” because the left’s perversion of language has indoctrinated several generations with a malevolent disregard for others and no sense of justice at all.

On the other side of the country, the Biden administration is putting New England’s lobster and fishing industries in jeopardy in pursuit of “ocean justice.”  What the hell is that?  It’s the Democrats’ way of implementing costly and ineffective “green energy” programs while playing the race card: “Ocean communities with a significant proportion of people who are Black, Latino, Indigenous and Native American, Asian American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander may be disproportionately affected by ocean-related health and environmental harms and hazards,” the White House lies.  When “social justice,” “racial justice,” “climate justice,” and “ocean justice” come together, it means a lot of people who make their living from the sea will lose their jobs, so that the race-hucksters can harm families and pretend to fight “white supremacy.” 

When “justice” loses all meaning, injustice becomes pervasive.  When delusional behavior is celebrated and honesty is outlawed as “bigotry,” insanity thrives.  Why are Western governments pushing irrational, unscientific, ludicrous nonsense that is physically and emotionally harmful, socially dangerous, and economically destructive?  Perhaps because those with power find it useful to sow division and subsidize madness.  Do not comply.

Image: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center via Flickr, CC BY 2.0 (cropped).

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