The Totalitarian Three-Step

For at least half a century, the Left has been luring this nation into a deadly dance. Like the sirens of Greek myth, their music hits all the right notes: true equality, fairness, justice for all, health, peace, etc. Because the music is so beautiful, and the steps to the dance so familiar, again and again, we’ve accepted their invitation and blindly followed their lead.

This simple political dance can be done to many types of “music,” for it has only three steps. We have seen its familiar choreography in efforts against racism and crime, in steps to preserve our national security, in efforts to support agriculture and education, etc.; whatever the tune, the steps are the same:

  1. Manufacture a “crisis”
  2. Offer “emergency solutions” people would never accept except for the “crisis.”
  3. Results achieve the hidden goal, unrelated to the supposed problem

We’ll look at three examples below, but in her excellent book Behind the Green Mask, Rosa Koire describes this three-step process as “communitarianism,” which claims that in matters of public policy, we must “balance” individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution with (imagined) community rights to assure “fairness.” So here the three-step process is:

  1. Individual rights are selfish, harming the community
  2. Individuals cede some of their rights to the community
  3. Results: fewer rights/freedoms for individuals, more power for local, state, or federal government

The “problem” (i.e., lack of community rights) didn’t actually exist but was manufactured by those whose true goal was abolishing individual rights and freedoms and increasing the power and reach of government to impose their social and political visions.

Imagine, Koire wrote, that individual rights are a glass of milk, and community rights are a glass of water. To “balance” those rights, pour each glass into a pitcher. The result is watery milk, i.e., lessened, “watered down” individual rights. Community rights are strengthened (i.e., more government power/control)… the activists’ true goal.

We can see how this “dance” played out in the 2008 housing bubble collapse:

Step One, the “Crisis”: Bill Clinton manufactured the “crisis,” saying poor people couldn’t afford to buy their own homes. Of course, poor people have never been able to afford their own homes, so why was this suddenly a crisis? That situation is actually a motivation for good behavior: work, save money, defer children until you’re more financially secure, use alcohol (or drugs) only moderately, if at all, etc. But no, to Clinton and the left, it was suddenly a “housing crisis.”

Step Two, Emergency “Solution”: Force banks and mortgage companies to lower housing loan standards so people who can’t afford homes are able to get loans anyway. Using the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) to force Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make 30% of their mortgage purchases these sub-prime loans in 1977, that requirement grew to 50% by 2000. Bush43 continued this “affordable housing” boondoggle. In 1991, CRA sub-prime loans were $8 billion; by 2007, they were $4.5 trillion. By 2008, half of all outstanding mortgages in the U.S. were sub-prime (high-risk) loans.

Step Three, Actual Results: When financial firms sold these sub-prime loans as mortgage-back securities, the stage was set. When a major increase in loan defaults occurred in 2008, the housing market crashed, taking the stock market with it. The manufactured housing “crisis” wasn’t fixed, but the U.S. economy was devastated… which was the true goal all along by the globalist Clinton and his leftist cronies.

But that makes no sense, you might say; why would anyone want that result? Because the Left has always supported global government (UN, World Economic Forum, World Health Organization, et al.), but the U.S. has long been the major barrier to that dream, so anything that weakens the U.S. politically, socially, or especially economically, then, is a good thing.

Your mistake is in assuming that the Left (whether Clinton, Obama, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi, et al) actually wants what’s best for this nation and its citizens… they don’t. They want what’s best for them and the other global elites with whom they share a self-serving globalist fantasy.

Another example is the pandemic:

Step One, the “Crisis”: the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’ was supposedly an existential threat to humankind that demanded draconian “emergency” measures (turns out that for healthy people, it was barely more deadly than seasonal flu).

Step Two, Emergency “Solution”: business lockdowns, schools closed, vaccine mandates, social distancing, etc. Many small businesses operate on narrow margins, so such lockdowns forced their permanent closings, and even major industries were impacted.

Step Three, Actual Results: devastated U.S. (and world) economy… again, the global elites’ primary goal all along, making Western democracies weaker against their globalist push from the UN, WEF, et al.

Finally, the biggest example, “climate change”:

Step One, the “Crisis”: ‘climate change’ is an existential threat to the earth; if something isn’t done immediately, the earth will burn up in “X” number of years.

Step Two, Emergency “Solution: eliminate fossil-fuel usage (curtail all manufacturing production, reduce/eliminate gasoline-powered cars, trains, trucks, planes, and ships), drastic restrictions on agriculture and cattle raising, make CO2 (behind oxygen the most beneficial element in the world) a pollutant, etc.

Step Three, Actual Results: Agenda 2030 is the UN’s supposed response to climate change; if its 17 Sustainable Development Goals are actually implemented, the world will be reduced to mid-1800s-levels of food production, transportation, manufacturing, etc… except for the globalist elites behind the “climate change” scam.

More and more scientists are finding the nerve to speak out against the climate hoax, but they’re decades behind the climate-industrial complex that is making trillions of dollars from “green” energy like solar and wind farms.

But it’s becoming clear even to the environmentalist Kool-Aid drinkers that those “renewables” won’t come close to replacing the cheap and reliable fossil fuels that drive the world’s economy. Eliminating meat and dairy and crippling agriculture will result in the mass starvation of millions of people.

Again, who would want those results? Only the globalist elites at the UN, the World Economic Forum, the Club of Rome, et al. -- many of whom are U.S. politicians, industrial magnates, and Big Tech oligarchs -- whose globalist fantasies are based on Malthusian ideas of “sustainable” levels of world population being limited to one billion people. They know that only a world government with unrestricted power can achieve what they call the “peaceful elimination” of over 7 billion people, so they see Agenda 2030, the WEF’s Great Reset, et al., as the paths to achieve that global power and control.

Those globalists use their three-step process in every area of life to bring about the ruination of the U.S. and the Western democracies that are the major barriers to their dreams. That’s the true goal behind all their supposed “solutions.”

It's way past time to stop dancing to the leftists’ globalist tune, to stop accepting their phony “crises” and, especially, their crippling “solutions” that are designed to destroy our republic.

Image: Bundesarchiv

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