Open Borders – Why Not Just Invite the Entire World to the U.S.?

America’s southern, and perhaps northern, border is open for business, lined with welcome mats, neon lights, and a sign flashing, “come one, come all.”

To even call the physical boundary of the United States “a border” is a miscarriage of language.

Today’s reality is that there is no national border. At least for those crossing by foot or caravan. For those attempting to enter the U.S. legally, by following the law and visa application process, it’s a nightmare of rules, delays, cost, and frustration.

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For those interested, read here about the bizarre labyrinth facing citizens of many countries to legally visit or transit through America. Lady Liberty doesn’t want any “huddled masses yearning to breathe free” that follow American law, but has her arms and purse wide open to those coming to America illegally.

How many? Before President Biden, “As of 2021, the nation’s 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants represented about 3% of the total U.S. population.” What about now, specifically the past three years under Biden?

Since Biden took office in early 2021, the Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has “encountered” almost 8 million border crossers, the majority young military age males. In August alone, that number was 232,972, an annualized rate of 3 million migrants a year.

December is no better with 300,000 migrant arrests, as Fox News reported. Those arrested are told to appear in court up to a decade later. Good luck with that.

Trump promised to “Build a wall.” 

Biden promised in Reagan-parody fashion to “Tear down the wall.” He ordered his border agents to cut Texas’ barbed wire fence, at least until a judge put a temporary hold on Biden’s wall tear down.

“Encounters” and catch-and-release arrests are only part of the story. How many snuck through without being encountered? Those are called “gotaways”. CBP reports 1,000 “known gotaways” per day. That’s 30,000 gotaways per month or 365,000 per year, the population of New Orleans.

How many “unknown gotaways”? Another New Orleans amount? Or perhaps an Atlanta, Boston, or San Francisco number of illegal migrants?

The numbers are worsening. The New York Post reported: “Record 12,600 migrants encountered at the border in 24 hours” last week. That’s 4.6 million a year or 18.4 million in four years, or 6 percent of the U.S. population every four years growing from illegal migrants, unvetted and most unable to support themselves.

That’s the equivalent of adding a state to America every four years, and a large state at that, such as California, Texas, Florida or New York.

The border is wide open, with Border Patrol agents shuttling busloads of migrants across the border at night in unmarked busses, as this Owen Shroyer report illustrates.

Here is a Fox News report from last week,

The besieged U.S. southern border saw a record number of migrant encounters in a single day on Monday, as thousands flooded into Eagle Pass, Texas, amid a broader surge in recent weeks that has left authorities overwhelmed.

There were over 12,600 migrant encounters on Monday, Customs and Border Protection sources told Fox.

What’s the cost to American taxpayers of illegal immigration? One estimate is $150 billion per year but who knows for sure? What about tangential costs?

According to Colorado Public Radio

Colorado has seen a nearly 60 percent increase in [tuberculosis] cases this year from last.

Why would that be? Is it from legal weed or magic mushrooms, two staples of Colorado life?

How many illegal migrants are tested for TB? Are any treated? If so, how? It takes up to a year to treat TB. Or are they simply released into America with a handful of pills and a suggestion to see a doctor?

The Denver Post unintentionally answers the question: 

Denver has received more migrants per capita over the past year than any other large U.S. city that doesn’t flank the southern border.

TB is not the only cost. Again, from the Denver Post,

If Denver doesn’t receive more federal support, Johnston said, the city could be looking at spending an unplanned $100 million in 2024 — about $2 million per week — and “we wouldn’t be able to survive that.”

Denver is getting what it wanted as a sanctuary city, supported by its overwhelming number of Democrat voters. Same for Chicago with Mayor Brandon Johnson accusing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott of “attacking our country” for sending illegal migrants to Chicago.

Chicago, too, is a sanctuary city, now bellyaching that they have to live up to their 38 years of virtue-signaling, “With five mayors vowing to shield all immigrants in Chicago from federal agents, regardless of whether they are citizens, permanent residents or asylum seekers.”

It’s obvious that elected officials of both parties have no interest in enforcing existing immigration law or closing our national borders. Former House Speaker Paul Ryan thwarted President Trump’s desire to “build the wall.” Yet these same cheap-labor chamber of commerce types are happy to send hundreds of billions of dollars to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and other countries to protect their borders.

Why don’t we as a country just give up and invite the entire world to move to America? Do we even have room? Yes, we do.

A National Geographic writer ran the numbers,

The entire world could fit in Texas if each person were alloted the same average square feet of living space as in New York City. I lived in New York City, and the sqaure footage wasn’t that bad. Give up a private screening room and a wine cellar and a couple of extra bedrooms — and most of your kitchen space — and you’d be surprised.

At the rate we are going, soon the entire world may migrate to America for free food, shelter, education, health care, and even voting rights. The latter perk is the real reason Democrats want open borders as Americans won’t vote for their nonsensical proposals and candidates.

Imagine Democrat ballot-harvesting dreams with tens of millions of illegal migrants on the voter rolls, being sent ballots deemed undeliverable, that harvesters retrieve, fill out, and stuff into the nearest drop box. 

Taxpayers reportedly fund thousands of dollars in benefits for migrants including cash, gift cards, cell phones, and free transportation to the city of their choice.

As shoehorning the entire world into Texas is not fair to Texas, everyone could instead live in New York, California, and Illinois, solid blue states with about as much combined land area as Texas.

This seems farcical but when does farce morph into tragic reality? The border remains wide open and instead of slowing, illegal migration is picking up steam, turning many large U.S. cities into unhealthy and crime-ridden hellholes.

But if current trends continue, perhaps America can give the states that vote for open borders politicians a taste of what they asked for. Put a big “Welcome” sign in a few such states and they can demonstrate their compassion, tolerance, inclusivity, and diversity by sharing their states with the entire world.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., is a physician and writer. Follow me on Twitter @retinaldoctor, Substack Dr. Brian’s Substack, Truth Social @BrianJoondeph, LinkedIn @Brian Joondeph.

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