Our Institutions Have Betrayed Our Trust

We are witnessing a recurring pattern of events – none of which make sense in a rational world.  

Those we trust have told us to accept as truths things that are now turning out to be lies. On the list are government investigative committees, our Department of Justice/FBI, the National Institute of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, weather scientists, and even teachers, to name a few. 

But perhaps the greatest betrayal of trust comes from the news media. The journalists who bravely risked everything to investigate and report wrongdoing are no more.

Instead, the vast majority of the mainstream media support the lies in unison. And when there is even a hint of disagreement, they hysterically deny any opposing views.  

The assassination of John F. Kennedy is a moment burned into the memories of everyone over 65 who knows the answer to the question, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot?” 

The prestigious Warren Commission was set up when the “lone assassin” was killed as he was being transferred. All opposing views were universally dismissed as “conspiracy theories” for the next 60 years, and records and evidence were sealed. Recently, multiple new reports have emerged disputing the “single bullet theory,” which opens the horrifying possibility that there was an organized conspiracy to kill the president of the United States. 

The modern-day question is, “Where were you when you first heard of COVID-19?” 

A series of strange deaths in a Washington State nursing home led to reports of a dangerous virus that kills 5-10% of its victims, leading to widespread panic and draconian lockdowns – ruining the U.S. economy. All attempts to link this to a purposeful action by communist China were dismissed as conspiracy theories.  

Now we are learning that there is a secret China-linked bio lab in Californiadeaths from COVID were exaggerated, simple treatments that were vehemently opposed turned out to have been extremely effective and inexpensive, and the mRNA “vaccines,” which were rushed into service without adequate testing turn out to do more harm than good. And the person we trusted for our health and the health of our children, NIH “infectious disease expert” Dr. Anthony Fauci, was getting massive vaccine royalties from Big Pharma and entities from China and Russia. 

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis ended the lockdown as tens of thousands of “protesters” simultaneously ran into the streets, looted billions in merchandise from local retailers, and destroyed their own inner cities.

We were told by our trusted Federal Bureau of Investigation – an organization revered in American culture as the protector of law and order - that Floyd was an innocent man killed by police simply because he was black.

Here’s how it’s described on Wikipedia… “George Perry Floyd Jr. was an African-American man who was murdered by a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during an arrest made after a store clerk suspected Floyd may have used a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill…” 

Derek Chauvin and three other officers were sent to prison. 

The news media at the time excused the ensuing riots and thefts as justified and peaceful despite their own video footage. 

But a courageous independent Minneapolis reporter now calls the entire narrative into question - using information mostly available at the time of the incident. Floyd was not an innocent victim targeted because of his race by white cops, but a known criminal with a history of resisting arrest, drug use, and poor health. 

Perhaps the most promoted “crisis” of our times is “global warming.” 97% of scientists agree, so it must be true. But facts are stubborn things, and scientists are now coming forward revealing they have been pressured to only do studies that confirm the theory. Our trusted scientists, who supposedly rely on peer review and verifiable experiments, have promoted a theory that has led to a war on fossil fuels that has ruined our economy.

“Where were you when the 2020 election count was halted simultaneously in six swing states?”

Our public officials and the entire news media have spent countless hours explaining the 2020 election was the “most secure in history.” Any attempts to dispute it are not only conspiracy theories but sedition, as evidenced by the “insurrection” of January 6, where “right-wing radicals” stormed the U.S. Capitol in an effort to “overthrow the government.” 

Hundreds of “protesters” have been rounded up and thrown in jail under the most egregious conditions and forced into plea deals and professing guilt, while those who steadfastly maintained their innocence have been sentenced to many years in prison. Calls to release the tens of thousands of hours of video footage of the event have been consistently thwarted – until now. 

Fearless investigative reporter Lara Logan has released three reportshere, and here, exposing the involvement of Ray Epps, a mysterious rabble-rouser who insists he has no ties to the FBI but has never been prosecuted for inciting a riot. 

Newly released footage shows the storyline of a violent insurrection is bogus. Police fired on the crowd with no warning, even though the protesters were peaceful and even smiling with police. 

Teaching our children how to be productive members of our society has been considered to be one of the noblest of professions. But civics, logic, and basic economics have been replaced with woke political ideology and sexual deviancy. Our most revered colleges have now been exposed as vile, anti-Semitic cesspools of hatred. Our children have no understanding of the Constitution or our rights as citizens.  

And now a former president and candidate for 2024 has been saddled with scores of “trumped-up” charges designed to besmirch his character and ruin him politically and financially. Blue states are trying to force President Trump off their ballots, with no success – so far. These are tactics we thought only occurred in communist dictatorships or banana republics.  

The creepy man who was declared president has been shown to be the most corrupt president in history and is probably influenced by Ukraine, China, and/or Iran. However, the Democrats and RINOs cover for him, and his son is offered sweetheart legal deals. The only hope to get to the bottom of the greatest scandal in American history is for the few remaining conservatives in the House of Representatives to follow through with their impeachment investigations – quickly. Every moment they wait is another stab in the heart of our country, its safety, and its prosperity. 

Unless we are able to replace our greedy and compromised elected officials by fighting back against our corrupt electoral process (and here), we will forever be slaves, subject to the lies and intimidation of those currently in charge and forced to live with the rampant crime and ruined economy of a nation in decline with undefended borders. 

It all comes down to restoring honest and fair elections, starting with exposing state voting rolls that are currently flooded with inaccurate data, rendering results invalid. Local and state Board of Election officials who sign off on election certifications are guilty of serious federal and state crimes if they fail to follow laws scrupulously. Brave citizens in over 25 states have come forward to investigate and expose the blatant disregard for basic election procedures. We must support their efforts and demand our state legislators take back control of election procedures from governors, judges, and bureaucrats. 

Freedom is a terrible thing to waste.

Image: Steve Connerton, via Pexels // CC0 public domain

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