If Global Warmists Are Going to Panic about Something...

It’s cold, but climate czar John Kerry doesn’t give a fart.  Or maybe he does, since he seems to have interrupted his talk on carbon releases with an audible emission of his own.  The audience pretended not to hear, but climate alarmists are used to pretense.  They pretend the world will end in 2031 from warming and that temperatures are rising so fast that human beings will be fried.

There’s no evidence that either of those two things is happening.  But there’s lots of evidence that temperatures are getting colder.  As John Casey explains in his book Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell, there’s evidence that temps will get a lot colder.  The sun “is going into a deep hibernation for the next thirty years,” says Casey, but that evidence is not reported in the mainstream media, which is still manufacturing stories to support the global warming thesis: the idea not just that temperatures are getting somewhat warmer from their extreme lows of the Little Ice Age that ended around 1850, but that that warming is a catastrophe instead of a blessing.

It was a cold Thanksgiving where I live in the southeastern U.S.  A near record cold, in fact, just as it was in many places in the eastern U.S., but you wouldn’t know that from watching the news.  Media are quick to report record highs but hesitant to report record lows.  Even A.I. may have been programmed to support the global warming thesis.  When I asked A.I. for “U.S. record lows for November 23, 2023,” I was told: “I could not find any information about record lows for November 23, 2023.”  When I checked on record highs for the same date, I was told that “over 175 million Americans experienced above-average temperatures” in early November, 2023.

Now, ten days later, it is very cold.  Again, the Bing A.I. assistant tells me: “I searched the web... but couldn’t find any specific information” about record lows for Dec. 5, though I was directed to a site that reports all-time record highs and lows for the 50 states.  With a bit of searching, I determined that none of the record highs in the 50 states occurred after 1995, but two all-time record lows occurred in the 2000s: one for Maine in 2007 and Oklahoma for 2009.  No record highs during the last 29 years, yet we’re going to be baked like a mackerel?

It should be easy to search for something as simple as “record low temperatures” for Dec. 5, 2023, but it is not.  Just to make it easy for A.I., I asked for “record low US temperatures for November, 2023.”  Once again, I got the “sorry but I couldn’t find any information” (though I did learn from Axios that 70 million Americans were subject to record lows in early November).  “Record lows” have been scratched from the web, and when I search for “climate is cooling,” I get responses like “best cooling system for your home.”  No, I don’t need a new HVAC system.

I did access a 2019 piece from Science Times arguing that the climate is actually cooling and that “global temperatures will continue to decline for another two decades or more.”  The question posed by Science Times is, just how much colder will it get, and what will be the effect of those cold temperatures?

In previous cold periods, including the fairly recent Dalton Minimum from 1790 to 1830 and the Maunder Minimum of the early 17th century, the cold lowered agricultural production and brought about hunger and suffering.  How will it be this time?  If global temperatures fall, it is inevitable that food prices will rise.  That may not cause starvation in developed countries, but it will in poor nations.  Climate alarmists are just making things worse by blocking those who would plan for colder temperatures.

The fact is that the Earth seems to have entered another period of solar minimums that will cause temperatures to fall.  The gains made in food production over the past 30 years, some due to warming temperatures and opening up of previously frozen land in the northern temperate zone, may be reversed.  If temperatures fall dramatically, there could be a bidding war for food, and for those at the bottom, it will mean starvation.

Those of us who care about all human life, as conservatives do, should do what we can to prepare for that future.  Progressives under Biden and Obama have done nothing except to blow hot air while they raised the U.S. federal debt to over $34 trillion, so much that with interest on the debt, there will be little to respond to a food crisis.  That is why Speaker Mike Johnson and other House conservatives are trying to cut the rate of spending.  Even in an affluent country like the USA, we could see bread lines and soup kitchens feeding millions.

How cold does it have to get before the left takes global cooling seriously?  There has been severe cold already this fall, despite the web-master’s efforts to censor the facts.  And the upper atmosphere is already some 14 degrees below what is considered normal.

For what it’s worth, the highest temperature ever recorded near where I live was 103 degrees, on September 8, 1921, long before carbon pollution is supposed to have warmed the Earth, according to climate alarmists.  Likewise, for New York City, the highest temperature ever recorded was 106 on July 9, 1936.  St. Louis recorded its record high on July 14, 1954.  The highest ever for Dallas was 115 on August 18, 1909.  For Los Angeles, 110 on Sept. 26, 1963.

None of these records, nor thousands of others, resulted from “global warming.”  Likewise, recent record cold temperatures, which the mainstream media and government-aligned media refuse to report, are proof that the science is not “settled” with regard to global warming.  Media need to report the truth, not ever more bizarre theories about how the recent cold results from global warming.  The last few years have been cold, and it’s getting colder.  Tell the truth, and let people prepare for the cold ahead.

Image: Zink Dawg via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 3.0.

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