A Pattern of Bias Against Republicans at the BBC

The [BBC] is the state-controlled public mouthpiece of the UK government, best known for its left-wing, anti-Brexit politically correct bias, publication of woke, degenerate propaganda, and foundation in 1922 by fascist sympathizer John Reith.  

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Conservapedia

In a discussion with Rep. Mark Alford (R-MO) HARDtalk’s Stephen Sackur, a leading BBC talking head, again used his show to smear President Trump and shield Joe Biden.  

Sackur asks how Alford can describe himself as a “total no compromise defender of the Constitution” when he defends Trump who “is an ‘election denier’ [who] claims that [the election] was rigged [and] stolen and now faces 91 criminal charges across 4 [jurisdictions].” 

If Sackur knows of someplace in the Constitution that states that one cannot contest elections, he should certainly point it out.  It is also significant that the term “election denier,” which Sackur embraces uncritically, is a Democrat party creation in order to fabricate new crimes to pin on Trump. And it is a good thing that there is no crime of “election denial” in the Constitution because Al Gore, who distracted the incoming Bush II administration by contesting the 2000 election for months while Osama bin Laden was planning his attacks on the U.S., Hillary Clinton, who repeatedly called Donald Trump an “illegitimate president”, Stacey Abrams, who refused to admit she lost the 2018 Georgia governor election and many other Democrats would be guilty of it, too.  Since, however, they all have a “D” behind their names the fabricated crime of “election denial” does not apply to them.

Alford correctly replies that many strange events took place in the 2020 election when election officials illegitimately used the COVID pandemic to change voting procedures, e.g., insecure mail-in ballots that benefited Democrats.  Further, “emails released by the House Judiciary Committee on January 6 reveal that a government-sponsored task force is muzzling … thousands of ordinary Americans, and media outlets like Newsmax and the Babylon Bee when they report election irregularities.”  One cannot find election fraud because the government muzzles people who report it!  Similarly:

No [one] can explain how Donald Trump could’ve earned 12 million more votes than any Republican candidate in history and handily carried an astounding 18 of 19 “bellwether” counties across the nation, and yet still get seven million fewer votes than gaffe-prone, basement-bound, cognitively challenged Joe Biden … whose candidacy was so awful that he finished a dismal fourth in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire before getting [routed] by 26 points in Nevada by Bernie Sanders.

Is it still permissible to point out Biden’s absurd vote totals or is this too unconstitutional now?

In response to Alford’s point about the shady 2020 election, Sackur, putting words in Alford’s mouth, barks, “Hang on congressman, are you still saying it was stolen, rigged?”  Alford begins to reply but Sackur interrupts: “What are you saying?”  Alford correctly replies, “I am saying four states circumvented the law and chief justice Roberts would not take up that case.”  Sackur belligerently responds with an ad hominem fallacy, “Here we go again, the Republican party is deeply divided.  Bill Barr says fed cases against Trump are legit.”

Well, if Bill Barr says it then it must be true. Naturally, Sackur will provide the results of the extensive investigation Barr cited as support for his assertion. One thought the Left did not trust Bill Barr.  Are we allowed to point out that four states violated the law in the 2020 election or is that too unconstitutional now? And why is there such leftist determination to prevent Republicans from asking questions about the 2020 election? What could be the answer to that great mystery?

Sackur also states, falsely, that Trump called his political opponent’s “vermin” and that Trump has threatened to take revenge on his political enemies by weaponizing the Justice Department.  Both claims are false. When Trump says he is going to root the “vermin” out of the government he is not saying that all his political opponents are vermin.  If one says one is going to root the weeds out of the garden one is not saying that everything in the garden is a weed. Trump merely stated that there are some vermin in government that must to be rooted out.  His alleged statement to seek revenge in his second term on his political opponents was merely a call to investigate people he feels should be investigated, something the Democrats regularly do.

Sackur also neglects to point out that after floating the idea of using the DOJ to go after political opponents Trump says: “You can’t do that. You can’t go after people [with the Justice Department] … so you can win an election”.  How did Sackur miss that?  

Nor is Trump’s use of the word “vermin” Hitlerian language.  Hitler used that word to characterize an alleged “inferior race” (Jews).  Trump uses it to characterize Marxist prosecutors who may belong to any race or creed.  Unfortunately, it is standard leftist practice to find a word in Trump’s remarks and then talk themselves into a state of hysteria.   However, when Trump criticized Rep. Elijah Cummings rat-infested district in Baltimore, the left-leaning Baltimore Sun called Trump “vermin.”  Why wasn’t the Baltimore Sun accused of using Hitlerian language? 

By contrast, Sackur states dogmatically that “Congressional investigators have uncovered no evidence of wrongdoing” by Joe Biden.  That is demonstrably false.  Although it is understandable that what passes for the “news media” would not see lying as “wrongdoing,” it is beyond doubt that Joe Biden has repeatedly lied about his son Hunter’s foreign business deals and his involvement in them!  Presumably Sackur meant to deny that there is any evidence that Joe Biden has done anything illegal, but that too is false.  There is clear evidence that Joe Biden received laundered Chinese money into his bank account.

Despite the shameless determination of leftist media to smear Trump and cover for Biden’s disastrous presidency,  and despite the transparent “Banana Republic” lawfare waged against Trump by the real anti-freedom fascists, the American people have seen through the charade and now have Trump leading Biden in 5 of the 6 swing states.

The reason the Left is now accusing Trump of authoritarianism and using the DOJ to go after his political opponents is to distract from the fact that this is precisely what they are doing to Trump now in a series of political indictments slammed by liberal legal scholars like Alan Dershowitz as extremely “dangerous” and Jonathan Turley as “free speech killing.”  As former Democrat presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard puts it, they are doing this to Trump because they are afraid of him and know that they cannot beat him in a fair election.  It is a disgrace that the media on both sides of the pond cover for the Democrats. 

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