Will The Republican Party Abort Over Abortion?

Contrary to left-leaning news headlines, Republicans saw several key successes on Election Day. For example, Long Island in New York is now solidly red. Still the question we must ask is: How many elections will Republicans lose in 2024 because of the abortion issue?

Yes, if there is a heartbeat, it’s a baby. The problem is that Republicans cannot save innocent babies if they keep losing elections. And if we lose elections, especially the White House, Senate, and House in 2024, more than babies might die as the nation tilts toward Marxist Democrat control.

One problem is that the pro-life side is all over the map regarding abortion (whereas Democrats have one position). Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, a national anti-abortion group, wants a 15-week federal ban. Other groups want a heartbeat bill with no exceptions. Some want a heartbeat bill with exceptions. Some want each state to decide. Other organizations want a federal law. Some say the ban should be at 12 weeks, while others say at 15 weeks.

Should Republicans be “pro-choice for LIFE?”

Based on votes in 2022 and 2023, the American people do not trust government (no surprise there) on the issue of abortion. They want the health conversation to remain between the doctor and patient. Just look at what happened last year.

In 2022, abortion rights ballot measures won in all six states including red states like Montana, Kentucky, and Kansas. The other three states were Michigan, California, and Vermont. Those six states were loud warnings to Republicans, and they ignored them.

Image by Elvert Barnes. CC BY 2.0.

As red Ohio confirmed a few days ago, many Americans do not want a restrictive abortion bill that takes the reproductive decision away from the patient and doctor. Ohioans voted against the heartbeat bill 57-43%, so that now there is a state constitutional amendment that makes abortion a fundamental right. The vote wasn’t even close.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America said in a press release:

In Ohio, pro-abortion forces spent a staggering $66.7 million, outspending pro-life forces by a 2:1 margin to fuel a campaign centered on lies and deception to muscle through a constitutional amendment designed to allow unlimited, unregulated abortion.

The staggering sum spent by pro-abortion forces and the tens of millions of ‘in-kind’ contributions made by the media overwhelmed the ability of the pro-life movement and Governor DeWine to communicate the facts to the voters. In the closing weeks, pro-abortion forces outspent pro-life forces $19 million to $7.7 million on television, nearly a 3:1 advantage.

Dannenfelser is right, but that is what Democrats did in past elections and will do in the future. Even without abortion bans on the ballot, the issue of abortion will be connected to candidates.

Over in purple Virginia, Democrats now control the legislature because Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin promised that, if both the House and Senate had Republican majorities (only the House did prior to the election), he would get a law passed banning abortion in the state after 15 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions for rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother. Youngkin (and many others) believed that was a fair compromise to the abortion issue. Moreover, it was just a reduction in the number of weeks allowed to have an abortion. Currently in Virginia, abortion is permitted for up to 26 weeks. It was a major defeat for Youngkin and Virginia Republicans.

It’s not just voting for or against an abortion limit that has Republicans losing elections. Democrat candidates who firmly stand for abortion rights are winning sometimes close elections.

While Republicans are all over the map about the kind of abortion ban, they would accept, Democrats have one message that they repeat over and over again: A ban is a ban. Per Tara Gibson, the executive director of Roe Your Vote Virginia: “…a ban is a ban, period, whether it be 20 weeks, 15 weeks, six weeks, nothing.”

GOP strategist David Kochel, who has been involved in many presidential and statewide campaigns, said of Republicans on the issue of abortion: “They’re out of step with where the country is” on the issue. He wants Republican candidates to focus on the economy, foreign policy, and competence – which is where Joe Biden and the Democrat party fail miserably.

Plus, anything to do with restricting abortion energizes Democrats to get out and vote, even in off-year elections. Republicans sit home screaming at their television that the country is turning into a progressive dump.

You can be sure that abortion will be a major discussion in presidential politics. In September, President Trump called Florida’s heartbeat bill “a terrible mistake.” Although he hasn’t made any recent specific comments, his previous remarks lean toward allowing abortion up until a specific time with exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. Heartbeat bills are usually at six weeks with no exceptions.

If abortion is your number one issue, you should be supporting presidential candidate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He pushed through Florida’s heartbeat bill that is as restrictive as the one just voted down in Ohio is permissive. However, DeSantis’ stance on abortion is one of the reasons his biggest donor is thinking of switching to Donald Trump.

Nevada real estate investor Robert Bigelow (founder of Budget Suites of America and Bigelow Aerospace) has given more than $20 million to the DeSantis campaign, according to the latest federal filings. He has several reasons for reconsidering his support, such as the horrific Hamas attack on Israel. In a Financial Times interview Bigelow said he wants a “streetwise” leader:

Who would you want as a commander? I’d want somebody that would be a hell of an ass kicker if he needed to be. On the face of it, you lean toward Trump.

About abortion from the same interview:

But his relationship with DeSantis started to crack after the governor signed a Florida bill in April banning abortion past six weeks of pregnancy. “Six weeks, she just found out she’s pregnant, the odds are,” Bigelow said. “It’s a sham. It’s make-believe. It’s condescending.”

Let’s be very clear: If there’s a heartbeat, there’s a baby.

However, Republicans can’t save innocent babies if they keep losing elections. This is why one unified easy-to-understand abortion message is needed. Perhaps “pro-choice for LIFE,” which acknowledges the choices while promoting life. It’s critical that in 2024 Republicans win the House, Senate, and White House. Or else there could be a lot more than babies dying in a Marxist Democrat United States of America.

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at PatriotNeighbors@yahoo.com.

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