The Unforgettable, Dreadful 2020s

Last Thursday, over at X (formerly Twitter), the Real James Woods responded pithily to a longer comment posted by an account named “Denlesks.” Stated Woods:

Biden’s border catastrophe could well be the ruination of America.

Here’s what Denlesks posted:

Of all the bad things Biden has done the one that will bite us hardest is leaving the border unprotected. America’s next war won’t be in Ukraine or Israel or Taiwan. Our next war will be on American soil against the enemy soldiers Biden let into the country.

Denlesks needs to expand his horizons. The prospect is that there won’t be an either/or. Chances are, we’ll be slugging it out somewhere overseas while having to kill foreign enemies at home. In fact, I’d bet on it.

Denlesks may be focusing on the untold number of Islamic terrorists now in the country thanks to the generosity of progressives, who pull corrupt old Joe’s strings. Open borders are part of their globalist creed. But let’s also give a big shoutout to cheap-labor Republicans for pitching in. More gets done quickly with the help of those idiots.

With media attention riveted on the Israeli-Hamas fracas and implications of terrorist threats here, scant attention is being given to another threat: enemy nation saboteurs entering. Not terrorists, but saboteurs. Come, come, they must be entering. A nonexistent southern border is too tempting.

Only Harvard faculty and students -- you know, the outstanding ones, like Harvard Law Review editor Ibrahim Bharmal -- who, like brownshirts of yore, harass Jewish students to enlighten them -- would believe that Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, and Lord knows what other protectors of rights and liberties aren’t availing themselves of opportunities to deploy saboteurs on our turf.

Of course, Uncle Sam wouldn’t dare disclose infiltrations, since that could put a kibosh to Biden’s not-so-secret open borders policy.

“Infiltration” is really a laughable term, here applied. Saboteurs need only splash through the Rio Grande and walk in. Non-Hispanic bad guys -- say, Chinese agents -- when met by the shamefully lying, contemptible “Homeland Security” chief Alejandro Mayorkas’ greeters, need only claim their names are Juan followed by a chipper, “Buenos días!” or Noches or whatever. Here’s your smart phone and cash, amigo.

Saboteurs -- military men -- haven’t come to create acts of terror, necessarily. Terror and sabotage are different critters, as mentioned. Missions are about delivering crippling blows to our infrastructure in the event of war with us -- war which Biden’s grizzled, combat-experienced handlers and their defense industry chums seem eager for -- so long as they just rake in the money and don’t have to do any fighting and dying.

Taking down skyscrapers certainly has jarring visual impact. Such takes a toll on life. Shooting up a mall food court, let’s say, would make for horrific news. But attacking power grids, waterworks, rail lines, communications networks, transportation hubs, manufacturing and food production facilities, and hospitals are about serious killing, in the tens and hundreds of thousands, if not more. Are food processing plants already the subject of test runs?

Many security experts talk about cyberattacks as preeminent threats to U.S. infrastructure. That may be. But creating physical damage to a power grid, for example, could take not months but years to fully repair. Do we appreciate the disastrous cascading effect that loss of electrical power would have on the country?

And we haven’t factored in biowarfare. Enemy nations’ agents may be ready to release pathogens that make COVID seem tame. It’s an open secret that the U.S. and its rivals have biowarfare labs, treaties prohibiting such be damned. The Wuhan Institute of Virology is suspected to conduct biowarfare research at its facilities. The Russians charge that the U.S. had bioweapon labs in Ukraine. The U.S. denies the accusation.

Too many Americans have it embedded in their brains that wars are fought “over there.” You know, John Wayne going toe-to-toe with the Japs on Iowa Jima. Or Mel Gibson and U.S. Army dogfaces whipping North Vietnamese soldiers and Viet Cong in the Ia Drang Valley. Wars coming in this decade -- yes, this decade -- won’t be exclusively “over there” affairs. Advances in technology as applied to the military and other means assure that.

Xi Jinping and Vlad Putin aren’t going to mount D-Day operations off the California coast. Russian marines won’t be storming Myrtle Beach. The Chinese, Russians, and others will be able to strike the U.S. without boots on the ground.

It can’t be emphasized enough that the open southern border isn’t the result of dereliction of duty or incompetence.

What should chafe Americans is that the Washington establishment -- actually, the broader American establishment -- in the person of Joe Biden and his administration of progressives, leftist radicals, money- and power-grubbing D.C. lifers, and other assorted haters of their own country, have premeditatedly ripped open our southern border and welcomed -- despite their protestations and deliberate hypocrisies -- millions of illegals into our midst. That includes, at least, an estimated 600,000 “gottaways.”

Millions of illegals now slurp and sup at public troughs. Among them, petty and gang criminals. They’re reintroducing diseases long gone from America. This diaspora will more greatly damage an already shattered culture because the elites swear that assimilation is a form of imperialism and, of course, racist.

What the elites are doing by destroying our borders is unpardonably criminal enough, but opening the nation to terrorists and saboteurs should be weighed as treason and crimes against humanity.

One day, they may very well be. What nation, kingdom, or empire has ever had its own elite willfully implode it -- willfully take a strong and thriving country and tear it to pieces? America is being laid low by corrupt interests and persons -- who see profit in upending the country -- and homegrown haters, so reared and educated, who ooze contempt for the American ideal and the great swath of citizens who embrace it.

Eerie how two decades -- a little more than a century removed -- share more in common than most might suspect.

The 1910s defined the world, right up to this moment. The Great War (1914-18) was initially described as the “War to end all wars.” It did no such thing, spawning World War II and a series of lesser conflicts. It birthed communism and fascism, giving rise to Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler. It overthrew empires, creating the Soviet Union. Out of World II, the Cold War. The list is long. The decade ended with the Spanish Flu pandemic.

The 2020s began with the COVID pandemic. Much earlier, in 1989, the Soviet Union tottered. Francis Fukuyama penned an article claiming that history had come to an end. Western-style liberal democracy had triumphed. Conflicts would melt away. A generation later, nothing of the sort has occurred. Another delusion.

Major war hasn’t happened yet, though America’s elites have flirted with it in Ukraine and now in the Middle East. They’ve spoken loosely of “limited nuclear war.” Court jester Lindsey Graham has rattled swords over Ukraine and Iran. How far off are the Guns of August?

Yet, there is a significant difference between now and then.

Though the great European powers miscalculated their way into a suicidal war, none of those nations’ elites were dedicated to the destruction of their own countries. Today in the U.S., our elites are actively pursuing our ruin. A nation unified in beliefs, values, and core principles can withstand external assaults. Attacks from within are another matter. What are we prepared to do to defeat these homegrown enemies and thwart our demise?

J. Robert Smith can be found regularly at Gab @JRobertSmith. He also blogs occasionally at Flyover. He’s returned to X (formerly Twitter). His handle is @JRobertSmith1.

Image: Kevin Rheese

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