The Odious Reasons Behind The World’s Obsession With Gaza And The West Bank

International aid to Gaza is the only process that ensures its survival. This rather strange situation has no equivalent in any other place in the world except for the scientists living in Antarctica. Gazans are the most welfare-dependent population in the known universe, producing nothing except a few vegetables. And yet nobody asks why. Let us be crystal clear that every last Gazan would go elsewhere in the world if this aid stopped. The answer lies in the fact that the world’s powers hate what Israel stands for and, believe it or not, that’s not its Jewishness: It is, instead, its contributions to the world and its citizens’ happiness.

When we look at Gaza objectively, it’s logical to ask how long this welfare state will continue. The answer: Until the UN, EU, and US decide this population has lost its usefulness. However, that won’t happen anytime soon. The scene has been set by US Secretary of State Blinken who insists that no Gazan be displaced. He wants the Israelis to propose a plan for returning Gaza to the rule of the corrupt Palestinian Authority ensconced in Ramallah. The American administration’s goal is a two-state solution consisting of Israel within the ‘67 borders and an Arab state of Gaza and Judea/Samaria (aka the West Bank). The Muslims of Gaza are a tool to force this rearrangement.

To savvy people, the title “West Bank” gives away the game. Government employees and the mass media are under the illusion that Judea and Samaria are supposed to be the western provinces of Jordan. This is because Jordan, after nineteen years of rule (‘48-’67), joined Syria and Egypt in the Six-Day War intended to eradicate the Jewish state and lost the “West Bank” to Israel. In fact, Judea and Samaria are Israel’s ancient heartland.

Given the area’s past and recent history, it would seem stupidly suicidal for Israel to ever return their heartland or Gaza to Arab rule. Nevertheless, most of the world has this as its plan for the region.

Image: Gaza. YouTube screen grab.

If Israel can be truncated, it can be brought to heel, for it will be unable to protect itself. Its continued existence will then be controlled by others rather than its own government. The advantage to this arrangement is that Israel would barely be able to breathe and would be unable to project any influence in the world or its own neighborhood. It would become the equivalent of Gaza with a few more college degrees.

From this analysis, we can deduce that the name of the game is to destroy Israel’s independent action. An independent Israel is undesirable. It sticks out like a sore thumb on the world stage. Just a few examples:

1. The Israeli expertise in agriculture has been helping Africans become food-independent. Is that a good thing? Only for those who don’t want to see their children dying of curable malnutrition. Everyone else uses Africa as a sink for their overproduction. It keeps Western influence high among African rulers who get to distribute aid to their serfs and pawns. Food independence among the people of Africa would be a disaster for everyone but the African people, and Israel is being blamed for movement in that direction.

2. Because it needs to protect itself, Israel produces advanced weaponry that sooner or later enriches it through arms sales, much to the disadvantage of other weapons producers. The weapons from “that sh….y little country” make Israel a competitor for these arms-dealing states, which is not a benign position for Israel.

3. A happy, productive Israel, with both the benefits of a social welfare state and the advantages of a capitalistic economy, is the last thing Globalists want to see. An independent Israel at peace with its neighbors would be a tragedy for WEF-types because any type of independence counters their goals for the New World Order.

4. Happiness in Israel is the opposite of the desired state of affairs our thought leaders would like to see. Before October 7, Israel was counted as the fourth happiest country in the world. For a long time, Israel has had the highest birthrate of all Western nations. They are joyous about their children at all ages of development, from infancy to young adults. Their strong attachment to family life is unnerving for those who are trying to destroy the family construct worldwide. But a viciously violent conflict could turn this situation around. If only a catastrophe could befall Israel like an attempt at its extermination. And now, suddenly and without warning, such a conflict has been thrust upon Israel. How convenient, how serendipitous!

Israel was, is, and perhaps always will be a danger to powerful forces in the world, a bringer of sea changes, an upholder of outdated values, a stabilizing force in a precariously balanced world, an alternative to everything that is dour and gray. It must be torn asunder for the good of humanity or at least for the top one-tenth of one percent of humanity.

The absurdity of Gaza as the single largest welfare-dependent group of people makes it an artificial creation designed to minimize Israel either through attrition, dilution, absorption, or death. It is a Western and Muslim creation that uses one group of people against another to retain control of natural resources, industrial production, and the quality of life permitted to the masses. On the road to total social control, Israel turns out to be a stumbling block that needs to be shoved into line or disappear. This is the quiet, almost silent, narrative of the Elites!

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