Social Justice Bullets

From time to time some in positions of power who claim to know better than all the rest of us act aggressively to silence those who hold to the truth, as to life itself. (The two, need it be said yet again, are vitally related.) Among such power-wielding know-it-alls the world has witnessed some of history’s worst traitors and tyrants, whose blot on the history of humanity is currently being ignored again at peril of another round of tragedy for millions of people worldwide.

Common to such tyrants of humanity is that their ideas of social justice, having no ground in truth, make their relevance to justice approach zero.

Alas, there are no “red pills” to truth, painful or otherwise, for those who want to escape from a fictitious “world matrix.” (Reality is wider and deeper by far than anything concocted by human minds.) But there are truth-to-power insights against falsehood regarding those human rights that we associate with social justice. That they may appear retrograde, perhaps revolutionary, may be because truth has no expiration date and is ever the sworn enemy of falsehood, no matter what form it takes.

Although the following bullets regarding social justice are routinely ignored by alleged progressives, they will not go away:

  • Life is sacred.
  • The natural family is central to a functional society.
  • Right and wrong are not determined by voting, because:
  • Changes effected by majority vote are not necessarily improvements to society; for example:
  • Tampering with core human values brutalizes people and helps bring down civilization.
  • Playing god via eugenics, euthanasia, abortion, social engineering, genetics, or however    else, is ultimately destructive of the social order.
  • The function of science is to serve, not drive humanity.
  • Sex is inseparable from procreation, which makes perverting it a form of abuse, not only  against self but against children and against the formation of the family intended by nature in the sex act; this is sufficient justification for a permanent stigma against sexual perversion.
  • Killing a baby in (or out of) the womb is homicide.
  • Because the transgender cult is centered on a hatred of one’s own body it is as dangerous and destructive a cult as any in history that have led people to an early grave.
  • Any ideology that removes responsibility for one’s actions, good or bad, trashes the value of each member of society, which in turn creates a community of hollow men and women.
  • The differences between men and women are not faults that must be corrected in the misplaced drive for “equality”; the physical and psychic variances between them are what keep the relationships between men and women viable and society functional.
  • Socialism, a spin-off of radical egalitarianism, is a precursor of tyranny; we see this in the abuse of government in distributing wealth, in ordering lives according to partisan abuses of justice; we see it in the obsessive drive for “global community” – “new world order” – and other dehumanizing movements that market the imbedded utopianism of Secular Humanists, Marxists, communists, and other “world reformers” who have little regard for the people their actions affect and no use for God except as an asset to their scheming.
  • The Constitution is not an “outdated document,” a mere footnote to the history of the United States, but its vital, defining, and protective Law of the Land – a law that places ultimate authority for governing in the people; this does not, in any sense, make the Constitution a license for mob rule through majority vote but a law for morally responsible individuals, top to bottom of government and community structure; the reason you may not know this is that:
  • Public schools have for many decades failed to teach young Americans the basics of their people-based form of government; this vacuum of knowledge has been taken up by those who hate America, scheming for over a century to transform it . . .

. . . from a people-oriented constitutional republic to a dictatorial central government posing as a “democracy.”

(Who has not heard the whining from those who hate America and who think social justice depends on vote-count that “we the people” are destroying “their democracy”?)

Acquaintance with human nature suggests that the activity indicated in the last bullet is too much like a ploy to bring down the United States of America to let pass as an example of “progress in democracy.” If we are reasoning human beings, as the title Homo sapiens suggests, is it not quite stupid to ditch centuries of wisdom in exchange for life at the hands of know-it-alls at the top of the money supply?

Am I jumping too far ahead? Am I moving too close to the reason for the massive censorship, the reason for the attacks on our God-given rights to liberty, human dignity, and the pursuit of happiness, the reason for punishing those who cry “foul!” to tyranny, however it appears, time and again throughout history?  

Whether or not George Santayana was right in predicting that short historical memories lead to old historical errors, and whether or not Dinesh D’souza is right in sounding the alarm regarding an emerging “police state” in America, it is a smart moment in history for officials of government who respect the oath they took to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States to stop and think a lot more than they have been before acting to trash the wisdom of centuries for the advantage of the moment. If this takes courage, what of it? Was it not such courage that gave us and the millions before us this wonderful country?

In view of the multiplying violence in our society, the paralyzing confusion throughout the land, the in-your-face craziness here and abroad, it should be clear to all but the numbest that there needs to be a better way of “making better people in a better world” than the “woke” crowd can possibly imagine. Taking the long view of this recurring predicament, there is one who spoke and lived that “better way.” He was crucified.

Christ’s “offense,” the truth, takes guts to follow but it is liberating from the crippling effects of evil. Leaders and officials who continue to disregard truth in favor of political gaming – whining for example that “conservatives are too far to  the right” – forget that truth has no sides.

Name the faction – left, right, green, whatever – then ask: how does falsehood attain legitimacy when given the right label? And, while we’re at it, how do those who by their actions prove their ignorance of human nature get to make the “right calls” for humanity?


Anthony J. DeBlasi is a veteran and lifelong defender of western culture.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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