Nazi Revivalism in America

When Palestinian-American and Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib posted a video saying from the river to the sea, she was promoting a “rallying cry for the destruction of the State of Israel and genocide of the Jewish people.” This call for Jewish genocide was the same call the Nazis made. It’s disturbing to realize that many pro-Palestinian and, inevitably, antisemitic protesters know nothing about the history of the Jews and Israel. They have no sense that Jews, rather than controlling the world, have been its victims for millennia, enduring an incomparable history of persecution that has led to repetitive bouts of ethnic cleansing, genocide, and racist laws that make Jim Crow seem tame.

In 1492, the Spanish monarchs’ Alhambra decree gave the Sephardic Jewish population, which had Iberian roots stretching back almost a millennia, four months to convert or be banished. Most migrated to Poland or the Ottoman Empire.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, the descendants of those Sephardic Jews who had relocated to Poland found their new Russian overseers sanctioning or condoning pogroms. The Jews were being cleansed again. Many fled to the United States. Almost simultaneously, in answer to Theodor Herzl’s renewal of the Biblical precept that Jews should return to Zion, many Jews embarked on a First and Second Aliyah (incoming or, literally, “going up”) to lands that were then part of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans welcomed the arriving Jews, happily selling them land in a mostly barren desert or a swamp infested with malaria and yellow fever.

During WWI, the Ottomans were courted by the Allied Powers, but they chose to ally with the Axis Powers. After the war, per routine spoils of war protocol, the losing empires were dismantled, and the victors determined the recipients of the spoils. The Ottoman Empire was broken up into many future Middle Eastern nations but, first, they had to be prepared for nationhood. To that end, temporarily, they became protectorates or mandates of France or Britain.

The Mandate for Palestine was the answer to halting the ongoing heinous history of racism against the Jews. The Jews would be given their own nation. The land chosen was not arbitrary. The Ottomans had conquered this land in the 16th century, and now the Allied Powers reconquered it and were returning it to the Jews who had lived their continuously since roughly 1800 B.C.

In 1912, Albanian lands that the Ottomans had seized in the 14th century were similarly returned to the Albanians as the spoil of another war. They, too, would have their own nation.

Image: Jewish cemetery in Ohio vandalized with swastikas. WKYC video screen grab.

The Mandate for Palestine supercharged Jewish hatred in the Middle East. Muslims had been content to have Jews living amongst them as a productive subordinate population but rejected their being equal with Muslims. At the same time, petty British bureaucrats feared Jewish threats to their power, so they also fomented anti-Jewish hatred amongst the Arabs.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Hitler was supercharging hatred for the Jews. The Nazi-led execution of over 6 million Jews from 21 countries was and remains the most heinous act of racism in history. Between WWI and WWII, the third through fifth Aliyah took place, and 368,000 Jews migrated from Europe and the Middle East to the Mandate for Palestine. Many more would have migrated, but the British restricted entry. Many Jews would have also fled to the United States, but FDR had to weigh saving Jews against appeasing his anti-Semitic constituents. The latter prevailed.

Responsibility for the Mandate for Palestine shifted from Britain to the UN in 1947. The UN decided that the mandated lands, which included Jordan, would accommodate a Jewish and a Palestinian nation. Israel was supposed to be a place where Jews could live securely in peace. Some of the very people who rejected the presence of a Jewish state in the Middle East would now be Israel’s neighbors. The United Nations, by its charter, is committed to preventing future wars, but it set Israel up for war.

On May 14, 1948, Israel became an independent nation. The population of Israel/Palestine was 82.1% Jewish. On May 15, 1948, a coalition of Arab nations attacked Israel and leveraged the territories allocated for a Palestinian nation. Their hatred for Jews increased after suffering a humiliating loss to this fledgling nation of people that Muslims historically stereotyped as merchants—not soldiers. The violence against Jews in the Middle East was now ratcheted up, with Muslim Nations evicting 900,000 Jews, many of whom had lived in those lands since Roman times. Israel took in every refugee.

Surrounded by Arab (and one Iranian) nations seeking its demise, Israel needed the UN to deter Muslim nations from invading it. But this did not occur. Most UN member nations are antisemitic or anti-Zionist (as if there is any real difference). In 1975, the UN passed a resolution that declared “Zionism as a form of racism and racial discrimination.”

The UN was encouraging hatred against Jews and, for all intents and purposes, denying the right of a sovereign UN member to exist. An organization with a charter to protect the sovereignty of members and peaceful coexistence was a pawn of Muslim aggression, and it still is. On October 24, UN General Secretary Gutierrez, like President Obama, disgracefully rationalized the murder of 1,400 Israelis because of Israel’s “occupation.” Framed as occupiers, Israelis become synonymous with white supremacists, and per Biden and Gutierrez this is one of the greatest threats in the world. This makes punishment justified, and Hamas propagandists know that.

Obama’s and Gutierrez’s characterization of Jews as occupiers is even more disturbing because both know the Jews stopped occupying Gaza in 2005, and Hamas became the ruling power in 2007. If Israel were an occupying or ruling power in Gaza, the October 7 massacre might not have occurred.

Further, both know that, in the West Bank, the Palestinian Authority governs, and Israel’s settlers and settlements are a reasonable defensive measure, given the circumstances. If the settlers weren’t there, the massacre of October 7 could have been many times worse. Is Obama a product of his mentor, Jeremiah Wright, or his admired racial brother, Louis Farrakhan? Is Gutierrez, as alleged, a mouthpiece for Hamas propaganda?

By appealing to their antisemitic constituents, the current presidential administration is scarcely better. Team Biden told Israel that after winning the war (which it is doing), it cannot occupy Gaza. But the administration knows this is a recipe for future wars. Incredibly, the White House reported on October 16 that hate crimes against Jews are more than 50% of total religious-based hate crimes. Then, on November 1, the White House announced, “taking on hate is a national strategy,” and, further, that it had created the first National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia.

Until October 7, Jews were living relatively free of religious persecution within Israel but in a region rife with antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Responses to the October 7 massacre indicate that antisemitism and anti-Zionism are global.

Shamefully, this includes the United States, where politicians, college students, and other protesters, many of whom were BLM protesters who protested to end racism, now participate in protests that stoke racism and incite violence against the most persecuted people in the world. I posited at the beginning of this essay that many pro-Palestinian protesters are ignorant about Jewish history. However, if they don’t have that excuse, then God help America because it indicates that a visible portion of America’s youth and the left is immoral and inhumane. That should frighten all Americans.

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