Marching Arm in Arm

One of the indisputable foundations of civilization came down Mount Sinai 3,323 years ago. Moses brought two tablets etched with the Ten Commandments to his people and pronounced it to be their common law, which would secure their peace and freedom from the arbitrary rule of kings or pharaohs. One of England’s foremost jurists, Sir Edward Coke, called Moses “the first reporter or writer of law in the world.” Robert Sheffern, a historian of law, wrote that the laws compiled by the Jews in the Ten Commandments, the Torah, and the Talmud “may well be the most influential collection of legal materials in world history.”

The Judeo Law acted as a foundation of the Magna Carta of England, and the “unalienable rights” language in our Declaration of Independence finds its context in God Additionally, Judeo law was foundational to the Declaration of the Rights of Man penned by Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette, and later adopted by much of Europe, in the aftermath of the French Revolution.

In the vast reaches of Arabia, Moses was adopted by Muhammad into Islam as one of the greatest prophets—but under Islam, the laws of Moses do not ultimately protect his people, the Jews, from the sacrifice demanded by Muslims. Under Muhammed’s law, the Jews must renounce the right to their faith or they must die for it. Under the tenets of Islam, neither Jews nor anyone else have rights beneath Islam’s absolute claims, not even to that life protected by the laws of one of their foremost prophets, Moses.

In Europe, after the French Revolution was supposed to secure human rights, a new philosophy arose—Friedrich Hegel’s Ideal State. This philosophy had many disciples, including Karl Marx, Vladmir Lenin, Benedetto Croce, Benito Mussolini, and Adolf Hitler. Each of these governing “parties” demanded that individual rights, like those whose foundations go back 3,323 years in human history, and took all of human history to commonly attain, had to be sacrificed to the new ideal, superior life form: the State.

The ideal state of Soviet communism took the right to life from 60,000,000 people. The ideal state of Naziism took the right of life from 20,000,000 people, including 6,000,000 Jews, after it tore up the Constitution of the Weimar Republic, which was based on the Declaration of the Rights of Man. If we wish to add the ideal state of China’s Communist Party, they have taken the right to life from between 36,000,000 and 64,000,000 people; no one really knows how many have died, because it doesn’t really matter to the party in power….

In recent history and up through today, we are witnesses of an unforgiving faith acting with the totalitarianism of a state, and totalitarian states acting on Hegelianism with the absolutism of a faith.

So, in the aftermath, of October 7th, when Hamas, funded by the ideal faith of Iran, invaded Israel and took the lives of 1,400 people—1,100 of whom were unarmed, 539 of whom were too young to fight, and 83 who were too old—while 5,400 other Israelis were wounded and an unaccounted number of young women raped, we should not be surprised that Hegelians in the American Democrat party are defending the carnage and vowing support for the murderers.

The socialist media of the United States is doing its part, damning the Israelis for defending themselves, while acting as the marketing arm of Hamas in America, taking every statistic Hamas announces at face value and every photo image they send in attempts to demand an immediate cease-fire, claiming any further fighting is inhumanity on the part of the Jews—the invaded, murdered, and assaulted nation! While the unofficial leader of the Democrat party, Barack Obama, openly states with an unabashed face that “everyone,” including Israel, “has blood on their hands.” This sort of moral equivalency between the forces of evil and murderous barbarism and the forces of law and human rights cannot be tolerated from anyone, let alone an ideal state, Hegelian lecturer!

But should we be surprised by any of this in our country, while the Democrat party announces its lawlessness every day by not defending our southern border? By allowing millions of invaders into our nation? By allowing gangs in cities to flourish in the fentanyl and human trafficking trade by being given sanctuary—in contravention of federal and state laws and in defiance of our Constitution? And do they not also tear down flags and monuments dedicated to our rights, and statues dedicated to heroes who have defended our rights against such a grotesque form of governance as we are witness to today, while our own Constitution is being torn up? The Hegelian Democrat Party has taken over universities, our cities, and the media, and are proud to march arm-in-arm with the butchers of Hamas.

I remember a time when the Democrats agreed that we all had to abide by the same Constitution, whose foundation in law was inspired by the Ten Commandments, and which aspired to be the greatest covenant of law in the history of civilization. I remember too, when I was young, and Democrats chanted for peace, love, and understanding. They have become the party of murder, rape, and kidnapping.

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Richard C. Lyons is the author of But By The Chance of War, The DNA of Democracy and Shadows of the Acropolis. The author’s biography can be found at:

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