Islam is Not a Religion

What is Islam?  To answer that question, it’s more important to know what Islam isn’t.  Islam is not a religion.  It is an authoritarian, political ideology that forcibly imposes itself on all aspects of any society unfortunate enough to be under its yoke.  Islam demands complete subjugation by its adherents.  Under Islam, there is no democracy, there is no free speech, no freedom of religion, no freedom of the press, no minority rights, and there’s no right to love whoever you desire.  Islam allows no dissent.  It is a complete and total way of life that glorifies oppression, slavery, and death.  Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, cultural, and military components.  The religious component is the veil that hides the dangers of its all-encompassing ideology.

Islam was founded in the 7th century by the Prophet Mohammed.  From its beginnings, Islam never attempted or bothered to convert “non-believers” by friendly persuasion.  Instead, Islam converted non-believers by conquest and forcible conversion, or you were slaughtered.  By the mid-8th century, Islam had conquered all the lands from the Indus River, in the east, across North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula, in the west.  During that period of conquest, if subjects didn’t convert to Islam, they were put to the sword.  To this day, most of those lands are still under the control of Islam.  There are few exceptions: Spain and Portugal, which during the 15th century, managed to free themselves from the scourges of Islam, and Israel.

Modern day Islam is just as oppressive and dangerous as was 8th century Islam.  That’s because culturally, Islam still enforces the same tenets they did 1,200 years ago.  What are some of those tenets, practices, and ways of life?  Islam enforces edicts against homosexuality to the point of executing homosexuals.  As for women, of the ten worst countries for women’s rights, seven of them are Muslim.  The Quran clearly states that women are subordinate to men, and men may beat their wives (Quran 4:34).  With Islam, there’s a fine line between oppressing women and enslaving them.  Islam practices female genital mutilation, a barbaric practice (look it up and be disgusted).  Other realities for women in Islamic countries include: women must be escorted in public, largely because it’s too dangerous for them to walk alone (rape and assaults are common); women must cover their bodies from head to foot; and very few education opportunities which result in limited employment opportunities.  

Today, in the year 2023, Islam practices slavery (here, and here), the actual commodification of other human beings, and the world stands silent.  It also engages in jihad, rape, and pedophilia—yes, it’s acceptable to rape children (bacha bāzī). Also, see this clip, from CNN no less:

Today, Islam beheads its enemies (Dec 27, 2019 in Nigeria), burns people alive in cages, amputates the hands of criminals, and engages in “honor” killings of female relatives (Texas 2008).  There’s nothing honorable about a father (or a brother) who kills his daughter (or his sister) because he doesn’t agree with her actions.  Adulterers (and even some female rape victims) can be stoned to death, and polygamy is allowed.  Earlier this year, an Iranian couple was sentenced to ten years in prison for dancing in public.  To say that Islam has nothing in common with Western culture is an understatement.  Islam vehemently opposes, and wants to destroy, Western society.  Proof of every vile, barbaric, and evil practice engaged in by Muslims was rolled up into one event—Hamas’s attack last month on Israel.

For much of America’s history, we didn’t concern ourselves with the evils of Islam.  We didn’t worry about it largely because we’re an ocean apart, and Islam’s 12th century society couldn’t much affect or threaten us.  Nevertheless, America’s first foreign war was fought in the early 19th century against the Islamic states along the Barbary Coast of North Africa.  Also, throughout most of the 20th century, our focus was on the evils in Europe—Nazism and communism.  It wasn’t until the 1970’s that most Americans became aware of the dangers of Islam.  That was when the Arabs used world oil markets to achieve their political goals.  Then, in 1979, Iranians seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.  Ever since then, the Middle East and Islam have played a central role in America’s foreign policy. 

A problem with American foreign policy is that no president, from Nixon all the way through to our current crumbling commander, has properly understood Islam, the best example being Bush’s post-9/11 statement: “Islam is a religion of peace.”  That was an idiotic statement, given that 3,000 Americans had just been slaughtered in the name of Islam.  The United States’ lack of understanding wouldn’t be a problem if we weren’t in the 21st century—but we are.  And a 12th century ideology of hatred and death is a huge problem given modern technologies which gives Islamists the ability to wander the globe killing, maiming, and enslaving in the name of their ideology.

You might wonder what I have against Islam, but let me ask this question: Knowing the profoundly immoral nature of tyrants and authoritarian regimes, would you be alright if Nazism or communism ruled over two billion people on the planet?  I’m guessing most people would say “NO” to both, because the evils of these ideologies have no place in a civilized society of unalienable rights.  Well, the evils of Islam are just as bad—perhaps worse—as the evils of any totalitarian form of rule ever devised by man.  Islam doesn’t want peace; it preaches struggle, constant struggle, because it is an ideology that uses religion. 

Many people might disregard the dangers of Islam, as we do have Muslims here in America, and we don’t see things like Muslim men buying children, or public beatings by administrators of Sharia “justice.” But, Muslims are a small percentage of our population at this moment. Anywhere Islam is the majority, there is oppression, conflict, and struggle.  Think of the wars and conflicts being fought on this planet; then, think of the countries that have large Muslim populations, and you’ll find those two maps overlay one another.  From Nigeria in Africa, to Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula, Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan, and to the jungles of the Philippines, Islamic societies are engaged in armed conflicts to suppress and oppress those populations.  And also don’t forget, a small number can be very dangerous: the 9/11 attack was carried out by only 19 Muslims.

In Islamic countries, conflicts, struggles, and oppression have been ongoing for centuries; no end in sight, and it’s important to remember that above all, Islam is an ideology as dangerous and evil as any ideology ever conceived, using religion as a scapegoat.

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