Is It Time to Pull the Fire Alarm?

When I suggest that it’s time to pull the fire alarm, I’m not talking about Representative Bowman, who actually and knowingly committed a crime when he pulled a fire alarm in the Capital to stall a vote of the US Congress (a crime for which he received a minimal consequence, unlike the J6 defendants). Instead, I’m talking about significant problems in America that require immediate (and possible) remediation.

The US is in a leadership freefall, and we’ll be in a political ice age when that fall breaks. The world is picking sides and making bets on who will survive the most significant power struggle since the end of World War II. It’s metaphorically the day after Pearl Harbor, and our spirit is broken. Worse, there is no defined enemy to go after this time; we’re isolated and alone for all intents and purposes. It’s different this time. We’re no longer the omnipotent America the entire free world expected to come to the rescue. Instead, we’re gradually being seen as yesterday’s news and an unreliable partner exhibiting a lack of leadership that’s needed now more than ever.

The two different Worlds, the free and the authoritarian, are taking their cues from our words and actions. What happens over the next two years will either doom us to slavery or see us rise like a phoenix from the ashes—think: Rocky Balboa’s comeback in Rocky II. Unfortunately, that was a movie; this is real life. No one knows if we’ll ever get that comeback fight. These are the stakes we play for.

Also, like WWII, we have to deal with our fifth columnists—what Netanyahu recently called Israel’s fifth front—who have already been doing their dastardly work, sapping our will and vitality. Millions of Americans woke up from a deep sleep to find that our country’s ethos was stolen as hundreds of thousands marched through our streets chanting “Death to Israel,” encapsulated in the meme “From the River to the Sea.” From Luke 23-34: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” That Bible verse fits many of the actions we see and hear today.

Only now is the source of most of this hatred and misinformation becoming apparent. Billions of Middle Eastern dollars have flowed to universities and programs that have been teaching hatred of Jews and Israel for more than 25 years. The Biden administration, by violating our immigration laws, allows in people who never leave and are here only for the havoc they can cause. And of course, lawmakers and so-called leaders seek moral equivalencies when there are none. All these things together require that sane individuals pull the fire alarm and pull us back from the precipice.

Image: Fire alarm (edited) by jcomp.

If you doubt just how bad things really are, here are two specific examples of threats to America (although there is some light to be seen):

One: China’s Xi Jinping is escalating his push to challenge America’s global leadership, as seen last month in Beijing, when Xi, flanked by Russian President Vladimir Putin, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and some two dozen top dignitaries from around the world, hailed China as the only country capable of navigating the challenges of the 21st-century. A China watcher, Shen Dingli, looking at America’s disarray, said, “All this makes China think America is quickly declining.”

China has published a lengthy document outlining its vision for global governance and identifies what it sees as the source of current global challenges: “Some countries’ hegemonic, abusive, and aggressive actions against others…are causing great harm” and putting global security and development at risk,” it reads. For those who find it difficult to parse this, he means us.

On the flip side, China can no longer sustain its growth, and growing unemployment threatens what even Biden identified as a dictatorship. Antony Blinken’s reaction to that bit of tactlessness shows that China and the Biden administration make not become best friends, which is good for America.

Two: Biden’s National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby is showing increasing American weakness when he speaks about Iranian aggression. The best he can offer is that Biden says “our message to any hostile actors seeking to escalate or wide this conflict is very simple: don’t do it.” As opposed to, I guess, bombs to fend off over 50 attacks by Iran on our soldiers in three countries, some of whom were significantly injured. Are we waiting for actual dead Americans before we take this seriously? Then what? A measured and proportional response when an out-of-proportion response would be strategically correct?

Having said that, Kirby, rather than presenting a balanced, professional façade after October 7, broke down on live TV. Biden may be asking his own staff to lie more than they are willing to. This is even more hopeful because it proves there are real people behind the diatribe.

So, where are we today with these genuine perils facing us? Do we even know what we’re dealing with?

If you lived in a cave and the only thing you could view was cable news, what would you see? That’s easy: Donald Trump, Climate Change, and so-called Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues. There is no fourth place. These three subjects reliably suck up virtually all the oxygen. They also serve to misdirect, miseducate, and mis-prioritize our country against the genuine perils aligning against us. This isn’t surprising. With few exceptions, America’s journalists graduated from many of those same radical hotbeds of anti-Americanism that are now, for the first time, showing their true colors. Students, graduates, and faculty will need a generation or more to grasp the truth if they ever do.

Given the lunacy in America, both socially and politically, we’re looking at serious pain for a very long time unless we regroup and take a stand against the lies we accept at face value. Biden will not be the anointed one to make that happen. Almost everyone knows the truth, no matter their side. The electorate must recognize that 2024 may be the last time we can save an America that the Founders would recognize and be proud of.

But first, someone needs to pull the fire alarm, and the country’s klaxons need to be heard by every American still worthy of the name. Recognize that it is every functioning American’s time to be that small percentage that screams “Not on my Watch” and pushes back against the gathering dark clouds threatening to snuff our Freedom and Individuality out. It’s over once the American experiment ends; there is no coming back.

May God Bless America and save us.

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