Hateful Hillary’s Latest Assault

Hillary Clinton recently called for the “formal deprogramming of the MAGA cult members.”  It appears that the seven years that have passed since she had to face the harsh reality that the presidency would not be delivered to her on a silver platter have only made her more hateful than she already was. 

Clinton disparaging Trump-supporters is far from revelatory, as she infamously referred to them as a basket of deplorables during the lead-up to the 2016 election.  But long before those comments and her most recent ones, Hillary authored a long track record in “public service” where she regularly put her own interests above those of the people she was supposed to serve, without remorse.  And rather than fess up when caught in these nefarious acts, Hillary instead smugly doubles down, laughs, or dismisses the allegations, no matter how credible, fueling the sentiment so many Americans have: that elite politicians are untouchable and are not held to the same standards as the “average” person. 

While most remember Hillary’s more recent actions, such as having her phones smashed with hammers and “BleachBitting” 33,000 emails after being served a subpoena, there are many lesser known instances that further display her hateful nature.  At one point, Hillary’s detestation for the “average” citizen was subtly disguised behind scripted statements and prepared remarks as a presidential candidate and former first lady of Arkansas and the United States, and during her time as a senator and secretary of state.  But the masses now see her for who she is after nearly half a century in the public eye. 

Hillary’s two-faced nature was revealed by WikiLeaks, which showed emails stating, “People get a little nervous.  So, you need both a public and a private position,” which may be the most truthful statement Hillary has ever made, even if she never intended for it to be revealed. 

Back in 1975, Hillary Rodham defended a 41-year-old man accused of raping his distant relative, a 12-year-old girl.  Every human being has the right to defend his innocence, but it was Hillary’s comments recorded on tape following the case that unearthed her deceitful ways, even before she was a Clinton.  Recalling the case in 1980, Hillary laughed when stating, “He claimed he didn’t [rape her].  He took a lie detector test.  I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs” — suggesting she was under the impression that her client did in fact rape a 12-year-old-girl, yet she defended him anyway.  Defending a man who claims to be innocent is noble.  Defending a man you believe raped his twelve-year-old family member, and knowing that if you’re successful, you will enable him to act again, is unconscionable.

Hillary has also postured as a staunch defender of the “Me Too” movement, specifically as she tried to paint her opponent, Donald Trump, as a woman-abuser in the lead-up to the 2016 election.  However, Hillary’s behavior toward her own husband’s victims tells a different story.  Even CNN shed light on how Hillary mistreated Bill’s accusers, particularly Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky.

Regarding Flowers, Hillary attempted to discredit her when she spoke out about an alleged affair she had with Bill Clinton by describing her as “some failed cabaret singer who doesn’t have much of a résumé to fall back on.”  The New York Times, another typically left-friendly outlet, then reported that Clinton “OKed” the hiring of a private investigator to collect dirt on Flowers by contacting her ex-boyfriends.  And while everybody knows about the infamous Lewinsky scandal, Hillary’s conduct often goes unmentioned — specifically her once again attempting to dismiss claims of substance with character assassination, calling Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon” behind closed doors.

It was revealed that President Clinton did in fact have an affair with Lewinsky, meaning, narcissistic loony toon or not, her claims were credible.  Hillary’s character attacks on both of these women reveal her claims about being a champion for women as a façade. 

Hillary’s detestation for non-elitists is not limited to America’s borders.  Regarding a 2006 election in Palestine, Hillary was caught on an audio recording saying, “We should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.”  This makes it abundantly clear that Hillary believes she and her ilk are entitled to influence the lives of those in regions they have no business influencing as American politicians.

Hillary’s conduct mentioned above was many decades ago.  Unfortunately, she seems to be becoming even bolder in her hatred for those she doesn’t agree with as time goes on.

A man named Douglass Mackey was recently sentenced to prison for posting a meme about texting your vote during the 2016 election.  When speaking publicly on the issue, Hillary claims (without evidence) that this meme influenced the election, adding another excuse for her 2016 defeat while showing zero remorse for a man being sentenced to jail over a harmless social media post.  But the kicker is that the Durham report revealed that it was Hillary Clinton who knowingly peddled the fake Trump-Russia-collusion narrative to secure her own victory.  To make this worse, the president and vice president at the time, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, were briefed on the frivolousness of Hillary’s claims and peddled them anyway, meaning that Hillary had the backing of those in power to knowingly carry out this false character assault to help her campaign.  This, coupled with her comments on the Palestine elections, proves Hillary’s complete disregard for the will of the people to be recognized, both at home and abroad.

And who could forget her responding with “What difference at this point does it make?” when pressed on her role in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, which showed she believed time passing was all that was necessary not to have to explain her actions as secretary of state, even in response to something as serious as the deaths of Americans?

Despite Hillary’s track record of despicable behavior and missteps, she every so often feels righteously emboldened to publicly demean a group of people 75 million (and likely more) strong.  This isn’t surprising when you consider that supporters of MAGA are what she despises most.  They comprise those who want their government to leave them alone, and want to see elitist, D.C. swamp creatures held accountable.

This is the reason why President Trump’s standing with voters has continuously strengthened since he left office.  He is the antithesis of all that Hillary represents, which is why now might be the right time for him to rebrand Hillary Clinton, permanently, once and for all.  Trump recently re-monikered Hillary from “Crooked” to “Beautiful.”  After her never-ending assaults on those who support Trump most, and in addition to him previously referring to her as “the Devil,” now would be a good time for Trump to give her her most fitting name of all: Hateful Hillary.

Matt Kane graduated from Stony Brook University with a bachelor’s degree in political science.  His work has been posted by President Trump and published by RealClearPolitics.  Follow on Truth Social: @MattKane.  X: @MattKaneUSA

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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