Dear Liberals: The Question of Colonization

Dear liberal friends: let's talk about colonization and colonizers, that everyone agrees is the worst thing in the world.

That is why all the devoted activists of the world are presently engaged in mostly peaceful protests in support of the Hamas regime in Gaza. Because they know that the Israelis -- meaning "The Jews" -- are the very acme of White colonizers and imperialists and oppressors.

Bless their hearts.

The reason that nice White college girls are peacefully protesting with charming handwritten protest signs for innocent Palestinians is that they have been carefully taught the political formula of today's ruling class, the White European educated class.

And that political formula is that "we," the rulers, are the Allies of the Oppressed Peoples in their fight against the White Oppressors.

What do you think the gubmint school system, K thru "experts agree," is for?  Other than to carefully teach the political formula of the educated ruling class?

But the peasants don't like it. Why do you think the Irish in the U.S. decided to build their own schools? Because they were damned if they were going to let the Boston Transcendentalist ruling class force feed anti-Catholic lies to their kids.

Fast forward to today and the homeschoolers that are damned if they are going to let Randi Weingarten's union shock troops teach regime lies to their kids.

Do you get the point, dear liberal friends? It is that the horrors of western imperialism and colonization ain't nothing compared to the colonization of the modern world by liberal totalitarians and colonialists.

It all started, of course, with the Germans -- the Gutenbergs -- and their printing press. Before the printing press, you pretty well had to be a monk to get educated. But with the printing press everybody could get an education. That's why the first thing that happened was the Reformation, with educated middle-class Dissenters reading their printed Bibles and thinking things out for themselves.

After reinventing religion, the educated class decided to reinvent philosophy and decided that the medieval monarchs and feudal lords had reached their sell-by date. It was time for the educated middle class to set the rules of politics.

So we got the British Glorious Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution to put kings and lords in their place. And serve them right.

But then what? What would the educated middle class do with its newly-won power? It was the genius of Marx and a host of other lefty intellectuals to declare that the new regimes would fight for the workers against the capitalists. Every ruling class has its "political formula" according to Italian Gaetano Mosca, and the new regime's political formula was to fight for the lower class against its oppressors -- as defined by the educated ruling class.

Since the days of Marx, the political formula of the educated ruling class has been refined and adapted by people like the Frankfurt School and the postmodernists, so that now it amounts to Allyism, where

The Allies fight for the Oppressed Peoples against the White Oppressors.

Over the years, the intellectuals have colonized the minds of the educated class so that the average educated class member believes in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, not to mention the climate change crisis caused by a trace gas in the atmosphere, and the systemic racism of the ultra-MAGA White racist insurrectionists.

And the colonial educated-class administrators have enthusiastically colonized the rest of the mental world, particularly the minds of blacks, educated women, and sexual minorities.

Meanwhile, the educated class gussied up two world wars. First there was World War I, encouraged by educated Brit Foreign Office bureaucrat Sir Eyre Crowe, who wrote in 1907 that German naval power was "incompatible with the existence of the British Empire." So how about a jolly old war, chaps.

Pity that it all ended with the Bolshevik Revolution, with lefty murderers colonizing Russia and causing millions of deaths in the famine in the Soviet Union's Ukraine colony.

After World War I, the educated-class President Woodrow Wilson helped enforce a punitive peace on Germany that provoked the rise of Hitler and World War II.

Pity that the aftermath of World War II was the triumph of mass murderer Mao Zedong, who colonized China and caused the death of about 70 million Chinese in famines and purges.

Now the lefty colonizers are putting the finishing touches on a Thousand-Year Woke Reich in the U.S., forcing all the natives to bow to the gods of Race, Gender, and Climate, or else. Fortunately, experts agree that the Green Energy Transition will not lead to poverty and economic collapse.

Of course, back in the day, all those colonials -- the District Officers, the Christian missionaries, the Spanish West Indies Fleet and the Brit East India Company -- thought they were just bringing civilization to ignorant savages, all over the world.

So nothing has changed.

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