Behind Our Politics is the Existential Fight for the Middle Class

I was eating dinner with family over the weekend and everyone -- educated conservatives every one -- was for Nikki Haley. Then they asked me what I thought.

I told them I thought that the existential political fact of our time is that the ordinary middle class is being screwed. And that this was the policy of our ruling class, the educated class. I said that, while a retired man like me had enjoyed, since 2010, a 500 percent increase in my QQQ NASDAQ ETFs, and a 300 percent increase in my SPY S&P ETFs, the average person had seen only an 80 percent increase in income. And house prices had gone up 100 percent.

So the average person has gone nowhere since the bottom of the 2008-09 recession. But a retired baby boomer like me has done just fine.

I said that what I want is a president who will end the injustice being meted out to the ordinary middle class.

I said that I also want a president who will stop treating the lower class as helpless oppressed victims but as aspiring citizens that want and deserve to climb into the responsible middle class, as generations of aspiring Americans have done before them.

I said that I want a president who will smash the power of the educated class and the administrative state that crushes the American people with taxes and handouts and dysfunctional programs and foolish and trendy enthusiasms like the green energy transition. There are "Jobs for Gentry," the educated gentry, I said, but nothing for anyone else.

I did not say that I thought that Trump was the man to do that, or at least the man to get started on it.

But I think that Trump is probably the man we need: the man with the courage to take the fight to the enemy, the educated class ensconced in its government and education sinecures, the educated class wrecking the ordinary middle class from its power position in the administrative state and its regulatory bureaucracies.

Let us review the three things that I identified as Wrong with America.

The first is the power and the privilege of the educated class which has no benefit to anyone in America except the ruling class itself.

The second is the unjust war conducted by the educated ruling class on the ordinary white middle class.

The third is the unjust policy of maintaining the electoral support of the lower class -- in particular the Black lower class -- by handing out free stuff and discouraging the lower class from rising above its government-funded indigence.

Notice that all three things are the deliberate policy of the educated ruling class. Indeed, they are the obvious and sensible way of executing on its political formula, which is to give its educated supporters money and status, to humiliate and impoverish the ordinary White middle class, and to give its lower class supporters money in return for their vote.

Why does the educated ruling class award itself so much power and privilege? It is because the ruling class believes that, without that power, the ordinary middle class will exploit and humiliate the non-white lower class. This is a lie. The ordinary middle class, that I was observing over the weekend in Lancaster, PA, on the streets and in restaurants, and in a diner for Sunday brunch, is just not that interested in anything except getting on with life, work, family, friends, and Sunday brunch.

Why does the educated ruling class practice the cruel humiliation of the ordinary White middle class? It is because the educated ruling class believes that the ordinary White middle class is a caste of White oppressors that must be defanged and stripped of power in order to end the unjust oppression of the non-white lower class. This is a lie. The ordinary White middle class is not interested in power, or humiliation, or anything else connected with political power.

Why does the educated ruling class obsess about the oppression of the non-white lower class? It is because the educated ruling class believes, with religious faith, that without its support, the non-white lower class would descend into poverty and unjust subservience to the White oppressor class -- that you and I know as the ordinary White middle class. This is a lie. Even if it wanted to, the ordinary White middle class does not have the power to oppress anyone.

But never mind, say our lefty friends:

The class of people permanently deemed less powerful may inflict anything upon someone not in their group.

Of course, because the left "deems" that they are less powerful and are more oppressed.

And what do you do to the oppressors? According to lefty Slavoj Žižek: "the opposing class has to be destroyed."

Only, dear lefty friends, the only class without the power to "destroy" or "inflict" is the ordinary White middle class.

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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