And Now, a Few Words from Election ’24

Do you see me? We haven’t met yet, but we will.

With all of the recent tyrannical, institutional captures in America as a result of the unfair abuse of my dear friend Election ’20, I am deeply concerned.

What if limited government and foundational principles like freedom, individualism, self-reliance, meritocracy, and the capacity for upward development are thwarted with callous and unsympathetic tyranny by an administration that cares more for its growth of power than the needs of its citizens?  What is Plan B?

As it stands today, the Biden administration has propagated the expansion of divisive and destructive things like open borders; a looming recession; high gas prices; trillions in debt; funded enemies; fentanyl deaths; unprosecuted crimes and riots; energy shutdowns; “gender” madness infiltration; a woke and neutered military; indoctrination instead of education; caliphates enriched with U.S weapons; corporate-targeted censorship; ignored election integrity laws and more.  I could go on, but I don’t have all day.

And recently, the FBI has designated Donald Trump and his legion of supporters as “domestic terrorists” who embody a “persistent, evolving, and deadly threat” to the United States. So, it’s not the FBI — who is actually advancing further division in the American electorate — who is the bad guy, but the group of traditional Americans who want their freedoms and country back.  Even Hillary Clinton advanced the idea, with respect to Trump supporters, that “at some point, maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members.”

With the above pernicious correlation in place, how can the FBI permit such a threatening candidate to win when my time comes?

Trump has made it clear that he plans to “Dismantle the Deep State” and reclaim our democracy from Washington corruption.  The plan includes cleaning out all of the corrupt actors in our national security and intelligence apparatus; totally reforming corrupt FISA courts; establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to declassify and publish all documents on deep state spying, censorship, and corruption; asking Congress to establish an independent auditing system to monitor U.S. intelligence agencies to ensure they are not spying on citizens; and even continuing an effort to move parts of the federal bureaucracy to locations outside Washington.

Given that these organs of power are well-nestled, active formations of the establishment, will actors therein see Trump’s promise as an existential threat?  Will they simply allow America First to win?

Not to allow suggests enacting some kind of force, even physical force.  I’ve taken notice of a documentary entitled Police State that reveals a militarized FBI smashing through doors, dragging away parents and seriously interrupting the lives of people who are alleged to have supposedly done terrible things like praying outside of abortion clinics, or making their voices heard when challenging pornography in school libraries.

Will voting initiate the rehabilitation of such an establishment?  Or will voting somehow involve police state actions a year from now when I step up?

Do you see me?

The recent eruptions in the Middle East can change things too.  How will the Biden administration respond if multiple war fronts break out and Lebanon, Iran, and Syria engage all at once with the full brunt of their military?  I don’t think Israel can fight them all.  With a deeper commitment to war, will Biden see it fit to declare a national emergency and suspend me altogether?  BRICS nations might also get involved on a non-kinetic level and choose to cut off the dollar as the world currency.  That would create havoc on the inflation that I’m seeing.  Would this be a justification for election suspension? As I see it, any interruption to Trump’s advance toward the presidency is not off-limits for this deep state.

On the other hand, if I’m able to proceed as normal, what about election fraud?

Election ’20 underwent the most serious abuse in terms of election integrity. Am I to believe that we won’t see things like the use of the judicial system to subvert the law or the illegal use of drop boxes? I have already noticed that this past Election Day, voters in 18 states had issues, and there were “gas leaks” for Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Texas.

It’s too early to tell what may happen.  However, either way the pendulum swings, there is no harm in deliberating about a Plan B, should things not work out for America First.

If the Democrats were to win, Americans are sure to see the continued deconstruction of this nation.  That being the likely scenario, it seems to me that Plan B will be the continued exodus from blue states to red; voting with your feet if (and when?) the vote at the ballot box fails.  But now, America is seeing a deeper divide as counties are redrawing borders.

In the Greater Idaho Movement, 12 counties in eastern Oregon voted to secede from crime-ridden Portland to join the red state of Idaho, which amounts to almost half of Oregon’s counties.  In Illinois, there are 27 counties that have already passed pro-secessionist referendums.  Maryland has been talking about joining with red West Virginia for two years, and San Bernardino County recently voted to examine the process involved in seceding from California.  I suppose such mobility is simply the natural expression of red and blue states advancing toward their natural conclusion.

I don’t believe that such division is something that most Americans want, but the reality is that the world of those who wish to live with merit and individual liberty, versus those who wish to impose a collectivist society at the expense of the above, are incompatible. The left requires a hive mind of compliant, unthinking, docile, and submissive subjects to control.  And critical thinking, discriminating, self-reliant, freedom-loving conservatives are a dangerous anathema to their plan.

Patriots are not property, but leftists function as if people are. You can see it in their indoctrination of school children, and the weaponization of law.  You can see it with their top-down policies that suffocate the individual on multiple levels.  I caught a glimpse of the leftist/globalist intention during the Covid lockdowns and mandates when non-compliant individuals—people who thought and decided for themselves—were punished, fired, or ostracized.  What can Americans reasonably expect from an extended leftist presidential administration?

The good news is that Donald Trump and America First continue to lead in the polls.  And, dedicated patriots like Mike Lindell have come up with an elaborate plan to secure our elections which includes the development of an Election Crime Bureau and the use of a real-time monitoring device capable of detecting and identifying on-line devices interfering with the process.  I certainly can appreciate that!  Such detection will be available to election officials as well as citizens who can report incidents in real-time.

These actions, along with committed efforts like those of True The Vote and Project 2025, are appropriate and keep me hopeful.  Given what I have seen, something must be done.  Because if I am stolen, what the left has in store for Americans will be like something out of a song I once heard:

Misery is the river of the world
Everybody Row!
Everybody Row!

—Tom Waits

Victor Fernandez is a former Logic/Philosophy of Science adjunct and retired math teacher.

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