A Monstrous Conundrum in the Middle East

Rather than be filled with joy that some of the hostages in Israel are released, I’m sick to my stomach at the monstrous nature and sheer audacity of the “deal.”  Biden is squarely on the backs of the Israelis, who know better than to become handmaidens of Hamas.  Dozens more, perhaps hundreds more of Israel’s soldiers and thousands more civilians in Gaza will be killed as a result of this “kindness.”

Seven-plus weeks into what history may eventually consider one of the most sadistic, cruel, and calculated terrorist events in world history, the Free World’s common sense will continue to be in question.  Hamas could not win a straight-up fight with Israel.  It would have been relatively easy to bring down holy hell on Gaza as an example to Iran and its proxies.  But with the added dimension of hostages taken from Israel, Hamas should be credited (if that word can even be used) with one of the most audacious acts of asymmetric warfare we’ve ever witnessed.  Examine for a moment the crazy reversal of priorities and strength we are witnessing:

  • Israel values life; Hamas does not.
  • Israel is a pluralistic, democratic country, and Hamas is a Hitler-like autocracy.  Copies of Mein Kampf have been found in the tunnels under Gaza.
  • Israel grants the same rights and responsibilities to its Arab citizens, while Hamas kills Arab collaborators, whether Arab citizens in Israel, Gaza, or the West Bank. 
  • Israel provides free advanced medical care for Arabs, from the West Bank, Gaza, and from within Israel.  Hamas kills any Jews it gets its hands on and will often prevent its people from accessing hospitals and medical care in Israel.
  • Israel teaches its children (including Arabs) about the world at large and without hate.  Hamas teaches the destruction of Israel and the Jews from birth.  Watch this video here.
  • Israel is Western-facing and life-affirming.  Hamas is a death cult.

Perhaps the most problematic reality for many in the West to come to grips with is our tragic lack of knowledge and understanding of history and the stark differences in priorities between Westerners and many Muslim followers.  The ladder of priorities is so vastly different between us.  We heard for ourselves the elation of not just the murders of children and innocents on October 7, but an actual phone call of one of those monsters calling his parents, seeking praise for his acts.  And you heard the words of those parents praising Allah even as the blood was still dripping from his hands.

This is outside the experience of most Americans.  We place our children first; most Muslims put sharia law above the usual priorities of Western nations.  This demonstrates the proximate break in our ability to reconcile the monstrous acts committed by Palestinians versus our value system.  We don’t think the same way.

The question that must be asked is, to what extent is the apparent delight expressed by the October 7 slaughter widely and joyfully accepted by the majority of Palestinians in Gaza, the West Bank, and across Islam in general?  If widespread happiness at the butchery of Jews is the norm, then there may be few real innocents in Gaza.

I listened to an Arab pundit who was criticizing Israel using the specious logic that Israel must value Jewish life over Arab life because Israel was willing to exchange three Arabs for each hostage.  Amazing logic!  However, it is widely accepted and repeated on social media.

The hostage releases, coupled with allowing Hamas to be at least partially resupplied, will have only four inevitable outcomes:

  1. It will prolong the war.
  2. More people on both sides will die.
  3. The likelihood of all or most hostages being released will be diminished.
  4. The chances of Israel being able to stay the course against an ever-rising tide of anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian outrage will diminish Israel’s chances of success over time as world attention continues to look at Israel through a different and false lens that sees Gazans as victims and Israel as an oppressor nation.

All this could change if the President and other political leaders would stand unequivocally with Israel and against Hamas/Gaza.  There is a false equivalency pushed by many that makes granting humanitarian aid to Gaza equal and equivalent to the freeing of the hostages without conditions while meddling in the military tactics Israel must employ to ensure a quick, decisive victory.  The ambivalence of our leaders, the messaging on social media, and the scripted demonstrations on our streets fulfill our enemy’s wildest dreams and expectations. 

Israel’s enemies exploit the media’s bias and the political reality of Biden’s failed policies with an upcoming election he can’t win if he’s truthful.  Biden does all of this with the knowledge that there will be thousands more dead and with the potential of Hamas escaping justice.  The worst proclivities and greed of American politics are on display.  Biden is demonstrating self over country and, even worse, evil over good, all for positive press, clicks, and control of a false narrative he needs.  God forgive you, Mr. President — millions of us won’t. 

As I write this, I want to make a prediction that depresses me and runs counter to my typical positive beliefs and faith in the certainty of good over evil.  Friends, the cynical mullahs in Iran and the evil enchanted monkeys they control are anti-human.  No amount of suffering, death, destruction, or grief will ever be enough for them unless they kill all Jews anywhere in the world.  Their hatred is on display, as revealed through the cameras strapped to the October 7 attackers and in their writing, videos, and statements.  Believe your eyes and ears, people!

Israel bent to the will of Joseph Biden and the understandable wails of pain and agony of the hostages’ friends and relatives.  It is threading a needle to satisfy those two pressure blocs.  Many, if not most, of the hostages will not come home.  Many are likely dead already, and some who survive will never be the same.  The price we are paying is too high, as we see, once again, politicians making political decisions that make Iran and Hamas believe they will survive the horror they put in motion. 

Two different victories are likely to play out.  The first victory, the military one, Israel will undoubtedly win, albeit with overwhelming world condemnation.  The second and more significant victory, that of what happens to Hamas, Israel has already lost.  Hamas will survive unless Israel is willing to trap and kill every Hamas terrorist in Gaza and wherever they live. 

With the leadership of Hamas already safely ensconced in Qatar, their continuation seems ensured.  The world’s overwhelming political bias will guarantee that the Islamic narrative will be widely disseminated and believed.  Inevitably, this means there will be a next time and a next time until they either destroy us or we develop the backbone required to destroy this evil before it blankets the world.

Allan J. Feifer — Patriot, Author, Businessman, Thinker, and Strategist.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at www.1plus1equals2.com.

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