Towards the Dictatorship of Psychopaths

The New Left in today’s America has incorporated into its ideology the thesis of Critical Race Theory, which is an offspring of Critical Theory, which is an offspring of Marxism. As such, it borrows heavily from Marx’s ideas and applies them, often creatively so, to the American society.
One of the main ideas of Marx was a reversal of the power structure to impose a dictatorship of the proletariat (the noun proletariat was used to denote the laborer class, or what we call blue-collar workers). Marx claimed this was the only practical way to ensure that blue-collar workers (allegedly incapable of succeeding on their own in a “capitalist” society) are not ruthlessly exploited by greedy “capitalists.”
Well, the New Left in today’s America traded Marx’s ideas about protection of the proletariat from exploitation, for the protection of any “oppressed” class from its “oppressors.” Although the New Left's ideologues don’t say it openly, based on their commitment to Marx’s teachings one can logically conclude that they are trying to impose on America a dictatorship of the “oppressed” with their newest mantra, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE), as one of the main tools for such an imposition.
And it shows. More and more individuals are propped up in public and corporate power structures based not on their merits and talents, but on their membership in any of the “oppressed” classes. For instance, being black, “female,” LGBTQ++, a non-Caucasian immigrant (including descendants thereof), etc., often makes up for a lack of qualifications. Just look at the Biden administration, which is mostly a collection of members of the “oppressed” classes who, except for their “oppressed” status, do not demonstrate adequate preparation and abilities for the jobs that they are supposed to perform.
Such a trend to “empower” the “oppressed” has its supporters and opponents. The supporters see it as a remedy and amends for past injustices. The opponents see it as a threat to free markets and the merit-based rewards system that used to be the defining features of the American socio-economic system, which produced the strongest economy that the world has ever seen and the highest living standards for common people.
Without engaging in the dispute regarding pros and cons of the empowerment of the “oppressed” (which is likely to lead, eventually, to a dictatorship by the “oppressed”), one can note an important question that is conspicuously missing in said dispute: Who will rule over us if the (formerly) “oppressed” become the ruling class in America?
Well, the answer to this question does not seem pretty for most of us, hard-working, law-abiding Americans. Because many of the so-called “oppressed” show symptoms of psychopathy—and, not surprisingly so.
For starters, many of those who are actually oppressed—or those convinced by means of political propaganda and other forms of deception that they are—for a sufficiently long time, are unlikely to follow the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The reason being is that they most likely do not identify with the rest of the society that they consider “oppressive.” (“Systemically oppressive” if one uses the vocabulary of today’s propaganda.) Therefore, they perceive those in this society as unworthy of being treated nicely.
One can see a manifestation of this phenomenon in (what appears like) well-concerted attempts to “get Trump” by any means necessary. When you look at the prosecutors and judges involved in all the charges against President Trump, you will notice that the modern “oppressed” are not only over-represented on the accusing/judging side, but also that they hardly ever show any propensity to follow the Golden Rule. So they do to President Trump all things that they would definitely not like if someone did to them.
The civil fraud trial in the New York case against President Trump is a typical example of the abandonment of the Golden Rule by state Attorney General Letitia James, a member of one of the “oppressed” classes, and Justice Arthur Engoron, who is not a member of any “oppressed” class but, apparently, a far-left “defender” of the “oppressed.” Together they deny the defendant his constitutional right to a jury trial, they attempt to deprive him of (the control of) his property without due process, they try to impose gargantuan fines ($250 million) on him for allegedly believing that his real estate property was worth more than they think it was, and even for him trying to defend himself in the court as he and his attorneys see fit; all the above before the preponderance of evidence of his alleged wrong-doing is presented and cross-examined during the trial and with repeated violations of the statue of limitation. It seems obvious, though, that they would hate to find themselves one day in the situation in which they put President Trump.
That the “oppressed” tend to ignore the Golden Rule is often a result of a lack of empathy on their part, or their ability to switch on and off, at will, whatever empathy they still have. This kind of mentality appears to be a result of living for a very long time under perceived oppression (imaginary or real), and is a natural defense of one’s mind that helps the individual to survive the oppression and break free from it. And the political propaganda that perpetuates absurd and fallacious assertions of “systemic oppression” (for instance, “systemic racism”) further reinforces such pathological mentality.
I wrote “pathological” because it is pathological. It falls under the definition of psychopathy—a permanent or selective lack of empathy. These psychopaths, obviously, are not going to adhere to the Golden Rule, except perhaps, to deceive others, because the Golden Rule is an ethical statement that expresses empathy of which they are in short supply; and this is the first red flag suggesting that the suspected individual may be a psychopath.
Based on what we have seen, actions of many (if not all) judges, prosecutors, and DAs going after President Trump strongly suggest psychopathy. In particular, Special Prosecutor Jack Smith both acts and looks like a determined psychopath… and the scariest part is these people are part of our federal and state governments.
Some don’t mind a bunch of psychopaths being equipped with power to pursue the “evil and dangerous” President Trump, but those who have no problem with that do not seem to realize that once we empower psychopaths to ruin or take lives of those they are after, tomorrow these psychopaths will use that power against each and everyone of us who do or say things of which those in power disapprove.
In America, we have not yet reached the endpoint of the neo-Marxian New Left’s agenda of the dictatorship of the “oppressed.” But how would you like to live in a society autocratically ruled by totalitarian psychopaths who have no empathy for hard-working and law-abiding Americans, and there is no remedy against a government who deprives its people of their constitutional rights and liberties, and the fruits of their work and ingenuity? (You’ve likely already gotten a taste of it.)
I believe that only sub-intelligent, indoctrinated morons, or those who hope to rule over America, can look forward to such eventuality. In their desire for a “change,” they lack the foresight, or retrospect to realize that when the pendulum swings back in downtrodden societies, oppression still pervades, it’s just a different group of oppressors at the top.
So, whether you like President Trump or you hate him, it is in your vital interest and in the interest of your children, to do whatever you lawfully can to stop the imposition of the dictatorship of the “oppressed,” the DIE agenda, and the weaponization of the governments and their agencies against those, like President Trump, they don’t like.  Because if we don’t stop all these things, then we or our children may one day wake up under the dictatorial regime of psychopaths.
That undesirable scenario has happened in other civilized countries. Keep in mind that such “leaders” as Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, as well as their henchmen, were psychopaths who had no problems with killing all those whom they considered a threat to their dictatorships. As a result, the lives of hundreds of millions of innocent people like you and me were cut short on the altar of socialism and defense of the “oppressed.” If it happened elsewhere then there is no good reason to believe that it cannot happen here, as long as we allow the New Left to implement their dangerous, although superficially noble and humane, agenda.

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