The Specter of Permanent Democrat Rule

What would be the most unAmerican goal today's so-called Democrat party is pursuing?

It is permanent one-party rule.

That's what the New Democrat party is doing by and through its political actions. 

Democrats have a long and uncomfortable history of demagoguery, rewriting history when needed and playing fast and loose with the truth.  Today, I will reach back into the history bucket to wash off some of that blackface for which Democrats are famous!

"A split in the Democratic-Republican Party in the mid-1820s gave rise to two factions, i.e., the National Republicans (or Anti-Jacksonians) and the Democrats.  Their most glaring differences lay in their beliefs to which the government should be involved in people's daily lives.  Democrats tend to favor active government intervention, while Republicans favor a more "hands-off" policy called self-determination."

We had two parties with but a single, significant difference between them.  Both parties agreed on various economic and societal issues but were split over the extent of government intrusion into people's lives. 

The Great Depression allowed the Democrat party to shift to newly popular socialism, actually Marxism, as a reaction to President Hoover's failure to address human suffering adequately.   

Enter President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was victorious by a landslide in 1932 and promised an end to the suffering.  With a mandate from the voters, Roosevelt accomplished three things over his twelve years in office:

  1. He gave hope to the masses
  2. He radically changed our system of government
  3. He can be credited as a central figure in winning the Second World War

It is not generally understood that Roosevelt did not end the Depression but, in actuality, extended it.  Roosevelt's policies saved lives and did much good, but he did so at the expense of entrepreneurship, innovation, and independence.  Roosevelt was virtually at war with American industrialists until a year before Pearl Harbor commenced a healing process, allowing the U.S. to prepare for war visible just over the horizon.

In today's House and Senate, nine members call themselves socialistsArticle VI, Clause 3 of the Constitution explicitly makes them ineligible to serve.  Another 15 members publicly lean socialist but do not declare themselves, probably for electability reasons.  In total, 102 representatives are members of the Democrat Congressional Progressive Caucus (CPC).  Might you think that many of these are socialists in sheep's clothing?  Read the following and decide for yourself:

The CPC advocates a universal, high-quality, Medicare for All health care system, living wage laws, reductions in military expenditures, a crackdown on corporate greed, putting an end to mass incarceration, supporting and implementing swift measures to start reversing climate change, immigration policies that are humane, and reparations.

I rest my case.  We are 35 years into the takeover of the Democrat party by world socialism and the World Economic Forum.  This Marxist front organization guides the world within its many bodies toward one-world government.  Ultra-left Rep. Pramila Jayapal is their caucus leader.

The chief tool that progressives use is the philosophy of 'Equity.'  Innocuous, almost cuddly in its almost innocent plea for fairness, it's the sharpest razor you'll ever find.  Fighting against calls for Equity, like calling someone a Racist, is a fiendish tool that at once disarms its detractors and makes fighting back tough.  At the same time, it is like Kryptonite to those who see through the ruse but are overcome by the masses oblivious to the game, yet who naively support fake cries for fairness. 

Remember, it was Lincoln, a Republican, who freed the slaves.  Then, Democrats opposed allowing freed slaves to vote.  Members of the Democrat Party founded the KKK.  Yes, all that happened in the 19th century.  What about the 20th century then?  Let's start with deficit spending.  Before Woodrow Wilson, the U.S. debt was $2.9 billion.  Wilson added $21 billion while in office, showing all future Democrat administrations that the public purse could be abused.  Before Wilson, we understood that the loss of fiscal responsibility threatened the republic's future in inestimable ways.   Deficit spending has caused great harm to the country.  It threatens our sovereignty and the ability of future generations to realize their chance at the American dream. 

More recently, the Democrat party has redefined our immigration policies in a manner that will reduce future scientific and technological advancement and will see debt skyrocket like squirting ether into an engine.  In a world that values education, hard work, and innovation, we import the world's derelicts, the uneducated, pregnant women with zero skills and zero prospects, retired people, and military-age men frequently gang-connected.  What could go wrong? 

All came across the border in one of three ways:

  1. They give themselves up at the first available opportunity, often coached to say the right thing to secure all the first-round goodies, including transportation, phone, money, and a promise of continued help and support.
  2. They avoid Ports of Entry that would automatically bestow legal status if they come the way Biden telegraphed.  These people have zero fear of getting caught and likely have a plan ready to activate when they get where they intend.  The problem is that we don't know if those plans are consistent with being here to live and work quietly or for more nefarious purposes.  Sometimes, they bring children as slaves or shields to further their claims.
  3. Organized infiltrators sent by third parties such as governments, criminal organizations, and others.  These immigrants can be subdivided into (a) those observed but not intercepted, about one million, or (b)  those who know where all the cameras and vibration detection monitors are and, thus, can slip in undetected.  This latter group may exceed one and one-half million and are the most dangerous.

Administration officials announcing that the border is closed is nothing more than NewSpeak in action.  God help us when one of these invaders sneaks a dirty bomb across the border or some new biological or chemical weapon.  If I hated America as much as some people, it would be child's play to fulfill such evil.  And no one knows how many have come since Biden opened the floodgates—five million, ten million?  Who knows?  What we do know is that everything that has happened was intentional.

Just think how much the next 9-11 will supercharge a new Patriot Act.  You can virtually guarantee it's going to happen. 

Could this be Biden's secret plan for somehow putting off the next election during a period of martial law?  That may sound far-fetched today, but who would disagree that we are in uncharted waters, with about 75% of us wishing Biden would go away to allow some other candidate to run for president?

A dangerous wounded animal.  A recent ABC/Washington Post Poll said that Donald Trump would beat Biden by ten points if the election were held today.  After that, the WaPo quickly distanced itself from its own poll, calling it a likely outlier.  Why?  After independent voters suddenly hear a cacophony of voices calling for Biden not to run, most notably the WaPo columnist David Ignatius, I suspect Democrats are beginning to feel trapped, like a wounded animal.

All that stands between permanent Democrat rule is the next election.  That might be enough to upset their apple cart for good if they lose.   Let's make that happen!

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer is a patriot, author, businessman, and thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License


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