The New World Order is Now Multi-Polar

On May 10 of this year, Vladimir Putin met with fellow members of the Valdai Discussion Club in Russia and shared the following:

"The question is much broader and more fundamental: we are talking about the principles on which the new world order will be based."

He meant a new world order without America leading. 

Through a badly broken political system here and around the world, much of the free world is asleep at the switch.  China, Russia, Iran, India, and North Korea together can see the first major change in global hegemony since Great Britain let the sun set on its worldwide empire. 

That is bad for us. But why is it happening?

Perhaps our greatest fault is our inability to grasp history and maintain a cohesive national identity.  This is the opposite of what the Democrats, progressives, and the left preach: What a beautiful world it will be when we embrace multi-culturalism instead of fearing it.

When President Johnson launched his Great Society Programs in the 1960s, he had no idea what he released on our country. Since then, we only have to acknowledge that blacks are still at the bottom of the ladder even after the expenditure of almost limitless treasure.  Most black babies are now born out of wedlock into poor single-family matriarchies or else aborted. American social policy is a disaster at many levels, including medical, education, and housing.

The destroyers understand and use the power of rhetoric.  The sophistication of a polished and seemingly fair statement, purportedly the truth yet blatantly false, creates what we call today the narrative.  All sides have such promises, using them to support whatever is believed to be their fundamental truth.  However, the real victim here is truth itself.  In examining the chaos in our society today, one thing stands out.  Some intelligent people fall into a logical fallacy, believing that each of us can have our own truth and that truth is relative or situational.  A logical fallacy is an argument that can be disproven through reasoning.  My friendly local editor says, "You have your truth, and I have mine." This cannot be true.

Truth is mathematically the truth; things are black or white.  If you distill any argument down to its foundation, it is either true or false.  We must understand that reality.

All of the above explains the foundation which supports my essential message: We (the world's free people) have willingly followed ideologies and lies that will inevitably lead to our destruction. 

What are those lies?

  • All people are equal. Morally, yes, but not in ability, drive, and ambition. There are differences in physicality, intellect, and creativity.
  • Freedom can be gifted to someone. One of the greatest lies that even true believers in liberty like myself took decades to understand is that not everyone is equipped to accept the two essential demands of freedom…responsibility, and self-sufficiency.
  • Life can be fair. Fair begins and ends with an equal start. I will fight to ensure everyone gets that equal start, but from there, it must be up to the individual. In going any further than this, we create a culture of dependency.
  • Human nature is altruistic.  Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged contains an essential phrase I hold as one of my five most powerful beliefs.  "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man nor ask another man to live for mine."  We inevitably wind up hating those who subsidize us.  Why?  Gratitude becomes situational, and whatever you give someone else will never be enough.
  • Evil can be compromised with or ignored.  Given our singular ability to ignore whatever is before us, it is no wonder we can disbelieve the most obvious.  Jews were put into rail cars, believing they were going to settlement centers instead of to their deaths. China's leader tells his people that war is coming and prepares his country for it. Putin tells anyone who will listen that a new global Russian empire is within reach.  With a nuclear weapon and intercontinental missiles, Iran can somehow be tolerated.  In hindsight, all will become painfully obvious! 

America's enemies use our divisions and fault lines to divide us. We are so foolish; our enemies literally laugh at us. Both Democrats and Republicans use terms that are supposed to connote a kind of moral or intellectual superiority when, in actuality, we show how foible we are. 

Not all crises are as clear cut as gun- and knife-wielding Muslim terrorists slitting throats and stealing babies from their mothers' arms in Israel to gain leverage they can't get any other way.  Americans love stand-up fights; we tend to win those outright.  The destroyers figured that out a generation ago and play to our weaknesses and divisions.  Today, those aforementioned enemies understand how to fight and divide us, sapping our national unity and weakening our strength and resolve, much like Delilah did to Sampson. 

Exceedingly bad leadership within our own country, contrived wokeness, an educational system that Stalin himself would consider perfect for undermining us, and the use of deficit spending to paper over our mistakes and destroy our future have together led us to the precipice we now face.  Incredibly, the uneducated among us, the true believers who want to burn it all down, and our extreme elements who have a single-minded focus on playing small game baseball seemed poised to go over the cliff and take everyone with them. 

When will enough be enough?  How can we find sane leadership for our country who understands what is happening and can yank us back from the abyss? Sadly, they have few good answers for our future. 

Getting elected is the easy part.  Governing is hard.  If done right, a successful leader should make as few compromises as possible, tell the truth, and act in the best interests of our great United States.  Too few politicians are willing to do that anymore. 

We will all see our country fall if we can't agree on what America is all about and why it was successful in the first place.  As one teacher once said to me…Allan, it is all about first principles.

Let's get back to doing what is hard, not easy, and see our country coalesce once again into the extraordinary, exceptional nation it was.  Take this message to heart as if your life depended on it; it likely does.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer is a patriot, author, businessman, and thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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