The Extreme Danger of Mail-In Voting

Mail-in voting has made the secret ballot a thing of the past.  That will be the death of democracy, with new threats from the far left.

Loss of secrecy is one of the worst but hardly ever discussed dangers with mail-in voting.  What do you think is going to happen in light of recent reports of leftists openly threatening to “deprogram” and persecute Trump voters? 

Do leftists ever feel any shame for what they have done to this country by voting for the current regime and tacitly supporting it with their silence?

Dinesh D’Souza was recently on the Glenn Beck Program discussing his new film, Police State, going through the features of this kind of regime, with many uncannily already in place, as brought on by Biden or his hidden handler therein. 

This is from people who still have the chutzpah to falsely label themselves as “liberals.”  We’ve noticed that most of the pro-freedom side has refrained from calling them that, but leftists persist in maintaining the lie.

Recent weeks have also seen Hillary Clinton go full authoritarian in declaring that she wants to “deprogram” her political opponents — in other words, more than half the country, presumably in some camps, where we would be “concentrated.”  Meanwhile, there was a report that the FBI, the once pre-eminent law enforcement organization in the world, has its eye on Trump-supporters — moving this once august organization into the realm of infamous secret police organizations used to strike fear in the people: KGBGestapoStasiAVOMSS, Sabine.  

Naturally, the national socialist media denied this report with one-line editorials such as “The obvious holes in the ‘FBI targets Trump supporters’ story.”

For those unfamiliar with the obfuscation tactics of the fascist far left, you can always tell when they don’t have the goods as promised in the headline when they “bury the lede.”  In other words, they ramble on about tangential subject matter before trying to make their point.

The problem with these abject denials is that they are plausible only if taken in isolation.  In the case of Mr. Trump, we have this report in the context of the FBI ignoring the actions of the fascists of Antifa and the BLM well as the same FBI investigating parents as terrorists who attended school board meetings or Catholics attending church

You would have to be blind not to see the dark direction the fascist far left is taking the country, with the over-the-top persecution of President Trump while Beijing Biden and his crime family have gone way beyond the appearance of impropriety, showing that we have a two-tier justice system. 

Now add into the mix what are at best unsubstantiated reports of FBI persecution of Trump voters with the loss of secrecy of mail-in voting.  Discussions surrounding this “democratic” abomination usually center on the potential for voter fraud, as in the words of former Democrat president Jimmy Carter on the danger of mail-in voting.

Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.

But the loss of secrecy is even worse in light of the Hillary asseveration and the Newsweek report on the FBI in context with their other “activities” as in this article in Real Clear Politics on the subject: “What Americans Lost When We Abandoned the Secret Ballot.”

Ballot secrecy is not just a right of the individual but also a guarantee to all that my vote was not wrung from me by bribery or intimidation.

Out of a desire to make voting “easier” and perhaps exaggerated fears of public gatherings during the pandemic, most U.S. jurisdictions permitted unrestricted mail-in balloting in 2020. What did Americans lose when ballot secrecy was attenuated or vanished altogether?

Make no mistake, ballot secrecy is incompatible with secure mail-in balloting. At the polls, we each go into a little booth and make our choices in private. By contrast, no one knows where a mail-in ballot was filled out, or if a party or union activist hovered over the voter or even filled in the circles. Nobody knows what inducements, whether cash or threats, were offered to ensure that the person voted “correctly.” And if the ballot was “harvested” – turned in to the vote-counters by activists instead of by voters themselves – our suspicions deepen.

How many people are going to be intimidated out of voting for President Trump if it’s known that the FBI and the fascist far left are openly talking about going after them to “deprogram” them?  And in the best-case scenario, that there are merely reports that the FBI is going to investigate and put them on a list if they dare vote for President Trump?

Naturally, the national socialist media have “fact-checked” this issue, as they always do, with assertions against the fascist far left, with a laughable proviso that doesn’t even get close to passing the smell test:

Fact-checking William Barr: Is your vote no longer secret with mail-in ballots?

Washington (CNN) — Attorney General William Barr has become one of the staunchest supporters of the President’s campaign against mail-in voting. Speaking in Phoenix on Thursday, Barr continued to push false and negative narratives about mail-in voting.

“There’s no more secret vote, there’s no secret vote,” Barr said. “Your name is associated with a particular ballot. The government and the people involved can find out and know how you voted. And it opens up the door to coercion.” ...

Of Barr’s claim that “governments and the people involved” can find out how someone voted, Charles Stewart, a political science professor at MIT, said “that’s just incorrect, if people follow the law.”

“If people follow the law”?  Sometimes you just have to laugh at the little rhetorical escape clauses leftists stick in their “fact-checks.”  Sure, we can always trust the far left to follow the law, just as we can trust leftists always to tell the truth.  If you buy that, you’ll buy anything.

We now see the closing of the trap.  The COVID crisis provided the authoritarians with the perfect opportunity to force mail-in voting down our throats.  And they’ve debased the language so much that if you question their election wins (but only theirs), you are an “election denier,” which linguistically and logically doesn’t make any sense.    

Thus, the final piece of the puzzle is in place.  They assert that support for President Trump should be illegal and suppress his support out of fear that this will be discovered during the insecure mail-in voting process.  

There is an infamous ballot from the dark days of Germany and the iron-fisted rule of the Third Reich that has only one slot...for that “swashbuckling little politician,” Adolf Hitler. 

Isn’t that what the fascist far left is striving for today?  Leftists want one-party authoritarian rule, like a certain National Socialist Labor Party, and they still have the cojones to project that on the pro-freedom right.

D Parker is an engineer, inventor, wordsmith, and student of history, the director of communications for a civil rights organization, and a long-time contributor to conservative websites.  Find him on Substack.

Image: cagdesign via Pixabay, Pixabay License.

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