The Cult of Our Betters

What could be the single overriding thread superseding all others, tying all narratives together? 

It is that we face a ruling cult with no moral rudder and no identifiable corporate or organizational hierarchy, and that allows it to operate in the shadows.  This cult exists to accumulate power and destroy its enemies.

So why do we call them a cult and not a conspiracy?  What are the symbiotic relationships they constantly groom? What is the one thing they can't allow you to possess? And how can we can fight them and win?

The Cult of Our Betters (COOB) is a loosely organized group of individuals, companies, governments, and others who have adopted common objectives that grant the participants immense power and control over much of the free world.  And, while tightening the noose, the collective learns from its mistakes but eases off when there is broad non-compliance.  Additionally, the collective elicits the help of our most malleable citizens, giving them muscle to scare us as they keep us occupied while the collective goes about their stratagem of control. They have a feedback loop in the mainstream media.

There are no secret handshakes required.  There are no banks of supercomputers located under some bunker, or Star Chamber needed to destroy Western Civilization.  The cult openly convenes frequent one-on-one meetings in places like Davos to establish common actionable tactics and objectives by groups like the World Economic Forum (WEF).  That group sponsors and summons select invitees each year.  There are many other opportunities for the 'In' crowd to determine how you will be allowed to live.  Why is this difficult to believe?  Read this link and see what our future looks like.  This fantasy is becoming reality all over Europe; we're next.

The continued success of this cult, which is a progressive cult, requires never-ending indoctrination on subjects like 'sustainability' (code for the climate change agenda), 'shared' governance, and an end to conflict.  This is to be achieved through pacification of the masses, controlling their ability to exist as independent, free-thinking citizens. 

Our freedoms began eroding decades ago as we allowed our leaders to bargain away our economy, sovereignty, individual rights, and more.  Not a whit of this could have happened without the media's complicity and the death of investigative journalism.  My conservative friends will point out the duplicity of both parties as they enjoy the benefits of collaboration with the enemy.  No good end will come to them as, in the end, they too will be consumed by the whirlwind, probably first!

The Cult of Our Betters is not a conspiracy in the classic sense because there is no central bad guy.  The conspirators support each other, but mainly at the philosophical level.  Over time and with more divisions exploited in individual countries, you will witness groups of countries begin to coalesce into larger mega-countries.  Look at the European Union as an example of where national governments are redundant. Given enough time, commonality of cult interests will overpower national pride, as has happened within the EU.  The European Union is the model many malign players look at when gaming out world domination.  It's obvious to some now that wars of domination, like in Ukraine, can't be replicated worldwide.  There is no assurance of victory, as Russia has discovered, and the political reality of brutal old-style war creates unreliable alliances.  The uncertainty can be overwhelming. 

The most closely held freedom to destroy is your privacy.  That threatens them.  They know and understand that they cannot succeed without knowing your innermost secrets.  If control is desired, there must be perfect knowledge about those you wish to enslave.  Individual privacy is a dagger to the heart of COOB.  To that end, governments allow and partner with large tech companies to collect and monetize data on their subscribers.    How many understand that virtually all the big mega-media companies read all your mail and rob you of your privacy, even mining your contacts simultaneously?  That allows them to create individually accessible data points defining your life in over two hundred searchable metrics, which can be bought for the right price or used to support secret government FISA Court warrants.  It can also be for an international warrant, a Justice Department warrant, or even your local prosecutor. 

Remember, your information is commercial property for sale to any number of companies and groups, and your control or ability to opt out is limited in practice.  Sometimes, it is given to third parties to further this or that cause, as Facebook did in the last presidential election when Mark Zuckerberg spent $400 million to help defeat Trump. 

People fall into one of two camps:

  1. They believe the government is trustworthy and positively impacts their life
  2. They believe the government is untrustworthy and, consequently, exists for its own purposes

I'm from Camp B. 

If you believe as I do, then you are left with limited choices for vital communications.  No one can fight the government alone.  Fighting the government means everything from passive to active resistance.  The surveillance state exists on a multitude of public and private plains, and they have very sharp teeth. 

The right to free speech is explicit in the Constitution.  Regardless of whether we indulge in questionable facts, over-the-top references to violence, or even discuss whether our government is legitimate, all such topics are protected speech.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong.  This is especially true as we speak to each other privately.   Free speech becomes questionable when it translates into actual action or near-term threats.  That's Constitutional Law 101. 

While there is no constitutional guarantee of privacy, there are several fundamental protections that the government frequently ignores.  The Bill of Rights implies privacy in the Constitution, including freedom from unreasonable searches.  The Ninth Amendment is the most interesting: "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."  That pretty much says it all!

Privacy is a central theme for me.  You can't have freedom without being free in your thoughts, opinions, and associations.

Do we want to be led by those who consider themselves our betters?  You choose.

God Bless America.

Allan J. Feifer is a patriot, author, businessman, and thinker.  Read more about Allan, his background, and his ideas to create a better tomorrow at

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