Ending Feudal Slavery...Again

The ruling class would have us believe that the most dangerous threats to our security and happiness are Russia, global warming, and unapproved speech.  In actuality, the lethal threat of our times and for the foreseeable future is the unconstrained power of the State.  State control versus individual liberty is the conflict that will eventually lead to war, social upheaval, and revolutionary change.  Everything else is either ancillary or a psychological distraction.

The Marxist globalists know this.  Everything they do is engineered to steal personal freedoms and expand government's oppressive control over the living.  They seek a centralized power structure in which as few people as possible own everything, while everyone else lives as a serf.  To that end, the small cabal of globalist oligarchs continue to siphon wealth and power from ordinary people, strengthening themselves and making their enemies — us — weaker with every thieving pass.

Ordinary people increasingly understand what is happening.  However bad the government's COVID tyranny has been, it has had the salubrious effect of pulling the wool from the eyes of a great many people.  A primary reason that COVID tyranny has backfired is that it relies on a premise that normal people can see is not true — that the danger from the Wuhan Flu is so great that it justifies lockdowns, censorship, and forced injections of experimental "vaccines."  Had people been dying in the streets in horrific and ghastly ways, these monumental violations of human rights and personal liberties might have been understood, if not condoned

However, ordinary people armed with nothing more than an elementary-school-level comprehension of the Scientific Method and medical ethics know that such radical programs to fight disease are inexcusable unless absolutely necessary.  Once people learned — despite the government's embargo over such essential information — that young and healthy people had almost no risk of dying or becoming seriously ill from COVID, they also knew that it was unethical to force any kind of experimental treatment upon the unwilling.  Once people learned that the government's twofold promise — that the "vaccines" prevented both viral infection and transmission — was an easily proven lie, then they knew that there was nothing scientifically rational behind the government's imperious commands.  Once the government chose to defend its actions — including forced masking and isolation — as critically necessary, despite mounting evidence that these policies did more harm than good, ordinary people began to realize that the whole exercise had nothing to do with public health and everything to do with State control.  Once government scientists started speaking in infantile gibberish — such as, "We're working at the speed of science!" — the jig was up.  The propaganda had become just too obvious.

A lot of people woke up during COVID.  They looked around for the first time and saw clearly that the government had been building a prison around them for decades.  The PATRIOT Act, the answer to foreign terrorists succeeding in one of the worst attacks on American soil, has been turned into a device for the government to unconstitutionally spy on the American people's private communications.  The news media — owned and operated by a handful of transnational oligarchs — does not objectively report news; it covertly works with the State to manipulate Americans' minds and shape their opinions.  International "free trade" agreements have not brought greater American wealth; they have destroyed the middle class and put America on a path to financial instability.  Poverty-inducing inflation is not a natural characteristic of a healthy economy; it is a government-constructed instrument for transferring wealth from those with small savings accounts to those with giant stock portfolios, while simultaneously ensuring that regular working-class labor strikes generate domestic strife and urgent calls for State intervention.  Political parties are not really representing the American people and fighting each other tooth and nail; they are secretly working together to keep Americans fighting among themselves, while the Uniparty sabotages the country and undermines the electorate's will.  

How do you evade actually securing the border when doing so has been a popular policy supported by a supermajority of the American people for over fifty years?  You kick the problem back and forth between the Republican and Democrat parties and act as if there is no obvious bipartisan solution.  If ordinary Americans were deputized and given legal immunity to police the border, our country would be secure within the month.  Because the Uniparty and its multinational corporate friends seek cheap labor and cultural destruction within the United States, Congress and the Pentagon will continue to insist that Ukraine's borders are more vital than our own.  It is all hogwash.

Yes, eyes have been opening far and wide, and millions of Americans finally understand that it is not European war, global warming, or free speech that threatens our future security and happiness but rather the expanding control of an entrenched and authoritarian ruling elite.  Tyranny took hold on these shores decades ago and it has metastasized to the point that no moral, thinking person can deny what the eyes so clearly see.  The problems in America — first and foremost — are created and sustained right in D.C.

So the battleground is set.  Liberty-minded Americans know that the unconstitutional federal government is a monstrosity that must be deconstructed, and the monstrous Leviathan knows that it must trap and subdue the American people before they can overturn the system and start anew.  Central bank digital currencies, social credit scores, viewpoint discrimination and censorship, mass surveillance, vehicles that depend on an unstable electric grid for power, the criminalization of private farming in the name of "global warming," and the proliferation of artificial intelligence surveillance systems dedicated to monitoring, tracking, manipulating, and punishing Americans who "misbehave" — these are just a few of the tyrannical Deep State torture tools that have already come or will soon be coming our way. 

If the government succeeds, you will lose your privacy for good.  You will own nothing.  You will regurgitate only pre-approved speech.  You will do as you are told.  And the centralized authorities will keep one A.I.-empowered finger on a kill switch at all times to make sure that you never "go rogue."  

That's a feudal society with mass slavery.  Anybody who argues differently has aspirations to be a future feudal lord in control of a nation-sized plantation of slaves.

For all you pessimists out there who think this future is certain, think again.  The last time the world went through a technological revolution similar to ours was roughly six hundred years ago when Johannes Gutenberg invented the movable-type printing press.  That single innovation created a ripple-effect that brought feudalism to an end, ushered in the Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution, introduced mass communication, encouraged ordinary people to question authority, cultivated cultural self-awareness, and forged new nation states.  In the process, literacy rates skyrocketed from close to zero to nearly universal over the next few centuries.  Elites' stranglehold over information disappeared.

As the printing press spread ideas across Europe and eventually the New World, the feudal nobility destroyed presses, enforced censorship, imprisoned printers, and punished readers.  Still, ordinary people prospered in both knowledge and wealth — and feudalism died.

Today's ruling class sees technology as a weapon that will ensure its feudal supremacy for the next millennium.  Elites want a "redo" of the Gutenberg Press where only they print the books of the future.  They failed during the Enlightenment, and they will fail again because they take their monopoly over innovation for granted.  Just as before the Civil War, private currencies will again flourish.  The black market will swell from fifteen percent of the economy to over fifty.  And self-aware "serfs" will chase today's noble lords all the way back to the fifteenth century.  There is a global revolution in the making.  Prepare accordingly.

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