Don’t Send Them to the West

Right now, it is starting to look as though Israel is planning to forcibly move the Gazans.  In a less politically correct era, this would have been called population transfer.  This was how a measure of stability was brought to the Greek and Turkish border, right after WWI.

However, in a more “sensitive” era, such a transfer is called “ethnic cleansing,” and it is now labeled a form of genocide.

In reality, the term is usually used only as a form of convenience to attack an opponent, as in the other side is practicing genocide, whereas our side is simon pure.

From a pro-Israel, pro-Jewish blog by Vic Rosenthal, who goes by the nom de plume of Abu Yehuda:

You [Egypt] are advised to prepare to receive a flow of refugees at the Egyptian border, where you will need to provide food and shelter for them, as well as transportation to any country that will receive them. They will not be returning to Gaza.

I am not here to critique Mr. Rosenthal, but only to ask: why would Israel want to dump roughly 2 million Gazans on Egypt, which does not want them?  The peace with Egypt was always tenuous, but it held.  Why stress that peace now?  Egypt is willing to send aid to Gaza, but not to absorb the population.

If Israel pushes the matter, it might make Egypt belligerent, as Egypt does not want to get stuck with them.

Talk of pushing Palestinians to Sinai as a more permanent solution is “not acceptable,” former Egyptian foreign minister Mohamed al-Orabi, now chairman of the government-linked Egyptian Foreign Relations Council, told The Washington Post.

What is often left unstated is that no nation wants to absorb the Palestinians.  Other nations do not want Israel to dump its Palestinian problem on them.  Rather, the Arab states prefer to leave Israel stuck with a large demographic of insanely violent, hostile Palestinians in the hopes that one day the problem will come to a boil.

Well, it has.

Recently, the number of Arabs west of the Jordan River has started to approximate the number of Jews, which from a Zionist perspective signals a disaster.  Some observers have noted that Jewish women are having more babies, but Arabs have them younger, so they still cycle up in population faster.

Jewish people make up less than 47 percent of all those living west of the Jordan River, an Israeli demographer warned Tuesday, claiming that most of the Israeli population is unaware of the democratic peril the country is sliding into by possibly becoming a ruling minority in the area.

While the numbers are disputed, they are not that far off.  Gaza has a very young population, where the average age is 18, while in Israel, it is 29.  The average age of marriage is also younger in Gaza.  Females in particular marry almost four years earlier in Gaza.

Had Hamas waited ten more years, the demographic gradient would have been even worse for Israel, and then the Palestinians could have demanded a one-state solution, and the world might have supported the idea as a democratic imperative.

So a crisis was looming one way or the other.  There was no way that Israel could live with Gaza, even had it been more peaceable.

The author, Vic Rosenthal, explains his reason for blaming the world for this situation:

You paid for their [the Gazans’] food and healthcare, while accepting the idea that millions must “return” to a place from which a few hundred thousand fled 75 years ago. You paid for their “education,” while allowing it to become indoctrination in irredentism.

I understand and sympathize with Mr. Rosenthal’s fury, but I can’t help but notice that Zionism, by its nature, is the most irredentist nationalism of all.  He should have chosen a better metaphor.  And if the world has subsidized Islamic irredentism, sections of the West have also subsidized Zionist irredentism.

M.K. Moshe Feiglin called for similar action in 2014:

An Israeli official [M.K. Feiglin] has called for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip, and annihilation of all fighting forces and their supporters’. ...

Part of his plan includes shipping the people living in Gaza across the world. ...

He says to encourage the movement those who willingly agree to emigrate will be given “a generous economic support package.”

Maybe MK Feiglin was prescient, but I doubt that Palestinians would get generous relocation packages today.

So what to do?
The first thing to notice is that after last week’s horrific slaughter, Hamas has lost a large portion of the world’s sympathy, except for Islamic populations and insane leftists.

The second thing to notice is that Trump cut off all aid to the Palestinians.  Biden re-instated it.  This would never have happened under Trump.  All aid to the Palestinians should be immediately cut off.  Oddly, though, in the short term, this would dump the problem back on Israel.  Without foreign aid to the Palestinians in Judea and Samaria, the expenses would be dumped on Israel.  Whether Israel picks up the tab is another matter.  Still, all aid should be cut off.

The third thing is that the West must not take these Gazans in.  Europe is already flooded with Muslim migrants as a result of meddling in Syria.  No more.  If any migrants be absorbed, let it be assimilable Christian Euro-Ukrainians.

Fourth: The Gazans — if they be ejected — must be ejected to the Islamic world, and this must be made clear.  If the Arab world does not agree to absorb them, all diplomatic and economic aid to them must stop.  I am not saying this is 100% fair, but the alternatives are much worse.

Fifth: The Arabs — and Russia — will cut off oil in protest.  The U.S. must allow more oil drilling.  Get the greenies out of office.  Biden must be made aware of this.  Under Trump, the USA was an oil exporter.  Get free of Arab and Russian extortion.

Sixth: If Israel sends them to the Sinai, expect Egypt to return to its belligerence.  That is Israel’s decision, not ours, but I would suggest dumping the Gazans on Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Algeria.  Have fleets pick them up.  Spain did it in 1609, when the Moors were expelled.

This will not put an end to the problem.  Arabs in Judea and Samaria are still an issue.

Finally, it is clear that Israel will be comfortable only with a large Jewish majority in its state...essentially an ethno-state.  And that is the right terminology, as the IHRA definition of antisemitism defines Jews as an ethnic group.  They have a common ancestry in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

I have no problem with this, as long as liberal Jews — and even Israel notices that diaspora Jews are too liberal — in the West stop screaming “racism” when it comes to white Christians in the West.  Tell Israel that we will support a more Jewish Jewish state if they support more Western Western states, and pressure diaspora Jews to stop being so woke.

Image: Tom Hilton via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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