Diversity, Division, Disintegration

What is wrong with the U.S.? What is wrong with the Western world? Indeed, they are coming apart.

The terms “racist,” “racism,” and “hate” are now commonplace charges and allegations in political discourse and the sphere of public opinion where whites are called to ceremonially denounce the “white privilege” into which they were born.

The destiny of migrants illegally crossing the southern borders of the U.S. and the European Union is to replace white Americans and Europeans. As the ongoing invasion continues, native-born white Americans and Europeans have practically stopped reproducing themselves. Any such voluntary downturn in the birth rate has always been a sign of internal agony, collapse of society, social upheaval, and decaying civilization.

The question to which the rendering of the old fabricated answer, i.e., “diversity is our greatest strength,” has never been adequate: Is there no limit to the racial, religious, ideological, political, social, cultural, and ethnic diversity America can accommodate before it splinters into its parts?

Diversifying religious teachings leads to incompatible, opposing viewpoints about morality on the most divisive social issues of abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, etc. Racial diversity and population exchange are enhancing and sharpening problems that have never been solved since the birth of the United States. In a few short years, white Americans will belong to racial minorities—the apparent goal of the ruling globalists.

Are all Americans still united in their love of their country? Do they still take pride in their achievements in the 400 years since Jamestown? Not at all.

Part of the population buys into the academic and intellectual elites’ rendition of history. According to this view, the “American nation” was born when diversity began. Being “Americans” by passports only, they not only disagree about their history; some even hate it.

Some see Western civilization as hundreds of years of colonialism, exploitation, imperialism, genocide, slavery, and segregation—practiced against people of color—the source of the West’s wealth and power. Therefore, according to this leftist viewpoint, the state should redistribute the bounty to the descendants of the victims of Western predatory greed. For many, equality of opportunity is no longer enough today—meritocracy must yield to equity, the state must pay restitution, administer reparations, and ensure a future with equality of rewards. Elite high schools must relinquish their insistence on good grades and exams to gain admissions and demonstrate advancement. And schools must mirror the racial and ethnic composition of the communities where they are located.

For years, the same feeling has haunted the native populations of the Western world: a strange and pervasive sense of dispossession. Anyone walking down the streets of Western cities will not recognize them by their “modern atmosphere” or milieu. Anyone looking at the television screens or listening to the news will not appreciate the strange, politically correct, alien language. Glancing at billboards, watching TV series, soccer games, movies, plays, reading children’s school books, taking the subway, going to train stations and airports, waiting for a daughter or son after school, anyone feels like he or she is no longer in the country they used to know. Accompanying one’s mother to the hospital emergency room, standing in line at the post office or employment office, sitting at a police station or in a courtroom, anyone feels like they are no longer in the country they used to call “home.”

You remember the country you knew as a child, the one your parents and grandparents described. You remember the land you find in films or books, say, the United States, that is both casual and brilliant, literary and scientific, intelligent and original. You remember the land you are desperately looking for everywhere and compare every country to it without ever knowing—the country you hold dear—and that is about to disappear.

You have not moved but feel like you are no longer at home. You have not left your country, but it feels like your country has left you. You feel like a foreigner and outsider in your home—internally banished. For a long time, you believed you were the only one who sees, hears, thinks, and fears that way; you were afraid to say it and ashamed of your impressions and thoughts.

For a long time, you did not dare to say what you saw, and most importantly, you did not dare to understand what you saw. And then you told your wife, husband, children, friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and then you realized that everyone shared your sense of dispossession. America was no longer America, and everyone had noticed; Britain was no longer Britain, and everybody had observed it. France was no more France, and all had recognized it; Germany was no more Germany, and people had realized it. Europe was no longer Europe, and everyone had seen it.

Of course, they despised you for noticing. The powerful, the establishment, the do-gooders, the journalists, the politicians, the academics, the sociologists, the elite universities, and the religious authorities told you that it was all a delusion, that it was all wrong, that you were all bad. But in time, you understood that they did the deluding; they got it all wrong and harmed you.

Of course, we must re-industrialize America, balance our trade, eliminate unlimited spending and debts, bring our emigrated companies back to the U.S., get our unemployed back into work, preserve our architectural, cultural, and natural heritage, restore our school system, and stop surrendering our children to the equalizing experiments of gender theorists and the indoctrination of leftist fanatics. Of course, we must recapture our sovereignty left to the technocrats and judges who have robbed the American people of their ability to decide their fate—in the name of the fantasies of a globalized world that will never be a nation.

Yes, we have to wrest power back from the judges, who use their legally autocratic privilege in place of government. For decades, the rulers of the Western world—Right or Left—have led the U.S. on this fateful path of decline and decadence, lying about and concealing the reality of the ideological, political, cultural, and demographic exchange.

Can we still preserve our way of life, traditions, culture, language, history, and literature? Can Americans remain American, feel at home again, and not be strangers in an unknown and unrecognizable country? Can the newcomers assimilate into their culture and learn their history?

Will Americans prove themselves worthy of their ancestors? Or will they allow themselves to be exchanged, ruled, enslaved, conquered, and colonized? If not, they will face a cold, determined monster trying to defile them. Americans will be told they are racist and driven by evil passions, although the most beautiful of all emotions that can guide them is the passion for America.

The American people must raise their heads, drop their masks and show themselves, dispel false influences, and drive away their bad shepherds. Real Americans have always triumphed over everything; will they continue the noble American experiment and pass the torch on to the next generations?

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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