Challenging Black Conservative Criticism

The Root, an ultra-liberal publication addressing issues within Black culture, has once again turned its focus to criticizing Black conservatives. This time, they’ve compiled a hit list of black conservatives to target, including well-known figures like Larry Elder, Tim Scott, and Herman Cain. In this article titled “A List of Worst Black Conservatives Ever,” they employ familiar liberal tactics, accusing them of aligning with White supremacy, lacking the best interests of Black America at heart, and being grifters. It’s frustrating because, on the surface, they may seem to provide commentary in the best interest of Black America, but it’s, in reality, a preemptive strike to suppress opposing views within Black communities. 

The Worst Black Conservatives?

Their go-to weapon is the characterization of racism, which is used to shut down the flow of ideas in the Black community. It’s time to bring Black conservative ideas to the forefront. Take Larry Elder, for example. While I may not agree with everything he says or does, let’s examine his campaign to raise awareness about fatherless homes. The Institute for Family Studies noted that research evidence indicates that, on average, children who have two parents who are committed to one another, a stable home life, more economic resources, and the advantage of being intended or welcomed by their parents are more likely to flourish. So, is he wrong for bringing this issue to the table? Is he wrong for wanting to prioritize this issue for Black Americans?

Questioning the Black Liberal Narrative

The real problem lies with the Black liberal elite, who seem to frame White supremacy and systemic racism as the sole impediments to true prosperity for Black America. However, the data doesn’t necessarily support this perspective.

Tim Scott’s Stance on Racism and Welfare

Let’s consider the criticism of Tim Scott, who asserts that America is not a racist country and likens the welfare state to slavery. If Scott can present a compelling case for why America has racist individuals but isn’t inherently racist as a country, shouldn’t his viewpoint be worthy of consideration? Even though we may disagree with comparing welfare to slavery, if he can demonstrate how welfare might hinder family stability and individual motivation, his viewpoint deserves attention. 

Harris Faulkner and Black-on-Black Crime

The criticism of Black conservatives doesn’t end there; they also target Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner for addressing Black-on-Black crime and critiquing the Black Lives Matter movement. Is she wrong for wanting to end violence in the Black community? While Black liberals shift the debate toward killings by law enforcement, if the data shows that most killings of Blacks occur within their own community, shouldn’t addressing this be a priority on the Black agenda? This doesn’t mean dismissing unlawful killings by law enforcement; it means following the data to address the most pressing social issues.

Embracing Diversity of Black Perspectives

Promoting a diverse range of voices within the Black community is essential to a thriving democracy. We should embrace the variety of perspectives that Black conservatives bring to the table. Just as not all liberals share the same views, the same diversity exists within the conservative camp. Healthy debates and discussions between these diverse viewpoints can lead to more comprehensive solutions for the challenges facing Black America. Rather than silencing or demonizing those who don’t conform to a single narrative, we should encourage a respectful exchange of ideas to better understand the complexities of these issues.

The Importance of Sincerity and Compassion

It’s essential that Black conservatives, or anyone addressing issues within the Black community, approach these topics with a combination of sincerity, unwavering beliefs, and genuine compassion for the struggles and concerns of the community. The Black community rightly resists those who merely echo the sentiments of racist White organizations or appear insincere in their intentions. To make a meaningful impact, individuals should demonstrate a sincere commitment to addressing these challenges, maintain firmness in their principles, and show empathy for the community’s experiences. By embodying these qualities, they can engage in constructive and respectful discussions that lead to practical solutions while bridging divides and fostering understanding.

The Commitment of Black Conservatives

For many Black conservatives, their unwavering commitment lies in a singular objective -- to bring about social redemption and economic success within the Black community. They believe that a reimagined path toward progress involves embracing conservative principles that prioritize individual liberty, personal responsibility, and economic empowerment. Through their advocacy and unique perspective, they aim to bridge ideological divides and foster conversations that challenge the status quo. In their vision, the Black community can thrive and prosper when given the tools, opportunities, and freedom to shape their destinies. By engaging in open dialogue and finding common ground, we can collectively work toward a future where the shared goal is the betterment of all Americans, regardless of their political beliefs or backgrounds.

Image: The Root

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