Almost Like Metaphysics: Democrats Use Issues to Push for Total Control

The Democrats are playing a game of hide-and-seek with voters.

The party hides what they are up to, and voters do very little seeking. The game revolves around the philosophical mystery at the core of the party.

Who are the Democrats?

What do they believe? Democrat leaders, especially the older ones, still speak the language of caring, but their policies say otherwise. They are no longer the party of the New Deal, offering an array of programs to help families, children, and working men and women. Instead, based on their current priorities, they are the party of the international managerial elite, as represented by Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. This international elite, hiding in plain sight, has its own agenda rarely reported on in the mainstream media, but it has been made public as the “Great Reset” of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Great Reset has little to do with the well-being of the people in this country.

Two current issues provide insight into the philosophical foundation of Democrats today: transgenderism and climate change.

In polling, Democrat voters rank climate change as an important issue, but less important than health care, education, and abortion rights. Transgenderism is well down the list of voter priorities.

Transgenderism and climate change are problematic issues. Men cannot become women and women cannot become men. Gender is not a social construct, but a physical reality. No matter how often you assert the opposite, it will not become true.

Likewise climate change. “Everyone” knows that man-made climate change is destroying the planet. The “entire” scientific community is united in agreement. Both of these statements are false, but they are never debated. The science upon which climate catastrophe assertions are based is not settled. Just ask Nobel Prize-winning scientist Dr. John Clauser, who was recently cancelled for undermining the supposed monolithic climate orthodoxy.

Why are these two issues, each with a questionable foundation in reality, at the forefront of Democrat activism?

Because in the Democrat party today, it’s not about middle-class Americans; it’s not even about Americans anymore. It’s about the goals of the international managerial elite, and this reflects the philosophical change at the heart of the Democrat party. For Democrats, power is no longer a means of helping people, but an end-in-itself. The goal is to expand government power in order to remake society, and humanity itself. What is needed to advance these goals? Power. Control. That’s why they love communist China.

The WEF and the leftist Democrat elite here want to duplicate across the globe the CCP’s total control of the people.

Climate change is useful because it is a planet-threatening problem that requires systemic change enforced by the government, requiring ever-greater government control over our lives, like the Covid pandemic. Transgenderism is another power play, an attempt to override reality by government fiat. It places the state in the middle of the family, giving the state the last word on the question of the human person, fracturing the natural power structure of the family, and establishing the state as a competing authority with parents.

Transgenderism is a step towards creating a competing power center within the family. If it succeeds, other “children’s rights” issues will emerge. The radical international left wants all people, beginning as children, to have their principal relationship with the state, which they are determined to control. Pitting children against parents or a parent against a parent is an attack on our civilization. Civilization is founded upon interlocking communities of mutual support. The family is the ur-community of civil society.

A genuine community is impossible when everyone’s primary relationship is with the state. That is Communist China today. The end result is an atomistic society of separate individuals, all in relationship to a powerful state with no true human community. A master-slave relationship. The philosophical system at the heart of the Democrat party today is atomization, an idea as old as the 5th century B.C. philosopher Democritus.

Democritus imagined a wholly material world made up of atoms, indivisible individual particles, which bump up against each other combining and recombining in the void. There is no spiritual or metaphysical element in atomism; the philosophy is entirely materialistic. Philosophical atomism has no God or Creator, and no end toward which things tend. It proposes a universe of individual atoms and the void. It is a system of chaos, constant change without order, as atoms combine and recombine in different configurations.

Armed with this radical worldview, Democrats promote a sociological atomism founded on a Marxist view of the individual, who, acted on by economic and historical forces, is drawn into relationship with a state that protects them from these forces (like racism and sexism). Human society then becomes isolated individuals without real community, and the state is the sole guarantor of the individual, replacing family, tribe, community, and the entire civil society.

Like atomism, Marxism is entirely materialistic. No God, no human soul. No natural impulse for happiness and order. Human beings are animals responding to material stimuli. Governing is satisfying material wants. But freedom is a metaphysical concept. Freedom in such a system, as Rousseau declared in The Social Contract, is a concept founded in the community rather than an innate characteristic of the human person.

In Rousseau, and thinkers today on the radical left who follow his logic, human beings enjoy freedom when they align their individual will with the general will, when they conform their actions, their exercise of freedom, to the will how of the “community.” In other words, when you do what they say, not what you desire, then you are most free.

Elites are trying to reset the general will today through social media, the United Nations and the WEF, and issues like transgenderism and climate change. By forming a new “general” will, they are also creating a new concept of freedom. Transgenderism and climate change are fundamentally metaphysical issues: Do you believe in truth? Do you believe in individual freedom? Is there a limit on our ability to mold the world, including our bodies? Does might alone make right?

The international managerial elite does not want any limit on their ability to reshape the world. Metaphysics, God, and the human soul, with its own yearning and its own particular end, set a limit on what they can do and how they can accomplish it. Classical freedom is a hinderance to them, so they induce us to give it up little by little. We go along, too busy with the struggle of existence to worry that the foundations of our freedom might be at risk. We act as if the existence of those freedoms is unassailable. But that is not true.

The existence of God and the human soul set a limit because God and the destiny of each individual soul provides a framework, an order, that is different from the order that today’s elite wants to impose. The ancient world turned away from Democritus and materialist atomism because it presents a random, chaotic world based on perpetual change. Plato and Aristotle saw that, despite ongoing change in the world, change occurred against a background of observable order in the universe. Order is natural to the universe, and change is the operation of the natural order working itself out.

Our own experience tells us that all is not chaotic and ever-changing. We recognize order and see things that endure through the material changes in the world, like truth and justice. Material changes are a working out of that order in time. Thomas Hobbes, the philosopher who brought materialism into the modern era, gave us a vision of what life in a materialist, atomistic world would look like in his book, Leviathan. It was a world of chaos and violence, in which the people turn to an all-powerful state to impose order and security. Sound familiar?

With God and metaphysics banished, order is no longer natural, but something that must be imposed on a chaotic world. In exhaustion and fear, we will look for an external remedy and we will offer our freedom for it. As our Christian understanding of the world wilts, a rising tide of chaos is spreading in the world: chaos in our cities with crime and racial tension; chaos in our families with a blurring of what it means to be a man or woman; chaos at our border with illegals flooding into our country; chaos in our economy, where uncontrolled spending creates rampant inflation; and chaos in Europe with a destructive war. A lack of confidence in metaphysical order and growing chaos in society go hand-in-hand. That’s a powerful attack on the human person.

The next time you vote, trust the person who understands the realities of truth and freedom. Freedom the way you understand it, not a decadent idea of freedom. Don’t assume that you are guaranteed certain freedoms. Freedom in America is a custom, supported by the Constitution, but it can fade away.

What is at the core of the radical Democrat party of today? Nothing. The Democrat party of today has no soul, and no interest in your soul, and voters need to wake up to this new reality.

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