Who is Seth Rich? Who Murdered Him? And What’s The Deep State Hiding?

The Background:

Seth Rich, a DNC staffer, was murdered on July 10, 2016. The DC Metro Police attributed his death to a botched robbery. That’s tragic but straightforward. Why, then, is the FBI refusing to release the information from Rich’s laptop? Perhaps it’s because Rich is the key to understanding the Russian collusion narrative that the Democrats and Deep State used to such savage effect against Trump, up to and including the 2020 campaign, when operatives lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Anyone questioning the official narrative was immediately labeled a conspiracy theorist and canceled.

The Russian Disinformation Narrative – The Con:

The convenient Russian collusion claim had its roots in 2016 when the FBI knowingly used the false Russian narrative to weave together a FISA search warrant affidavit alleging that two low-level Trump campaign volunteers, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos, were Russian assets. They were not. However, unaware of that fact, the FISA court issued a search warrant and three subsequent warrants for counter-espionage surveillance authorizations.

Special Counsel John Durham’s team thoroughly debunked the Russian collusion narrative during the trial of Attorney Michael Sussman. From the trial testimony and evidence introduced, we learned that the Russian collusion narrative was created, paid for, and leaked to the media at the behest of Hillary Clinton and her operatives, and aided by the FBI and CIA in a domestic disinformation operation.

The FBI retargeted the fabricated counter-espionage investigation to spy illegally, first, on candidate and, then, on President-elect Trump. The FBI knowingly failed to disclose the dual-purpose nature of these warrants to the FISA judge(s) who reviewed and issued these warrants. The FBI agents, including then-Director James Comey, lied by omission to the FISA court, as they later did in the Mar-a-Lago warrant. To this day, there has been no criminal accountability for these FBI agents.

AI Image of Seth Rich.

The Lies, the Pay to Play Schemes, and Election Interference:

Beginning before the 2016 election and continuing through the 2020 election, the media headlined the Russian meme daily without batting an eye. Our intel community, with sycophant members of Congress, assured us the Russian narrative was true. In fact, it was the illegal product of the FBI, the CIA, and other agencies.

So-called Russian disinformation affected the 2020 campaign by disguising Biden’s malfeasance. From the information on Hunter’s laptop and the new evidence from the House oversight hearings, there is prima facie evidence that the Biden family, headed by Joe Biden, engaged in a pay-to-play scheme. Millions of dollars changed hands via Hunter the bagman. Coincidentally, as Vice president and President, Biden made policy decisions detrimental to American interests and beneficial to those who paid him (Secretary Hillary Clinton did the same). Polling has since revealed that, had the voters known Hunter’s laptop’s information was genuine, 15% said they would not have voted for Biden. This change was enough that it would have swung the 2020 election to Donald Trump.

The public was denied this truth. The intel community and the media dismissed Hunter’s laptop as Russian disinformation. We know now this was not true. Fifty-one high-level retired intel officials, including former CIA Director John Brennan and Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper, issued a letter saying the laptop had all the earmarks of Russian disinformation.

This infamous letter was released only days before the 2020 Presidential election. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, then a member of Joe Biden’s campaign staff, played a role in creating and releasing the letter, as did the CIA. DNI Director John Ratcliffe, under Trump, categorically denied Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Who is lying?

What does this have to do with Seth Rich?

Well, the Russian collusion narrative’s political strength was how it played out following the hack of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) server and Wikileaks’ release of compromising information on Candidate Hillary Clinton and the DNC (sandbagging then-candidate Bernie Sanders). The FBI and others contended the hack resulted from Russian collusion in Trump’s favor.

Given that Russian collusion was a lie, who did hack the DNC server? Was it Seth Rich, a DNC software developer?

Jack Cashill wrote the best summary of the circumstances surrounding Rich’s murder. Based on secondhand statements, Cashill reports that Rich was the leak’s source. After several contentious civil suits or visits by the Men in Black, these sources went silent. Troublesome questions were left unanswered.

Rich had a motive. Rich was a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Rich surely knew that Clinton and the DNC were sandbagging Bernie Sanders as they are now doing with RFK Jr. Rich had physical access to the DNC server, so he could have copied the files to a thumb drive and then physically handed it to Wikileaks.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who published the DNC files, continues to deny the files came from the Russians. Assange earlier published NSA top secret documents with evidence of wide-ranging potentially illegal spying by the US. Our intel community is hot to have Assange extradited from Great Britain but, as far as I know, no one ever interviewed him. Why? Perhaps they already knew the answer? (See more here)

The DOJ and FBI are playing a cat-and-mouse game by deep-sixing Rich’s laptop. The Gateway Pundit reported on August 21, 2023, that the FBI initially said it had nothing involving the investigation of the murder of Rich. Later, the FBI admitted it did have some information on Rich’s death and then admitted it had Rich’s laptop. The FBI said it would release the contents, giving an estimate of sixty-six years to produce. The FBI did so only after many FOIAs and civil suits by Judicial Watch and Attorney Ty Clevenger.

Shades of Hunter’s Laptop from Hell? My question is, what are the FBI and CIA hiding this time? Maybe Obama’s fingerprints?

Conclusion and Opinion:

Our government has engaged in many unlawful acts. Its agents lie with impunity to cover for its criminal acts (see, e.g., American Thinker articles). A common thread and purpose run through these illegal actions: the FBI (the Democrats’ Praetorian Guard) and others behave like an organized criminal cartel. The FBI, CIA, and DNI committed many crimes to secure Hillary Clinton’s presidential election. Once Trump was elected, the Cartel continued with a soft coup to unseat him.

The Cartel silenced any who would dare stand in opposition through government-directed censorship, politically based selective prosecutions, entrapment, lying, the unlawful use of force under the color of authority, obstruction of justice, by the subversion of the rule of law and equal justice, by flagrant violating the civil rights of the people, and the defilement of the US Constitution – an ongoing criminal enterprise as defined in Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

Trump is an existential threat to the Cartel as was Rich, if he was the DNC leaker. Rich could expose the Russian collusion narrative as false before the 2016 election. With the DOJ, the FBI, and the CIA going rogue and full Stasi, it is easier to believe that Rich was assassinated. A complete and thorough investigation is essential, one that follows the evidence wherever it leads.

President Biden’s policy reversals are deadly to the United States’ strategic interests. Joe Biden is the real Manchurian Candidate. This Cartel includes the Clinton and Biden crime families running pay-to-play schemes, with foreign and domestic actors working together for their self-interested purposes and aided abetted by the Marxist Left, Totalitarian, and Globalist ideologies that directly threaten the constitutional republic of the United States.

Ron Wright is a retired detective, having served thirty-five years with Riverside PD, Calif. Ron earned a BA in political science from Cal State University, Fullerton, and a Master of Administration from the University of California, Riverside. Facebook at Ron T. Cop.

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