The Republican Debate Was Edifying But Still Bad For The Debaters

I’m a political junkie and have been involved in politics for over two decades. I’m not a big fan of the debate format, in general, but, in the past, I’ve always looked forward to them. Now, I dread them. It’s one thing if it’s one-on-one, but these “you get one minute to answer” debates with scores of candidates just don’t work.

I hated the second Republican debate the other night. From the minute it started to the minute it ended, all I could think was, “I’m hating this.” That feeling wasn’t just because it was a verbal free-for-all.

This was a debate in which one candidate had to break out from the pack and distinguish him or herself as the alternative to Trump. They all failed.

Moreover, there was no unifying conservative message. They all should have been singing from the same hymnal, in their own voices, with their individual experiences and talents. But we should have been able to turn off the TV and summarize the overriding conservative message that would be deployed against Biden or any other D candidate. When you walk away from Democrat debates, you know full well what the Dems are going to campaign on and that they’ll all support the nominee 100%.

That did not happen in the second Republican debate.

That said, I will say that I thought Burgum did a good job and was the adult in the room, but it was not enough to break out from the pack. I also don’t see him beating any Democrat in the 2024 election.

Ron just doesn’t have it right now. Someone told him to smile more, and it’s so fake. It’s not who he is. And while I love him as governor, it’s not his time. If we are fortunate to have another President Trump to right the ship. I see Ron as his successor—a regular guy with a calmer demeanor who would be a welcome change from the tornadic years we can expect from a second Trump presidency—tornadic not because of Trump himself but because of all of the shenanigans the Democrat-Media Complex will do to undermine his administration and destroy his presidency.

Image: YouTube screen grab.

Vivek seemed to have learned his lesson from the last debate but was so obviously under attack from Haley and Scott he spent most of his time trying to defend himself. However, even that was impossible as Haley and Scott talked over his rebuttals.

Frankly, neither Haley nor Scott wear “mean” well. They cannot carry it off in the same way that, well, Trump can. Haley rolled her eyes and was harrumphing. She looked and sounded angry. Her responses were often confusing to follow. She was trying to make Vivek look bad, but it backfired. The points she had won in the first debate, vanished with her ‘tude.

Tim Scott doesn’t play attack dog convincingly. I like Tim, but he just lacks the chops to be president, IMHO. I think people are afraid to say that because it might be interpreted as a racist thing…but the fact is, Tim does not have whatever IT is to be president.

The debate was ugly, but most of all, it was unproductive and counterproductive.

Thank the Lord, though. Pence didn’t perseverate on the fact he was appointed by G-d to serve the minions. After a while, it comes across as just plain sanctimonious. He is a non-entity in this race. He cannot win the nomination, he cannot beat Trump, and he cannot beat any Dem.

Let’s spend a moment on the national embarrassment who goes by the name Chris Christie. He is glaringly transparent—quickly answer a substantive question and take it back to why Trump is the devil. Nearly every time. Like the feigned nastiness from Scott and Haley towards Ramaswamy, it comes across as rehearsed and is overkill.

We all know that Christie’s singular mission is to take Trump down. As if he could. But he thinks he can, and so do the big NeverTrumper dollars backing him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he runs as an independent against Trump to disrupt the vote and make it harder for Trump to get elected. He is the kind of person who will destroy everything he is supposed to stand for out of personal vengeance and/or the arrogance that what he wants is right for all.

We must make sure Christie does not have that opportunity.

I’ll be honest. I am not a fru-fru rainbows and unicorn optimist about Republican candidates and conservative victories. Frankly, we might not win another presidential election for a long time.

This is not just because Republicans play the game badly and stink at messaging. It’s because of the dramatic shifts in demographics in this country and the rejection of traditional Judeo-Christian values; a mental health crisis that negatively impacts long-lasting healthy relationships, thriving families, a strong work ethic, and patriotism; a society that cannot deal with the ups and downs of life and is heavily medicated; a corpulent population unable to defend itself against the enemy even if they wanted to; a society of girlie men and butch women that embraces division, is hell-bent on destroying civilization, and embraces family-killing LGBTQ policies; and a porous border and a manufactured drug crisis that is killing off our future.

That’s. Just. Scratching. The. Surface.

I don’t believe any of the candidates on the debate stage the other night can beat any Democrat. The machine is too powerful, and the masses are under the influence of medications, illness, drugs, false idols that they worship, and disinformation that make them more inclined to vote D.

Our best hope, and it’s not a guarantee, is a guy like Trump.

It’s unfortunate the debate took place in the Reagan Library. Even though each candidate made repeated references to the revered 40th president, it all fell flat. Their performances ironically debased Reagan’s memory, the Republican party, and conservative values.

Each one of the candidates, except Christie and Pence, has potential for something beyond where they are, but they didn’t do their future political careers any favors in the second debate.

I guess the one good thing to come out of this is they reinforced that Trump is the only one who can be the president we need, at this time. He is unabashedly and naturally ready to fight and knows what to do to bring this country back from the brink. And he can do it with a skeletal crew.

I’ve had my doubts throughout the last year whether Trump is the guy. Four indictments and two pathetic debates later, I have no doubts.

I don’t believe Trump’ll be running against Biden. If he does, we cannot predict today if he’ll win. A lot can transpire in the remaining year. The more likely scenario is that Biden will bug out “due to health concerns,” and they’ll throw in someone like Michelle Obama or Gavin Newsom or any of a dozen others who haven’t run for president before.

If that happens, I am concerned we will lose because Indies and Republicans who aren’t NeverTrumpers but just want a change, will risk voting for an untested or unknown commodity, even if he or she is a D, versus supporting the Orange Tornado, all because they won’t want four more contentious years as the Left continues its seek and destroy tactics, the country be damned.

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