The National Federation of Republican Women Needs to Stand Up For Women

Ignoring a problem won’t make it go away. Eventually you must deal with it. That describes the current predicament of the National Federation of Republican Women (“NFRW”), which was founded in 1938. The organization is in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. At its upcoming Oklahoma City convention, some members will seek to have the bylaws changed to state specifically that membership is for biological women—an issue that has been percolating at the organization for several years.

The NFRW has always affirmed that membership is only for women. Men are welcome as associate members.

That sounds simple, right? But the problem for the Federation and other women’s clubs, women’s sports, women’s sororities, and anything else just for women is when a man (with or without all his male equipment) insists he identifies as a woman.

What is more delightful than when a guy with a thick beard and heavy makeup wearing a lowcut dress that shows off his hairy chest waltzes into a women’s club meeting in high heels and, in a deep baritone voice, says, “I want to be a member of your women’s club?”

If that sounds overly dramatic, just think how much has changed in a few short years. From drag queen hours at libraries to pride parades with nudists prancing in front of young children. From department stores selling girls’ clothes designed with room for a penis to theme parks like Disney allowing mustachioed male employees to wear dresses. From male prisoners “identifying” as female placed in women’s prisons where they commit rape to schools allowing genital mutilation of young children without parents’ knowledge.

According to WND, in 2021, a biological male attended NFRW’s Orlando national conference as a delegate with full voting rights. Members who value the God-given difference between men and women were very upset and expressed their disappointment. However, NFRW decided that the best way to deal with the situation was to ignore it.

Now two years later there’s a grassroots campaign to have NFRW go on record at its upcoming Oklahoma City convention and limit its voting membership to biological females. Again, WND:

NFRW’s national president, Eileen Sobjack, on advice from the organization’s attorney, reportedly fears a costly lawsuit and told state leaders that “addressing this issue would end us. I will not let this issue be our demise.”

Why not address the issue and stand firmly for biological women rather than silently embrace woke insanity?

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA’s founder, weighed in on the subject in an “X” (formerly Twitter) September 5 post:

The National Federation of Republican Women, or NFRW, has rejected a proposed bylaws amendment that would bar men who think they’re women from joining the NFRW as voting members and leaders. Why?

NFRW’s national president, Eileen Sobjack, reportedly fears a costly lawsuit and told state leaders that “addressing this issue would end us. I will not let this issue be our demise.”

If even Republican women can’t answer the question, “What is a woman?” then we are truly lost. When you wonder why Republicans you send to Washington turn out to be complete cowards and turncoats, remember this story.

Riley Gaines, championship swimmer, who is fighting to keep MEN out of girl’s and women’s sports, also tweeted:

Its (NFRW) national leadership has rejected a proposed bylaws amendment for consideration at the organization’s upcoming biennial conference in Oklahoma City later this month. The bylaws proposal, ...effectively would bar gender-confused men living as “trans women” from joining the NFRW as voting members and leaders.

…Laura Carlson, the Iowa woman leading the effort to get the NFRW to align with a very popular GOP and women’s cause – defending real women’s spaces from being infiltrated by trans faux women – says she and her allies would be willing to raise the money necessary to pay for any legal challenge. The upstart movement is pressing ahead and hoping for a convention debate on the topic.

Arthur Christopher Schaper of MassResistance, which promotes and fights for family values, has been involved in this issue for several years, wrote me (and allowed me to quote) the following:

All these conservative influencers around the country are panicking that the National Federation of Republican Women won't stand up for...women! Well, MassResistance actually did something about it! For a little over a year, from late 2020 until early 2022, we pounded on the local RWF chapter in Escondido, CA which had elected a man in a dress to be their next President. Our California activists wrote letters and made phone calls to state and national leadership, as well. Because of our efforts, that man quit. Read the full report here.

We informed other RWF chapters throughout the country about what was happening in California, too. We are happy to report that local Republican Women Federated chapters in Texas changed their by-laws to define clearly what is a woman, and therefore who can be an officer. Perhaps the cowardice of the national leadership will spur state and local chapters to take the lead on this issue.

The bottom is this: MassResistance organized for action, and got results. Too many conservatives complain on their podcasts and do nothing, or because they fear conflict and litigation, they do nothing, like the current leadership of the National Federation of Republican Women.

I, too, have been on the front lines.

In October 2021, I was a 13-year board member of a California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) club, which organized in 1925, and served on CFRW’s state board of directors.

During CFRW’s October 2021 state convention, I joined with several other members seeking to have a bylaw amendment put to a vote at the convention that only biological women could be members of CFRW. The CFRW president and her executive board refused to let us speak, cutting off the microphone whenever we approached during “public comments.”

The 300+ members in the cavernous ballroom had no idea what our small group was trying to say. No worries—when they cut off the mic on me again, I just walked toward the center of the ballroom and started yelling about CFRW’s failure to protect women.

During the lunch break, our little group spoke to other members in more detail. Many were shocked to learn that a biological male, “Gina” Roberts, was already president of a southern California CFRW club. Moreover, they were appalled that “conservative” Rep. Darrell Issa came to that CFRW club meeting and swore in the man as president of the women’s club!

Image: ”Gina” Roberts’ swearing-in. Facebook screen grab.

In addition, the CFRW president and several executive board members were angry that my personal newsletter Patriot Neighbors regularly stated:

  • Biological women should not be erased by men who identify as women.
  • RINOs are the main culprit for many of today’s problems in the GOP.

In January 2022, the California Federation of Republican Women threw me out of the organization.

Today’s challenges

According to Stephen Frank, senior editor of California Political News and Views, CFRW is a failing organization. Frank, who regularly follows and posts about the organization’s multiple problems on his daily website, points out that CFRW:

  • Had over 12,000 members at the start of 2023, but today has fewer than half at 5,124.
  • Since 2023 began, CFRW went from 120 clubs to 66.

Many observers hope that the National Federation of Republican Women decides at its upcoming convention to stand strongly for women rather than embrace wokism. From there, the focus can be on electing conservatives and Republicans to victory in 2024.

UPDATE: This article has been updated to correct the date on which the CFRW threw the author out.

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